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11 Tips for Mastering Kerning in Your Typography

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Kerning is  the adjustment of space between two consecutive characters. Kerning aims to find a balance between the negative space and all text characters, pair by pair, to improve overall readability. It also helps make the overall text satisfying to the eye. You may not tell an excellent kerning effort by seeing one. Still, you definitely can tell a bad kerning example the second your eyes fall on it. Something is going to feel off and weird.

How to Create A Site for a Local Business

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Running a business is never that easy, especially if you have a limited budget to outsource particular tasks.  Taking, for instance, if you wanted to build an online presence, you might need to hire a professional web designer, and this option can be pricey. Nevertheless, it can be hard to create a website for your small business on your own.

10 Things Not to Do While Presenting Your Design Work to a Client

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As a graphic designer, a major aspect of your job is to expand your creativity all the time and deliver all the projects as your best work. But you know that is not the end. After creating your beautiful craft, you have to showcase it to the client in the best way possible. Not everyone is excellent at presenting a project, but this can be learned through experience. No one can teach you how to increase your confidence and find out your presentation style. There are some things that you must do and some things that you must avoid in during the presentations. Here we will be talking about things that you should not do while presenting your graphic design project to your client. These are things that can ruin your presentation, and things that you can take care of to showcase your hard work at the time of the presentation.

We have listed ten common mistakes here that you should avoid and try not to do while presenting your design project to the client.

5 Best Website Builders to Use in 2021

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Having a website in today’s time is not a luxury; it is a requirement. Irrespective of what business niche you are in, you need to get online. Building a website yourself can be daunting, and at times a little overwhelming. You don’t want to create a website just for the sake of it. You need to make sure it represents brand visuals and ideologies aesthetically and is supported by a good back-end structure.

Many people don’t feel comfortable when they need to get technical to create their websites. Coding websites isn’t something people can learn in a couple of days or months. Since you, as the business owner, have other responsibilities, you really can’t invest so much time learning to code. Alternatively, hiring a web designer can be an expensive affair. So where do you go, if not solo or to a web designer?

ErgoChair 2 Review – Possibly One of the Best Chairs for Design Professionals

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Sitting in the office all day long can be uncomfortable and hard on the body. The day is better when you can get up and move around more. But this is not always possible. If you are getting off work each day and feeling sore and tired, then it is likely time to make a change in the office chair that you use.

This is where the ErgoChair2 by Autonomous can come into play. This is one of the best ergonomic office chairs available on the market. It has been designed to provide all of the support that your back needs while improving your posture while sitting and preventing pain in the back as well. Just by looking at this chair and giving it a try, you will quickly notice that it is one of the best options for designers to prevent back pain and make you feel good, even after sitting at a desk all day long.

10 Stunning Free Cosmic Backgrounds

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Space is full of mysteries and scientists haven’t been able to decode the its secrets in their entirety. And there is nothing as beautiful as space. People have always been fascinated by pictures from the space and of the universe. But they haven’t been able to capture its beauty as a whole. So many people love such pictures and set them as a background on a laptop, desktop, mobile devices, and tablets. And we can find a lot of pictures of the cosmos and space around the Internet.