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Today’s feature will cover 3 important tips on how to increase user engagement on a casino website. For some designers and developers working for casinos by managing and developing their websites can be challenging and this post can help.

Gambling sites are incredibly popular at the moment, but with such stiff competition, the only way to be successful is to keep users on your site, by engaging them in the most user-friendly way – and that is easier said than done. There are a lot of alternatives out there, which means your site needs to be designed in a way that is as customer-friendly as possible.

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Lots of sites can get customers to click on them, but that’s no good if they then click away again after only a few minutes, or even a few seconds. That’s true whether you’re handling European roulette games, online poker, or any other gambling games. Shoddy, messy, or inconsistent formatting will make your site look untrustworthy, and drive your potential customers to your competitors.

You need to know how to format your website, so it looks professional, attractive, and enticing, pulling all your customers in. With that in mind, let’s cover 5 top tips to help you format your website well. With a little time and effort, you’ll have a professional site that clients love!

1. Consider The Typography or Font

The size, color, and style of the font make an enormous difference to how people will respond to your site, even if only subconsciously. Not many people realize just what a big difference these things make, and it is a frequently overlooked factor when it comes to designing a fantastic website. However, it can make a surprising amount of difference to the usability of the site, and that will dramatically change how your users respond to it.

It’s crucial to choose a font that is easy-to-read, large enough for your average user, and very clear. While some casino sites like to focus on flashy and unusual typefaces to make themselves stand out, users tend to be more comfortable with sites that use standardized and commonly-seen options. There is still a vast range, with things like Georgia, Helvetica, Lato, and more.

2. Build Credibility

A client needs to trust an online casino; this is the only way that they are going to be persuaded to spend money and play, especially repeatedly. If they feel unsure about the website, they’re very likely to go and find a competitor who provides the things that they expect. You need to work on making credibility a foundation of the entire site and build trust into every aspect of it.

If you aren’t sure what that involves, it’s crucial to lay your site out as the customer would expect. Although many people struggle with the balance between conventional and unique when it comes to web design, it’s a good idea to look at your competitors’ sites and follow their basic format and layout. Do things like making sure buttons change colour when the user hovers over them, supplying a clickable logo that returns you to the homepage, and putting the main navigation at the top of your site.

It might be tempting to break out of the mould and create something different with your site, but bear in mind that humans are more likely to trust things that feel familiar. Being too unique can be a major drawback, especially when it comes to casino websites. It triggers uncertainty in the customer’s mind, and that could lead to them leaving the site.

You can also improve credibility by providing clear pricing and being honest about what you are selling. The more upfront your information is, the more comfortable the customer will feel betting their money. Nobody wants to trawl through three pages of terms and conditions to find out how payouts work; make this information simple to find.

3. Use White Space

It can be tempting to fill a page with as many design elements as you can, cramming in as much information as possible in the hopes that the user will click on something. Web designers often think of white space as useless and empty and try to fill it up. However, a lot of evidence has indicates that this approach actually turns users off and drives them away, because it makes the content difficult to read. You want things to be as easy as possible for your users, and that means creating balance.

This can also be a terrific way to draw more attention to the important parts of your page. White space isn’t just about having blank spaces; it’s about laying out the elements of each page carefully so that the user can absorb them and is naturally drawn to the parts of the site you want them to click on.


Many casino websites make the mistake of trying to get the user to click on everything and forget that this is impossible. Instead, slow down and think about how you are going to format the page so that the user is naturally drawn to click on the most essential elements of it. Think about things like the psychology of color, how long the user will be on the site, and how quickly they will become fatigued if you display too much information. Never underestimate the value of silence on a casino webpage!

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