8 WordPress Plugins That Will Take Your Website to the Next Level

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Its vast array of useful tools and design options has made WordPress the most popular website-building platform of them all. Yet, it doesn’t cover all the bases. WordPress themes can often make up for any shortcomings, make building a website an easier task, or produce better results.

But themes can have shortcomings as well; even specialty themes.

How many multipurpose themes enable you to easily incorporate a review section into a website, add a knowledge base capability, or ensure that your site will be super SEO friendly?

Designers can rely on coding or seek developer assistance to add a needed feature; or do nothing at all.

Or, they could search for plugins to do the heavy lifting, which can result in time and money saved and rock-solid results achieved.

A plugin could be one of those described here. Any one of which could have the effect of putting your website on steroids in terms of its ability to convert visitors to happy customers.

10 Fantastic Variable Fonts to Use

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We all, as humans, hate the process of change, but at the same time, we love the idea of flexibility. This is because we love the freshness in our life. We love to play around something that can take different forms for a good number of phases. The human mind is the best example of variability as it demands stability and fluctuation at the same time. Not a single one is accepted as a standalone. This is why we need variable fonts.

In the same way, the concept goes with the design industry. It was working on a similar concept and font style since the time existed.  It was also fine with it, but somewhere demanded change or newness in the existing concept. This is the reason to solve this problem, big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Adobe jointly came up with an idea of ‘Variable’ fonts. Variable fonts are single fonts used in multiple dimensions. These fonts can be accommodated into a single file for and after multiple uses. Within these fonts, the variations are defined explicitly into a single or multiple axis space.

18 Most Legible Fonts for Books & Long Texts

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Readability is the priority when you are used to writing long essays and articles for your readers. You are someone who needs to write paragraphs after paragraphs, get deeply involved in the subject matter to do justice to the topic thoroughly. Therefore, you cannot afford to use fonts that are difficult to read, making the reader squint their eyes or feel overwhelmed while scrolling or flipping pages. Hence, you need to make the best of the most legible fonts for books and long texts.

Legible fonts help create a bold visual impact without compromising on the easiness and effortlessness of reading. There are some aspects to look out for a while looking for such legible fonts. Firstly, any legible fonts for books and long texts would have large counters. Counters are the letterforms created inside a few of the letters, like O, A, B and more. The whitespace inside these letters needs to be substantial. Secondly, they should have large lowercase x-heights. Thirdly, for readability purpose, you want to stick to fonts that have subtle serifs as opposed to long or heavier ones.

10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Hand Drawn Icons

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In a time where design and technology are continuously updating, many new design trends keep coming up. However, with the constant need of coming up with something new, many designers go back to old designing tricks to create a fresh look and stand out from the crowd. Same goes for icon design. One such design practice is using hand-drawn icons. In times where there are complex designed icons, it feels good to see hand-drawn icons as they don’t look overwhelming, and are easy to relate to.