20 Best Free Fonts on Behance

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This article gathers an excellent collection of 20 best free fonts on Behance, created by some really creative typography artists. These stunning Behance fonts can be used in various web designs, prints, and other creative projects. You can choose from lots of wonderful typefaces with different styles from this list. 

Vector Art in Web Design – 20 Outstanding Examples

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For this article, we’ve compiled an excellent collection of vector art in web design, created by web designers who used vectors masterfully to create unique, creative websites. Vectors have gained an increased popularity in web design and these websites prove just why they are so special and how, if used properly, you can create real web design masterpieces. 

14 Top Notch Multipurpose WordPress Themes To Buy

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If you need a versatile website template for your next project, you’re likely to find what will best suit your needs in this list of multipurpose themes. Multipurpose themes have the flexibility most web designers look for. Especially those who typically serve a diverse clientele. There are instances when purchasing a specialty theme makes good sense. Specialty themes often have useful features you won’t find in most other themes.