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Top 10 WooCommerce Themes for 2022

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Are you looking for a list of the top WooCommerce themes to choose from in order to create your online store? We recommend you select one that provides every WooCommerce-oriented feature necessary to build it quickly and get it done right. A premium WooCommerce theme can help you get ready to stock your shelves (product pages) and start accepting orders in no time at all.

20+ Best Music Website Design Resources For Web Designers (Free & Paid)

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Need a good source for free and premium music website design resources? As a quick reference, our hand-picked list will definitely help. The assets below can be used for landing pages, as a website hero image, graphics on your project site, placed in a newsletter, in a signup form, banners, and other web design aspects. We have something for everyone involved with music online. If you’re in charge of social media posting for a band or school, we have you covered.

Web Design Trends for 2022 And BeTheme’s Response

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Web design trends don’t just appear out of nowhere. They rise up in response to what people need at that time and what they find most useful, comfortable, and enjoyable. Let’s explore 5 web design trends for 2022 and BeTheme’s response.

We will also cover how BeTheme, a multipurpose WordPress theme developer is ready to take on the new web design trends peaking around the corner. Using BeTheme pre-built sites, you can quickly and cost-effectively implement these 2022 trends when building (or redesigning) sites for your clients.

7 Reasons Why Web Designers Need to Learn Coding

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Modern web designers are like a jack of all trades because they possess lots of soft skills, and know how to design, test, and even sell their designed projects to big companies. When looking at the open vacancies where employers seek web designers, there are now also basic requirements of coding. If you have never even tried to understand the fundamentals of programming, you should start thinking about it now to be competitive in the industry. Let’s take a look at the top 7 reasons why you need to learn to code.

Web Design Concept Tips If You’re Building an Online Casino Website

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Imagine the following scenario: Two online casinos have all the relevant licenses and certifications; both offer high tech games and both offer attractive sign-up bonuses to their new customers. Yet one of these casinos is popular, attracting huge numbers of visitors, whilst the other is not. The difference? One online casino has an attractive, intuitive, and well-considered design. The other doesn’t.

5 Essential Tips That Will Allow You to Improve Your Web Design

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Unfortunately, you do not have all day to impress visitors with your website. You can have the best content in the world and it can be ignored. The first couple of seconds when a customer lands on your website is important. You need to make sure that you capture their attention straight away before they are even going to get to your content. Are you not sure how to do this? Here are five essential tips that are going to allow you to improve your web design.

15 Web Design and Conversion Tips for SaaS Websites

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When it comes to service companies handling various business functions, SaaS companies are the best. They are a market that has started growing immensely in the past few years. These types of organizations handle Customer relationship management, enterprise risk management, and so much more.

What makes them so memorable is their functionality and accessibility. They make products available to be bought online and even to be accessed in the same way.

10 Tips to Get Minimalist Web Design Right

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Minimalist approach is one of the best in web design today. When designers get into designing websites, there is a whole lot of necessary and essential things. The list of items gets piled on, and the site starts to look crowded. We have consistently striven to bring out the point that content is the most important thing when it comes to minimalist web design. Many designers continue to clutter web designs and make them look all flashy and bright. When you look at the difference between minimalist design and a regular design, you will likely prefer the minimalist design approach. To create a minimalist web design, there are certain general guidelines you should follow. We’ve put together 10 such guidelines, as follows:

20 Must Have Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers

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Adobe Photoshop is a must-have for web designers that helps designers create UI (user interface)/UX (user experience), icons, graphics, wireframes, and mockups. Photoshop design options and plugins have given the design platform a different experience overall and speedy accomplishment of tasks with varied options. Photoshop, along with the appropriate plugins, helps you get your desired result within a short period of time by cutting out the time spent on getting trivial things done.  There may be many specifications or design options that Photoshop doesn’t have, but the plugins and extensions that are available help augment all of Photoshop’s shortcomings. Try out these Adobe Photoshop plugins that change the way you design.

Breadcrumbs Design 101

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How often do we go to an unknown place and have this fear of getting lost? All we look for is for signs to help us navigate the surroundings. We’re looking for something that helps us get around the unknown territory. Some information that would help us reach the destination or at least will keep us informed about where we are. Well, that is precisely what breadcrumbs do for websites; in simpler words, they are the signs for websites. For websites that have a large number of pages, for instance, e-commerce sites, breadcrumbs help users to navigate and improve their website experience. A breadcrumb helps reduce the efforts for the visitor to reach a higher-level page.

How to Create Cool Website Designs Without Sacrificing Usability

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Let’s face it; any of us wants to have cool website designs that are going to get the attention of people. Combining the right design elements is crucial for the success of a website. If you ask all of your friends, at least half of them will say that the design of a site plays an important role in the credibility of a company.

This means it also influences conversions, bounce rates, and more. Still, a good design doesn’t mean a website is going to succeed, that is not enough. It also needs a clear structure that is going to make any user visiting it has no kind of problems while browsing.

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