Favicon Design: 7 Tips and Tricks You Must Use

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Favicons are iconic representations of your website. You would generally find them on the address bar. However, they are also visible on feed aggregators and list of bookmarks as well. Favicons are an essential element of your website, so designing a great favicon is a must. However, not many people pay attention to this element. Favicons are generally minimal; hence, they’re easy to miss out on when designing your website. However, when a user has multiple tabs open on his/her browser, they scroll through different tabs, making use of the favicons to identify the site. A favicon plays an important role in setting apart your website from the cluster of other websites a user may have open at the same time.

13 Smart Architecture Logo Designs

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For any company belonging to any sector, a logo acts as the first identity that customers and clients base their initial opinion about the company on. It acts as a visual identity of any company’s products and services. A logo helps a customer or a client create a sense of trust, clarity and their initial perception about your brand. Since logos are visual, they also help the most with the retention of a brand association for your existing customer or client pool.  It is especially true for architecture logo designs.

Understanding the Golden Ratio in Design

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The proportion for Golden Ratio is 1:1.618. It is a mathematical equation that has found its way into design practices as well. The golden ratio has been scientifically proven beautiful. The best example to understand the importance of the Golden Ratio can be traced back to one of the most famous paintings: the Mona Lisa.  The painting itself uses the golden ratio.

Some other names for Golden Ratio are The Golden Section, Golden Mean, or the German letter “phi”. It is a useful number that helps create beautiful designs. The way Golden Ratio differs from other design practices is that design generally is led by instinct and creativity. Whereas the Golden Ratio has a different approach. It uses mathematical approaches to transform your images, layouts, typography and many more design practices.

Grunge Effect in Photoshop: Step by Step Tutorial

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Grunge is a texture effect that gives any design a rustic and realistic look. It has dirty backgrounds, rough edges, hand-drawn doodles, fonts with distress and many such elements that would not adhere to the conventional good web design definition.  In addition, there are no rules when it comes to how you organize your Grunge as it can be as bizarre as you’d like.  Generally, when people think about Grunge Design, they imagine the design to be dark, loud and gritty, however many designers use the principles of grunge design in more subtle ways.  This design has several variations that one can explore to give their website or design an edge over the others.

10 Easiest Content Management Systems (CMS) of the Year

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The significant benefits of using a CMS are that such software is often user-friendly. These programs enable users to translate their ideas to practicality quickly. The maintenance and updates are regular and easy to handle. It is highly cost-efficient with out-of-box solutions, freeware or open-source. There is a broad scope for functionality using a large number of extensions and plugins. There is a great developer and community support as well.