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Just what you’ve been waiting for; a one-stop resource for the best developer tools and services 2019 has to offer.

Choosing which tools and services are needed and selecting the best that are currently on the market is always a challenge. There’s no shortage of tools and services out there, and every year more and more are added to the list. It’s hard to work at becoming more efficient if you’re spending too much time searching for what you believe you need.

App developers are actively seeking to bridge the gap between development and operations, and by doing so enable faster product delivery, and more efficient and effective ways to perform system tweaks and incorporate new technologies.

To select the right development tool or service depends on the project to be developed and the effect it will have on the project’s success.

Great developer tools to check out


Although Elementor excels as a web designer’s tool it was built with the developer in mind. Elementor is packed with software development features you’ll love. It features a full stack of solutions contained in Elementor’s infrastructure you can use to create your own solutions to problems you encounter.

They include:

  • CLI Integration; where you’re given the ability to trigger tasks via the command line.
  • Custom CSS & CSS Optimization; where CSS files are compiled, minified and loaded externally to permit faster load times. Custom CSS can easily be incorporated into any page, section, or widget.
  • Rollback; which permits you to go back to an earlier version or switch between versions with a click.
  • Request Parameters; parameters that enable you to track data across multiple pages.

As an Elementor user, you can access Beta versions if you would like to help the Elementor team uncover and fix issues before release; and, you’re encouraged to visit the GitHub repository to contribute code and suggest ideas of your own.

And Co

If you’re spending more time on invoicing, and less on actual development work than you like, AND.CO provides a nifty little solution to your predicament. This smart invoicing app creates your invoices for you and automatically alerts you when they’ve been viewed or paid. It reminds clients when their payment is due or if it is late, and keeps you informed as well.

AND.CO’s mobile app syncs across all your devices, so it’s easy for you to invoice on the go as well as stay on top of your billings and cash flow. Since AND.CO integrates time tracking with invoicing there’s no need to manually input billable hours, and when payments are made, they can automatically be deposited into your bank account.

You can also create proposals using AND.CO and use them as the basis for invoicing, saving you from having to double up on work.


Atom is a flexible and powerful open-source desktop application built with JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Node.js integration. Since Atom runs on Electron, a framework for building cross platform apps, you can use it on OS X, Windows, or Linux.

Looking for extensibility? By choosing among thousands of open source packages, you can add useful features and functionalities to Atom. Or, you can build a package from scratch, publish it, and share it for others to use.

Atom makes it easy for developers to work together, teach one another, and share knowledge. Great things can happen as a result. Collaborating on code becomes every bit as easy as coding alone. Your test editor may be the core feature of your toolbox, but it doesn’t have to work in isolation. With Atom, you can compare and edit code across files, open a single file, or view an entire project or several project on one window.

TMS Outsource

Outsourcing web development brings with it advantages in cost savings, development team expertise, getting on-time delivery, working with developers on a partnership basis, and being able to focus on your core business.

The only real problem lies in finding the right team, and TMS Outsource eliminates that one. TMS Outsource personnel are skilled in multiple coding languages and adhere to SCRUM development methodologies.

Testim was created to help Agile teams author more tests with less maintenance. Testim seamlessly integrates with all CI/CD tools and collaborations and provides you with the capability to run large numbers of tests on multiple browsers and get results in mere minutes.

Tests can be conducted in the Testim cloud, your private cloud, on your premises. If you’re constantly being swamped or in danger of being so because of large scale testing, Testim provides a one -stop solution.


Sending out invoices couldn’t be easier. Select one of the professionally designed templates (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Open Source), add your logo and your content, print the customer’s email address, and let InvoiceBerry do the rest. Customers can pay directly from their invoice via Stripe, PayPal, or WePay. Unpaid invoices show up on your dashboard, so you always know who’s paid and who hasn’t. Try InvoiceBerry for free for 30 days.

What makes a good developer tool?

Software developers need the proper tools to help them meet their assignments. The challenge is knowing which are best to aid linking, compiling, editing, GUI design, and so forth for a given project.

There are tools for:

  • Source control
  • Project management (and issue tracking)
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Skill development
  • Frameworks
  • Cloud tools
  • Data science
  • Prototyping
  • DevOps
  • Notifications
  • UML

The tools need to be useful, able to integrate with other tools and have reasonable learning curves, while helping developers maintain high levels of productivity.

Picking the “best” can be difficult, especially if a developer has no idea of what is needed. A tool must:

  • be extensible
  • have a large user base
  • be extremely stable
  • have a low barrier to entry, and
  • be powerful for experienced users.

By using the best development tools, developers can easily maintain project workflows while ensuring positive and productive project outcomes.


You don’t really need to work your way through a list of several hundred development tools and services to find something to make your life much easier. One or two of those listed in this article could be all you’ll need through the rest of 2019 and likely far beyond.

Go through this list one more time and check to see where you can save time, money, better meet deadlines, and eliminate stress. As much as you love your work, there’s nothing wrong with having a little more time on your hands to hit the beach.

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