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After the dominance of flat colors in web design, we’ve noticed a new web design trend of gradient use beginning to emerge. Gradients are nothing new in web design, but the CSS property of linear-gradient now allows designers to add vibrant spectrums of color directly to their code, rather than the traditional method of creating a gradient image in Photoshop.

One advantage of the CSS approach is the gradient can be scaled to any size, which makes it great for screen filling gradient backgrounds.

Today’s showcase features 25 examples of these super gradients used as backgrounds, headers, and overlays.

NYC Pride

Gradients don’t have to be used just on backgrounds, you can use them overlaid on photographs as well. This is a great example of this technique.

NYC Pride Super Gradients


Ditch the boring white background and try a neon colored gradient instead! If you add some effects and transitions, like in this case, it’s even better!

Loubsol Super Gradients

Niek Dekker

This is a portfolio website for an interactive designer. It has a beautiful colored gradient as the background.

Niek Dekker Super Gradients

Leen Heyne

Combining geometry with gradients may result in amazing 3D effects, just like in this case!

Gradients in Web Design


Gradients can really make your website design look beautiful and stand out, if used properly, take this as an example!

symodd Super Gradients

Erik Zuuring

Here’s another portfolio website that uses gradients as a background. The gradients change with time and so does the animated text.

Erik Zuuring Gradients in Web Design

Pixel Palace

This website uses a photo with a gradient as a fullscreen website background. It looks very interesting and has some really subtle effects.

Pixel Palace Gradients in Web Design

MC3 Design

This is such a beautiful gradient with a cooler and warmer shade. It looks dramatic and creates a nice atmosphere.

gradient website design


This subtle blue gradient blends perfectly with the geometric shape in the background. The website looks modern and eye-catching.

Bacae Gradients in Web Design


This company decided to add a bright red gradient as their background. The illustrations are a nice touch.

Kisio Gradients in Web Design

Names for Change

Gradients and polygon backgrounds look great together. Here’s a great example of how to apply gradient filters over textures and photos.

Gradients in Web Design

Oscar Barber

This is another great example of how to apply gradients over images to create large hero images on a website.

Oscar Barber Gradients in Web Design

Coup de Coeur francophone 

This website has a wonderful design but the neon pink gradient is what makes it truly unique.

Coup de coeur francophone colorful website


This is a simple yet beautiful website design with a pastel colored gradient, ranging from blue to pink.

Final Gradients in Web Design

The Snippet App

This is another great example of how to apply a gradient overlay on a photo and create an eye-catching image for a website.

The Snippet App Gradients in Web Design


This portfolio website design is minimalist and simple. The gradient background makes it stand out.

lucas.marinm Gradients in Web Design

Chunk Creative Agency

This outstanding design uses a bright colored gradient to make it stand out. It is overlaid on a black and white portrait image.

 Chunk Creative Agency colorful gradient website


This template contains a beautifully designed pastel colored gradient that looks exceptional for a feminine-styled website!

CHELSEA NICOLE Pastel gradient Websites


The gradient color overlay is quite popular among app landing pages and presentation websites. This is the perfect example for that.

Pushh Gradients in Web Design

Seymour Powell

This is a creative website with a video background, parallax effect, and a dark green gradient overlaid all over the content.

Seymour Powell Graphic Designer Portfolio gradient Website

Electric Mainline

This pastel orange background overlay works perfectly with the bold, white text on the homepage of this website.

Electric Mainline Gradients in Web Design


This is a creative one-page website which has a unique layout and an angled, gradient photo overlay which adds dynamism to the design.

Airnauts Innovative gradient Websites


This magenta-red gradient makes the mockup on this website really stand out. Check it out and notice the design details of this page.

TouchstoneJS Gradients in Web Design


As mentioned above, gradients work best with polygonal backgrounds. Here is a great, modern example of how to use them both in a website project.

NBSP Gradients in Web Design

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design trends, inspiration, design freebies, and more. You can follow him on Twitter

52 thoughts on “Web Design Trend Showcase: Super Gradients”

  1. Wow!! It was nice,
    I hear you, but I also feel like these gradients are no different than the super shaded out backgrounds.

    Keep Up the good Work
    Thanks for this.

  2. You have shared great examples of CSS gradient.The main benefit is that we can reduce bandwidth,page loading time, and Hyper text transfer protocol requests so we can say it is seo friendly….

  3. This post on gradients is awesome! It covers a large variety of web design techniques making it obvious that the one making the post specializes in web designs.

  4. Thanks for sharing these awesome inspirations, very cool! I was starting to think gradients weren’t in anymore, but the simple gradients actually are as backgrounds and such. It really gives a design that professional look, and its easy on the eyes.

  5. Very simple yet fascinating and attractive gradients to go through. First and last choice of website owners to gain excellent web presence.

  6. There is a bug on the ATOM site on the new build of Chrome 35, there gradient design effect is not showing and is displaying this as a solid colour. Anyone else having this problem?

  7. You have shared great examples of CSS gradient.The main benefit is that we can reduce bandwidth,page loading time, and HTTP requests so we can say it is seo friendly.

    It is more accessible and flexible to front end designers.

  8. sorry to spoil the fun, but Coline is not css, its an image … was just wondering on how they accomplished so advanced gradients through css

  9. I’ve been noticing this trend for a while and I think they’re simply gorgeous. They’re much softer colors and transitions than the gradients of just a few years ago.

  10. Of all the things on the web that have a potential to look dated in a few years, I feel like these gradients will look SUPER dated. Just a prediction.

    They look awesome right now though

    • I hear you, but I also feel like these gradients are no different than the super blurred out backgrounds that are being used a lot these days. As long as the colors work and its clean, I don’t fear it becoming too dated.

    • I have to agree with Andrew, it works well and is a nice trend for the time being but I don’t know if it will translate so well for the future. Who knows though? It’ll be interesting to see how/if it develops further as a trend in the next few years.

  11. Hi Chris, All are awesome designs as I found here always thanks for sharing it, I want to share this post on my facebook page.


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