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Wix Website Builder Tutorial In 10 Easy Steps

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Wix is a powerful cloud-based web development company that can help you create a strong internet presence that will allow you to build your brand identity. In addition, it makes you universally accessible with unlimited opportunities. You may be ready to get started with Wix so we’ve put together for you this tutorial consisting of 10 easy steps.

7 Free Stock Video Websites With Amazing Footage In 2022

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Wondering where you can get free high-quality stock videos? The good news is that there are several great sites where you can download and use excellent quality stock video clips for free. There are many different uses for these types of videos and whether you are a web designer, developer, or individual in need of an assortment of stock videos, here’s the place to start.

40,000+ Amazing Backgrounds And Overlays For Photoshop In 22 Bundles

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Collecting image overlays to use in Photoshop can be cost-effective when they are bundled together. Overlays are basically images that are placed on top of the base image to add value to its creative design. As a graphic designer or photographer, you probably come across image overlay tasks frequently. If you are more into basic image editing, then adding image overlays from scratch can become a little frustrating if you’re not familiar with the process. Having the right tools and resources can make an impressive difference.

Discover 15 Tools And Resources For Designers And Agencies

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Web designers, regardless of their level of expertise, tend to look for ways to make their efforts easier and more effective. The same can be said for design agencies. Both designers and agencies also look for design tools and resources that can be game-changers. With respect to their ability to meet or beat the competition. Money may not be an issue in some cases. But the individual designer, smaller agencies, and startups that are on a tight budget need cost-effective resources that help make major steps forward.

10 Quick Steps To Take If You Received A Data Breach Notice

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Did you know that over 1,000 data breaches in the United States, according to, have impacted more than 155.8 million records in 2020? These numbers do not include international communities which have seen dangerous breaches as well. Whether you had been impacted by any of those records or not, it’s a scary statistic.

With this concern ever-growing, more and more families and businesses are receiving by regular mail, or by email, a data breach notification. Fortunately, you can take control after receiving one of these notifications.

14 Inspiring Chocolate Packaging Design Ideas For 2022

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Creating a special chocolate packaging design may not be as easy as it looks. Given the rising competition in the chocolate candy food sector, brands need to develop fascinating and captivating designs that stand out. In addition, the packaging needs to resonate with the brand, use its brand guidelines, and extend the brand niche. Unfortunately, there can be some frustration in finding good resources available that provide excellent quality ideas regarding chocolate packaging designs.

A brilliant chocolate treat cover should not only make consumers’ mouths water but also make them review the details of its wrapper or label. After all, chocolates are confections with a unique power of making your someone special feel special.

Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison of Top 10 Companies

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The web hosting service industry has grown tremendously for years with too many service providers. Startup individuals or well-settled businesses prefer to use web hosting for their websites. However, selecting a trusted web hosting company from thousands of choices available in the market can be a daunting task because you’ll have to sift through many packages highlighting plenty of features and specialties. Some hosting providers have excellent reviews, some with an exciting package of services, and some with relatively pocket-friendly packages.

We won’t be covering details on features and benefits with pros and cons, however, we thought it would come in handy to have a web hosting price comparison to quickly look over the price points of these hosting companies.

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