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In a world where multimedia rules supreme in capturing our attention, podcasts have become a favorite form of content creation and enjoyment. Audio-only content is great to listen to in the car, while exercising, or while doing other things around the house. When you don’t need to care about watching the visual part of the content, you’re free to get other tasks completed while learning new things or being entertained.

Some podcasts are purely created for enjoyment and humor while others have a business or scholarly edge to help you learn and grow. Today, we’ll be focusing on a handful of podcasts that will help you be a better web designer and hone your craft in your industry.

The 15 Best Web Design Podcasts

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Front End Happy Hour
Hosted by Jeffrey Veen and often featuring a collective of developers from Linkedin, Microsoft, and other big, big, BIG websites, this podcast explores the experience of developing such large and important sites. The Front End Happy Hour podcast could help put some of your own projects into perspective and – for fun – the whole thing is one big happy hour pun.

Looking for insights into the future of web design, web development, and websites in general? The Responsive Web Design podcast explores those theories and talks about the latest trends, innovations, and developments in website management. Hosts Karen & Ethan are charismatic interviewers who really draw major value from their guests.


You can’t have proper web design and development without a huge nod to user experience (UX). The UXPod podcast delves into the latest and greatest in UX/UI and examines the topic from a creative lens, a technical lens, and a human lens. What’s even better is that on the UXPod website, you can also read transcripts of each podcast so if there’s something you’d like to take note of, or that you might have missed, you can catch it in writing.

Full-Stack Radio
In the ever-burgeoning field of development, both front-end and back-end topics are constantly being discussed in forums and in back alleys of the internet. Specifically, software developers know that problems arise constantly and that a collaborative community of other like-minds is the best recourse against these little surprises. The Full Stack Radio Podcast is the radio-broadcast version of those conversations, come to life.

The Honest Designers’ Show
Web design and development isn’t just about creating websites for clients – there’s an entire ethos to this work. The Honest Designers Show from Design Cuts is a light and informative show that tackles some serious subjects in the industry with creativity and charisma. Only designers like you understand how difficult the job can be and this show is a safe space for those grievances and motivations.

Learn to Code with Me & Code Newbie
These two are GREAT for anyone who is new to the world of coding. Sometimes starting out new in something so fast-moving and advanced can feel lonely and intimidating but podcasts like these create a community and a resource for you, if you’re just starting out. These are also great for experienced developers as they rehash the basics as well as explore problems that you may not have encountered yet. The LTCWM Podcast often focuses on the career aspect for new devs while Code Newbie is a facet of a larger newbie universe that includes all types of content.

Developer Tea

best web design podcastsThis quick and snappy podcast is a great one for anyone who likes to touch on interesting and exciting bits of dev news over a lunch break. Take a break from scrolling your forums and Twitter feed and try the Developer Tea Podcast instead. These topics are often chatty, highly engaged, and last only 15 minutes or less.

Weekly Dev Tips
Want a quick hit place to workshop and troubleshoot common developer and design issues? This one will have you laughing, problem solving, and thinking through difficult challenges in the website world in a light-hearted way. The Weekly Dev Tips Podcast is hosted by Steve Smith and saunters back and forth between getting deep into the weeds and floating above the entire macrocosm of web development.

Arrested DevOps
You’ll love this one if you’re interested in developing better development habits in general, better manage multiple development projects at once, or manage a team of developers and designers. Check out the Arrested DevOps Podcast here.

Risky Business
If you have a penchant for all things tech – dev topics, but also other digitalia like IoT, web security, global tech issues, and more – this is the one for you. The Risky Business Podcast is notorious for exploring the more risqué topics in tech.

CodePen and BizCraft
These two are really hyper-focused on the business side of being a web designer or developer and can provide a lot of guidance and support for anyone in the industry, but especially entrepreneurs and freelancers who have to manage the entirety of their business. The CodePen Podcast is specific to software developers but they do cover a lot of topics that any developer or designer could benefit from. The Bizcraft Podcast is an edgy and outspoken approach to all the topics that overlap with running a webdev business. Both are super helpful for anyone forging their own path.

Ruby Rogues
If Ruby on Rails is your development framework of choice – and statistics say that it probably is on your repertoire – check out the Ruby Rogues Podcast. These guys from devchat.tv get really deep into some of the specifics of Ruby in ways that are equal parts helpful and hilarious.

Bonus: Ted Talks Daily
Ted Talks are some of the most educational and enigmatic given speeches or talks on the planet and explore topics of all kinds. Whether you want to get really deep into code language or the particulars of web design and development, or you’d like a lighter listen for your morning commute – there’s a Ted Talk that will assuage your every interest. These are given by some of the greatest minds and speakers in the world and are not to be missed.

Are you a podcast fan? If so, let us know your favorite design, development, or any-topic podcasts! We’ll appreciate the recommendation.

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