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Things are not always what we think they are. This is the reason some of our assumptions are named as myths by our experts. The role of a web designer and a web developer always involves many such myths, which we are going to explore in this web designer and web developer comparison article.

Being a web designer or web developer is the most demanding career as of now, as everybody is looking for a business online, and everybody realizes the importance of an online identity. This is the reason people have started hiring web designers and web developers to build their online business sites or to manage their existing websites. Nowadays, graphic designers may even hire web developers to build them a portfolio website, as every company asks for the portfolio to decide the candidate’s experience and skillset. There are also website builders like Wix, Godaddy, and a few others on the market, which allow one to build their website without the knowledge of any coding. However, it is almost impossible for a layman to make a website on his or her own without a basic understanding of typography, color scheme, layout, and other technical knowhow. Because of that, web designers and web developers stand out in their respective junctions.

In case you are thinking of pursuing a career in the web design or web development field but are not sure which one to opt for, then you must first read on for guidance to clarify your myths about certain essential factors regarding these career fields. However, before that, make sure you know what the exact role of each professional is:


As the name suggests, in simple words, the web designer is someone who designs the web. Web in earlier times was known as the internet where you could just get relevant information about your research. But, in today’s time, the web is everything you see online with the use of the internet. The role of a web designer was not identified in the first few years as there was no focus on creating a brand image, due to monopoly situations. Nowadays, as the businesses are growing in a competitive world, everyone wants a special touch of their brand on the website. At present, web designers play a huge role in creating an overall experience for the users who visit your website. The purpose of web designer was identified as to decrease the bounce-back rate of the audience, for once, if the user can get a smooth and hassle-free experience, which would allow them to stay back on the website and explore more business services. Web designers create a creative as well as user-friendly experience to improve the journey of the users on the client’s platform. 


A web developer is the one who develops the web, i.e. from scratch until the website goes live. The web developer is the first field that was recognized when this web structure was started. The web developer develops the website through multiple different coding languages like HTML, Java, PHP, .net, CSS, Python, etc. The primary role is to improve the inner stricture of the website for the outer display and navigation. Navigation plays a significant role in any website, and it is entirely designed and developed by the web developer. One more key skill required by the developer is data management. The entire data of the website is stored in with a complex hard-coding process into different web pages of the website by the web developer. Learning data management would help the developer to segregate and assign the data into distinct and specific departments for easy utilization of the same. Now-a -days, web developer also needs to learn WordPress along with other analytical skills for creating a user-friendly as well as crawler-friendly experience of the website.


If we look at the broader perspective, we may find web development and web designing merge at the end; somewhere. It is all connected at some point and would require in-depth analyses to find the thin line of difference. Both roles are often considered a synonym to each other, wherein reality; the actual roles are quite different from what is anticipated. This is the reason, before proceeding into the field, it is better to understand the role in the real sense by eliminating the myths associated with it, since its inception. The courses for both are quite different in a sound stage, while some of the concepts and theories are common in both.


Web designing is all about designing. We know it right. But there are some stages where the designer would require coding in real-time. Most of the designers understand the necessary coding concepts and can make their changes. The designer is required to learn to code as it works as a time saving and handy tool for them at the time of changes. The web designer needs not to have to learn hardcore coding for designing a website, and just HTML, Javascript, and CSS basics would be enough for them. It is more helpful for the front end web designer as he has to work for the visual and user experience of the front end design of the website.


Web development does not require you to have a thorough knowledge of the designing concepts but would require you to understand the fundamentals of designing along with understanding the user experience, while creating a live website for the user. If it is not recognized, then the website would just have a smooth backend and would be incapable of attracting new users. 


We have a mindset where we think anything which does not involve coding is easy. In the real sense, web designing is equally or more difficult than web development, as it requires critical thinking, which is user-friendly as well as attractive. The web designer has to work hard to connect creativity and simplicity in the same place, making it the toughest job in the world.


Coding may not involve spice like designing, but it is not at all boring if you like to learn about how a particular thing is made and you like to create your stuff. For every element, the developer has to mix several concepts and make a single code to highlight the feature on the screen. It involves researching and experimenting at every stage, which makes it an exciting job.


The production of the product includes more cost compared to the designing of the product. In the same way, the development of an entire website involves a higher price compared to the designing and the external appearance of the website. In today’s time, it is equally important to have a good, visually attractive design along with a smooth user experience of the website, which is designed by the web designer. The salaries of the web developer and designer are on equal scale at present.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. There is a long brainstorming session involved in web designing before the actual work, which makes it a time-consuming process. Web development has some pre-decided layout which eliminates the research part; unless in web designing, which makes it more complicated. The process gets more comfortable and speedy, once the basic concepts of designing are learned and implemented. If you are a perfectionist, which you should be, then it would require time. There is no shortcut to creativity.


As per the ranking purposes, both the skills are equally important in creating a perfect website for the businesses that grow so fast in the start-up’s era.  One is for the backend of the website, and one is for the front end of the website. If anyone of them does is not supportive enough, then it would crash the entire motive behind creating the website in the first place.

  • Web designing is necessary for bringing audience to the website through its creative visuals and graphics while web developing is necessary for hooking the users for the website as the entire information is stored by the developer in the backend of the website, along with designing navigational structure to guide the users for coming back to the homepage, in case lost.
  • The web designer is more focused on the user experience and journey of the website while web developer is focused on the details like loading speed, bread crumbs structure, sitemap of the website, etc. which helps the user as well as crawlers.
  • Web development is all about programming and does not have any role or responsibility in case the website is not appealing enough to the users while web designing is all about creating an appealing and attractive image of the website in the eyes of the users. The designer is not worried if the website is loading in 3 seconds or 30 seconds.

After rectifying the myths of both the fields in your mind as well as drawing out a comparison, you may still be undecided about what to opt for. It is entirely dependent on your viewpoint and interest.

If designing triggers your brain cells and creates dopamine in your body while thinking about the user experience, then you should go for Web designing. In this case, you should be ready for 101st change in the design as per the client’s requirement as well as should be able to handle criticism on a lighter note. Your primary focus would be the layout of the design which would be created with the help of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, and Sketch, etc. which would impress the users and allow them to visit the website. Also, you would have to learn primary coding languages in case you plan to opt for freelancing services in the future.

On the other hand, if you are always keen on knowing how something is made the way it is made and what is involved in the making process, then you should opt for web development. In this, you are required to construct a website through different codes and other programming structures for a smooth working website. In old times, developers were all independent as there was no interference of the client due to their aliens towards the concepts. However, in today’s time, the scenarios are quite different. The entire burden of SEO and changes related to it are on the heads of the developers as without following the basic SEO concepts, the website won’t rank higher in the eyes of search engines.

From our viewpoint, it is good to become a web designer as it would involve creative and critical thinking of the concepts. It is more complicated and challenging than the web developer’s job, but it always gives you the freedom to brainstorm your ideas and concepts for converting into realities.

Times are gone when you just needed one skill to master a particular field. Now, after the invention of the World Wide Web, everything is getting connected in some of the other form, which makes it very necessary to be a jack of all along with being a master of one. This also means that if you are choosing to be a web designer, then you must also learn the side skills required to build a perfect website. The user should not only get a smooth feel of his journey to your website but should also get a hassle-free and speedy experience which would come with learning and understanding other relevant skills during the process. One should start learning web designing, and once it is done while practicing the same concepts, one can begin to learning other skills along with it to experiment it during the live work.

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  1. A web designer makes your website look good. They focus on the style and overall feel of the page, using software like Photoshop to customize the website’s visual elements. They also use code like HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to create their designs.

    Part of a web developer’s role is to build the a web designer’s concept. Like we said earlier, web developers are similar to those who build, and web designers like the visionaries. A developer usually specializes in designing website apps – a web designer focuses more on what the user will enjoy doing.

  2. I hate the fact that you have to be designer or developer. I’m both since more than 15 years. I can’t imagine doing otherwise.

    Not being both, this is timeconsuming.


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