Top Invoicing and Time Management Apps of 2018

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When we perform a task, we try to use our time wisely. That can involve planning ahead, learning or refining a process. It can also mean avoiding or eliminating distractions. The task might involve manual or repetitive actions, however. In this case, we can only accomplish so much in a given amount of time. No matter how proficient we become, we eventually hit a plateau. Meanwhile, the world around us continues to speed up.

There is a solution to making the most effective use of your time. It is to turn the task, whatever it may be, over to someone or something else; a software system or an app for example.

20 Highly Legible Fonts You Should Start Using

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Whether you have to design a website, create the cover of a magazine or build up a portfolio, you will have to choose a font to use at some point. As we are sure you all know, typography is a fundamental element of any creative and printed work and you have to pay extra attention to this aspect. Typography can have a tremendous impact on readers and has the ability to attract or push them away.

25 Free Dreamweaver Templates for Every Website

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Whenever you find yourself in the need of a website you have to make many choices. What kind of site – one page, multiple page site, what kind of design, what kind of theme, and so on. And when you finally decide, another series of decisions come. About how you build the site: using a template – which kind of template or build it from scratch, presuming you’re a master with coding. And since you’re not, you’re going to choose a template. But templates come in many shapes and styles – Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Photoshop, WordPress, and so on.

25 Non-Profit WordPress Themes for Charitable Organizations

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For a cost-effective and a perfectly functional and modern website, charity and nonprofit organizations can always use a WordPress theme. There is a wide variety of themes dedicated to NGOs and they have functions and plugins that are extremely useful. Below you will find a list of 25 non-profit WordPress themes for charitable organizations which we consider appropriate for any NGO or charity organization.