20 Amazing Non-Profit Website Design Examples

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Running a non-profit site is not something that everyone can do, as it’s not only about making people aware of it but also about encouraging people to support your organization. A good non-profit website not only has a good theme and design but it should have a great user experience, and it should be donor friendly as well as volunteer friendly.  An effective non-profit site will create awareness and encourage people to take action, will provide all the necessary information regarding the organization and should give information on the not-for-profit organization’s volunteers and board of directors.

10 Habits of a Successful Front End Designer

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A front end designer is responsible for creating and implementing all those visual elements that the users can see and interact within a web application. They are supported by back-end web developers who integrate the work of front end designers. Front-End Web Developer is a combination of design and programming as they are responsible for the translation of the UI/UX design wireframes to creating visual elements of the application. So what kind of habits many successful front-end designer share? Let’s take a look:

Best Developer Tools and Services in 2019

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Just what you’ve been waiting for; a one-stop resource for the best developer tools and services 2019 has to offer.

Choosing which tools and services are needed and selecting the best that are currently on the market is always a challenge. There’s no shortage of tools and services out there, and every year more and more are added to the list. It’s hard to work at becoming more efficient if you’re spending too much time searching for what you believe you need.

Comparison Table Design: 7 Important Considerations

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A feature comparison table is useful in decision making for customers. Comparison tables can add value to specific product features, explaining why the product is relevant to the customer and how it is better than others. Also, while putting the list of features together, you should include expert reviews, ratings, and customer reviews to provide complete information about the product.