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15 Free Graphic Design Portfolio Templates

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A portfolio is a document or file that presents your work and creativity in a completely systematic way. It is an essential element of the industry that showcases the designer’s capabilities to understand his or her potential and lead them towards the most successful career path. Therefore, designers need to create the most compelling portfolios in order to justify their talent and get them ahead of the competition.

Website Builders: 3 Things Wix Does Better Than Its Rivals

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In late June, an article appeared in Yahoo Finance claiming that “Hedge funds have never been this bullish on Wix”. A record number of hedge fund managers are bullish on Wix right now, seeing huge growth potential in what is arguably the world’s most prominent website builder. The company has become a stock market darling in recent years, with its shares up by a few thousand percent since its IPO in November 2013. It is something of a juggernaut.

12 Tutorials to Learn Font Design in Illustrator

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The ability to create your own fonts is something that is highly valued in the graphic design industry. Over the last few years, the importance of font design has grown multifold. People want more customization and personalization in their designs, and fonts go a long way in providing that feeling. We see big corporations getting their own font style designs. Any niche that we pick up, be it traveling or industrial or space, we see hundreds of well-designed fonts to pick from.

12 Creative WordPress Themes for Selling Organic Products

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Rapid change of lifestyle and awareness has led us towards more organic and authentic products, resulting in high demand for WordPress themes that focus on the sale of organics. In today’s time, both online and offline market has developed the special need and consumers for organic products. There are a large number of product categories and innovative supplies to make life more authentic and wholesome for many self-aware and conscious people.

21 Newspapers Mockups To Use For Your Project

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Newspaper mockups are new instruments to get a realistic experience of design before it gets printed. Advertisement designs need various mockups on a daily basis to ensure the perfect outcome. And if you think newspaper ads are losing grip in this digital era, then you have to think twice. You can see the impact and value of newspaper ads by looking at the number of copies sold every month by newspaper companies.

23 Best Fonts for Game Logo Design

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Designing a logo for a specific game can be very challenging and exciting at the same time. Due to its nature, every professional related to the gaming industry has to be on their toes in terms of trends and creativity.