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14 Perfect Wedding Website Color Combinations

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A wedding occasion is the most joyous moment of a person’s life. Nowadays, it is referred to as an individual industry that employs many other businesses. So whether you are into the venue, planning, catering, designing, photography, or any other wedding-related business, it’s very important to invest properly in a good website.

12 Things You Should NOT Do While Designing Hero Images

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Websites have maximum opportunities on the homepages. So while designing a homepage, the first thing you work on is the hero image. Now, what is a hero image? The hero image is a specific type of website banner that is usually larger than any other image and placed on the website’s topmost part. So right under the header section or behind the header section, the image you see is the hero image of a website.

SEO Metrics That All Website Designers Should Know

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Gone are the days when web designing was merely a combination of colorful fonts, a few images, and an attractive template. Just like SEO content, designing an SEO web design is a more important aspect than adding just functionality and aesthetics. To make the website search engine friendly that enables crawling and indexing a walk in the park, integrating SEO protocols is the most desirable aspect of web designing.