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Imagine the following scenario: Two online casinos have all the relevant licenses and certifications; both offer high tech games and both offer attractive sign-up bonuses to their new customers. Yet one of these casinos is popular, attracting huge numbers of visitors, whilst the other is not. The difference? One online casino has an attractive, intuitive, and well-considered design. The other doesn’t.

We already know that web design is vitally important when building any kind of website, but this is particularly relevant when it comes to カジノミー  (online casinos). These sites have users that will make split second decisions about whether to play, and whether to invest their funds with a particular website. Online casino website customers are also looking for clean, intuitive designs that make it easy for them to understand where to play, where to deposit funds, and where to sign up. If your online casino doesn’t make all of these elements clear and simple then it’s likely that those potential customers will click out and go elsewhere.

The Importance of Navigation

For an online designer, it is tempting to make choosing styles, colour concepts and other design elements your main priority. But when building an online casino website, the first thing that you should focus on is the navigation; this will be the most important element in determining if the site will be a successful one or not.

You need to put yourself into the mind of an online casino user: what information are they looking for? Where do they want to go first, and where will they want to go next? Your navigation needs to be clear, and drive the user journey that will both make the consumers life easier and encourage the user to play, sign up, spend, or whatever your end journey goal is. Investing in website usability testing at this stage, using regular online casino users as your test users, is a great way to ensure that you’re driving the right kind of journey: one your design has attracted the customer, it is this navigation that will hold them and turn them to a meaningful user!

In brief: You need to take your consumer to exactly where they want to be as quickly as possible, whilst their desire to play remains at the forefront of their mind. Any distraction or complication could lessen this desire, which will ultimately lose the online casino money!

Design Concepts For Online Casinos

Now for the information promised in the title of the piece: choosing a web design concept for an online casino. First, we’ll talk a little bit about colours. First, you’ll notice that red is one of the most popular colours for online casinos and it’s easy to see why; red is a colour that typically invokes passion, it is eye catching and a bold primary colour. There are many merits of choosing red, therefore, but you could risk disappearing into a sea of similar red websites. When looking at the psychology of colour, blue is another excellent fit for an online casino website. It has a calming effect and immediately puts people at ease; it instills feelings of both safety and trust: it is no coincidence that many of the world’s largest banking organizations use blue both for their logos and for their websites. One final colour to consider, that many casinos shy away from is black: invoking a sense of wealth and prestige, black could be used to set an online casino apart, standing out from the crowd as a place of luxury and exclusivity.

How do you know which colour will be best for your client? This comes down to two things: their target audience and their existing brand identity. Will visitors be using the site to socialise (as is so often the case with bingo websites or live casino gaming websites)? Will they be using the site in short sharp bursts, or for longer periods of time? Which of these game play styles do you hope to encourage and why? Really understanding the user and the website concept will be key to ensuring that your design concept is a great fit.

It is almost universally true that modern design principles should be at the heart of your design. A good rule of thumb here is to ensure your design is easy on the eye without overwhelming; your message should be universally appealing and not offensive to anyone. In real terms this means using flat graphics, high-quality images, and easy-to-read fonts. This might not be the place to experiment with cutting edge design trends: a sense of familiarity will be important to regular online casino website users who have visited, and trusted this kind of website before. Information should be obvious, visible and accessible. The whole ethos of your design should be that it is responsive; anticipate what your users next need, wish or question will be and ensure that your design is able to answer it.

Multi-Device Compatible

It should go without saying, but is well worth mentioning, that a good online casino website should be compatible with multi-devices including tablets and mobile phones. According to a piece by Tech Jury, there are now 2.2 billion mobile gamers worldwide. 203 million of these mobile gamers are in the US, and 56% of them play more than 10+ times a week. Online gaming and online gambling are inextricably linked, and where gaming goes, gambling follows so it is absolutely essential that any online casino is compatible with mobile technology and easy to play on the move, otherwise said casino would be cutting out a huge audience base, and limiting the ways in which their existing customers can interact with them.

From the point of view of the online casino, you should only choose to work with a designer that has an understanding of your industry and can create a multi-device compatible, intuitive and easy to navigate, attractive and appealing website that will draw the attention of your target audience and keep them coming back again and again.

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