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20 Business Card Trends in 2021

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Business cards are very useful and are standard business stationery items. Almost all profitable businesses invest in designing a business card as they are the first point of contact between a brand and interested buyers, sellers, or investors. Exchanging business cards is a more personal way of communicating, which has a more significant impact than seeing display ads and newspaper ads. Most people don’t realize that business cards aren’t just a point of contact; they can also be used as a point of sales. You can market your brand and showcase all that your brand stands for in a confined small area.

19 Amazing Face Mask Designs

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Face masks have become such an essential part of our daily wardrobe, that it doesn’t even feel weird anymore. Previously, anyone would check their pockets for car keys, wallets, and cell phone before leaving home. Face masks have been subconsciously added to this list of items you do a quick check for before heading out. This global pandemic has been challenging mentally, emotionally, financially, and in every aspect of life. However, face masks seem to have gained their acceptance in society. They don’t feel imposed precaution measures; instead, they are seamlessly and smoothly integrated into our fashion sense. Brands are getting creative with face mask designs, and the customers are responding to this trend.

16 Things Not to Do While Designing Dashboards

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A dashboard is a display of important, actionable information. People with access to the dashboard make decisions and carry out essential tasks based on information presented to them on the dashboard. Hence, it becomes crucial for a dashboard to display accurate data in the most appropriate manner possible for supporting the user to take the right action at the right time. The space on the dashboard falls short of fitting in the complex form of data it needs to display. There are many do’s and guides to help you understand how to design dashboards correctly. However, it is just as crucial to understanding the don’ts. These are 16 things not to do while designing dashboards. Read them carefully to avoid these mistakes:

11 Tips for Mastering Kerning in Your Typography

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Kerning is  the adjustment of space between two consecutive characters. Kerning aims to find a balance between the negative space and all text characters, pair by pair, to improve overall readability. It also helps make the overall text satisfying to the eye. You may not tell an excellent kerning effort by seeing one. Still, you definitely can tell a bad kerning example the second your eyes fall on it. Something is going to feel off and weird.

How to Create A Site for a Local Business

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Running a business is never that easy, especially if you have a limited budget to outsource particular tasks.  Taking, for instance, if you wanted to build an online presence, you might need to hire a professional web designer, and this option can be pricey. Nevertheless, it can be hard to create a website for your small business on your own.

10 Things Not to Do While Presenting Your Design Work to a Client

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As a graphic designer, a major aspect of your job is to expand your creativity all the time and deliver all the projects as your best work. But you know that is not the end. After creating your beautiful craft, you have to showcase it to the client in the best way possible. Not everyone is excellent at presenting a project, but this can be learned through experience. No one can teach you how to increase your confidence and find out your presentation style. There are some things that you must do and some things that you must avoid in during the presentations. Here we will be talking about things that you should not do while presenting your graphic design project to your client. These are things that can ruin your presentation, and things that you can take care of to showcase your hard work at the time of the presentation.

We have listed ten common mistakes here that you should avoid and try not to do while presenting your design project to the client.