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Font styles are one of the essential design elements that carry a massive responsibility of communicating a message and creating the desired environment. Suppose you are working on a design project related to the adventure, luxury, travel, and entertainment sector. In that case, you want to get the best trendy and unique design elements to beat the competition and gain maximum success.

Updated May 21, 2022

The travel and adventure field is always about enthusiastic and attractive fonts that can elevate the location’s perspective and motivate your audience to visit.

To give you some fantastic options, we have collected these travel fonts for designers free to use for any kind of design. They all are unique, youthful, and refreshing styles that can surely make your designs and content more eye-catchy and memorable. So let’s check them out.

Sky Font

Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Sky Font

Sky Font is a very fun-to-use font style. You get unique fonts with separate blocks, which enhances the whole theme. It is a beautifully designed style that can work in any casual and relaxed design category. So you can definitely use this for your traveling-related design work. These sans serif fonts give you block letters in black slabs, which powerfully creates dominance and draws immediate attention. So, you should definitely consider this font because Sky Font is a multipurpose font style that can add an exciting element to your travel design.

Wanderlust – Travel Font

Wanderlust - Travel Font

Fulfill your desire to travel with the Wanderlust font. This adventurous serif typeface is full of spirit with awesome alternate ligatures and styles that make it great for headlines, logos, posters, and apparel.


Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Debby

Debby is a free font that falls into a hand-drawn or brush-style font theme. For travel designs, you need something more natural and approachable, and therefore designers highly recommend choosing brush style or handwritten fonts to represent personal experience and welcoming vibes. This Debby typeface is an attractive choice because it has bold letters, noticeable imperfection, and emotional connectivity. With the right opacity balance and creative icons, this font can change the whole look of your travel design whether you are promoting a location or talking about tourists.

Holiday Travel Font Duo

Holiday on Monday

The Holiday Travel font duo is ready for takeoff. This stunning collection includes one script font and one straight font that complement each other and create visual interest. Perfect for postcards, posters, websites, merchandise, and labels, this font duo’s applications are limitless.


Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Under Stock

It is one of the simple yet classic typefaces from the vintage collection called the 1871 project. You might want more drama for travel designs, but some designers and some locations demand classic and elegant fonts. And this one is perfect for minimal designs and luxurious places. Understock font style has serif letters with three different options like normal, rough, and round. It is well balanced and in perfect style with calculated width and height, which makes it a really modern and cool typeface.

Holiday on Monday

Holiday on Monday

The best Mondays are when you are on vacation. Relaxed and free, Holiday in Monday is a handcrafted sans-serif font with an italic style that feels like handwriting. This package includes English letters, numerals, punctuations, ligatures, and several fun swashes that make your logos, branding, packaging, stationery, quotes, t-shirts, labels, and posters stylish.

Angelic Bonques Font Duo

Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Angelic

This gorgeous typeface is an amalgamation of sans serif font and handwritten script. You can download this for free and make your designs attractive. It is a very sleek and gracious style that can create magic in minimalistic designs. If your target audience is more mature people or upscale people, then you can surely pick this kind of font style to retain their attention. Angelic Bonques typeface has beautiful coordination with straightforward letters, which can go perfect for some travel destinations or luxuries.

The Risk – Handmade font

The Risk - Handmade font

The Risk is a fantastic handmade sans-serif font. Each letter and numeral in this font family has a frottage look reminiscent of exploring the outdoors, making The Risk an excellent choice for creating logos, headers, titles, merchandise, and websites.

Countryside Font

Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Countryside

Countryside font has a very compelling quality that makes it perfect for travel designs. It is a beautiful handwritten script style. You can use this to emphasize more on nature or delightful experiences. When you want to highlight the natural spots or properties and amenities, you want to use this kind of typeface that helps you to build a certain environment in your design. So for such reasons you can choose this without a doubt.

Wonderful Wilderness Font Duo

Wonderful Wilderness Font Duo

You aren’t out of the woods yet. The Wonderful Wilderness font duo is a set of two beautifully hand-drawn filled and outlined English letters A-Z. The hand-drawn lines and contrast between the two options make Wonderful Wilderness a perfect typeface for logos, apparel, and labels.


Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Bukhari

A bold and whimsical font style like Bukhari is always ideal for any kind of travel poster, advertisement, and website. This typeface is free to use, and it is in a script format. It has strong letters with shadows to create more depth and imply its beautiful nature. Your design can have lovely fonts if you choose this typeface for the heading or any other content which are hard to ignore. So going for Bukhari can be an intelligent choice for your travel project.


Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Coconote

Coconote is a refreshing but straightforward font style. It is a handwritten script, and you can use these fonts for multiple categories. Because it is basic, you can expect versatility in blending with different designs. This style is for designs that require minimum effort and elements. You can use them to create your headline for different posters or blogging images. Overall it’s a good typeface that looks youthful and classic to help your various travel design projects by adding a bit of a vibrance and cheerful aspect.

Brushed Traveller Font:

Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Brushed

This strong brushed script font is free to download and use for your designs. It is designed for traveling-related projects, so you might not have to give much thought to it. This typeface is bold, strong, edgy, and trendy. Brushed style is so beautifully implemented that it looks very personal and real. This kind of font can establish adventure, fun, and lively essence in your travel designs. So you can select this brushed traveler font safely if you are struggling with doubts.

Pizza Travel Font:

Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Pizza

This font style is available for free download. Pizza travel font is a very relaxed but sharp font style that falls under the handwritten script category. It is contemporary and edgy, which makes it perfect for travel design projects. You get a more engaging font style with stylish curves and edges to add volume to your content. Whether you are working on a graphic designing project or web designing project, this Pizza travel font style can definitely help your design to shine out.

Travel Next:

Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Travel Next

It’s a beautiful and timeless font style that is perfectly designed for travel-related projects. The relaxed fonts with versatility can help you a lot to build any design related to any location or traveling aspect. It’s a handwritten script style with a minimalist approach and a sincere outlook. You can use this typeface for basic and widely accepted designs. You can not find any gender and age correlation with this font style, and therefore it can work for any target audience.

Traveling Font:

Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Traveling Font

This sharp and clean font style can be a fantastic choice for some solid-purpose designs. It is a traveling font that looks more straightforward, motivated, adventurous, and confident. It has unique slanted edges and perfectly balanced lines for a clean and simple look. You can take this as a subtle and convenient font style that can complement different places and topics. Overall it is a beautiful typeface that can encourage your robust design’s purpose and convey a sense of adventure and sincerity.

Extreme Travel:

Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Extreme Travel

It is a really unique font style that carries a strong design style along with just letters. You get the illusion of letters on the spray painting in this typeface. And for that reason, it looks unique, bold, and energetic. You have to consider the space of each letter while using them in your design. But if you have a unique and solid concept in mind, then you need a typeface like this. It is more dramatic but straightforward; that’s why it can not go for luxurious or leisure-related travel designs. You can surely use this for illustrating great adventures, unexplored places, and exciting experiences in your design content.


Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Adventura

Aventura is representing an inspiration taken from nature by the designer Jimmy Kalman. It is available for free download, and you get all fantastic uppercase letters and numbers in this font style. It is a strong but very natural and breezy typeface. The out-of-the-line format makes it unique and suitable for adventurous traveling experiences. It can work for many other kinds of design as well, so if you are a designer who likes to keep helpful stuff in his collection, then it is a must-have typeface.


Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Brikopus

Bripokus is an excellent stencil-style typeface. It has a more condensed and vintage look which can be a real deal-breaker for travel designs. You can create a more intense and energetic look with this font style. It is trendy and cool; your design can get a bold essence if you use this typeface for the heading and main content. Bripokus is a well-balanced modern and vintage font style that can support various travel designs.


Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Queenland

It’s a lovely typeface with utmost perfection. It is a script format that has handwritten and calligraphic touch, which makes it very beautiful and modern. The soft letters with peppy characteristics can make any design attractive without much effort. Your innovative projects related to relaxed traveling experiences and places surely need a font style like Queenland to pass the intended message correctly. You can download this for free and decorate your design however you want.


Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Merienda

Merienda is a minimal typeface that has a unique flow of tenderness and slightly condensed letters which makes it a smart choice for any type of travel topic. If you want to have a confident but friendly heading type, then you can choose this font and start your creativity. Merienda has a unique touch of controlled and disciplined fonts with casual elements, which is why it is ideal for many other design categories. So you can download this from google fonts for free and use it for creative projects.


Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Borg

It’s a unique font style that has a special charm to make any design beautiful. Borg is a stiff and disciplined typeface that is primarily condensed and bold. Taking a unique turn is always exciting for designers, and for travel designs, Borg can be that turn. It has a geometric style with interesting curved incisions that can help you draw attention and stand firmly with your design. Overall it’s a very fun and solid font to use for travel destinations and travel subtopics.

Sunshine Wishes:

Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Sunshine

Sunshine Wishes have a cute font style in a handwritten script format. You can see beautiful imperfection and easy flows in this typeface which designers always love for travel theme-based designs. You can download this for personal use and make your travel design’s headings attractive, welcoming and cheerful with this font style.


Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Ailerons

Ailerons is a brilliant minimalistic, and sophisticated font style. The tall letters with a combination of sharp and curved edges make this typeface unique and eye-catchy. This font style has a timeless effect, and you can see many modern design concepts with this kind of font style. So if you want your travel design to shine silently with an effective heading, then choosing ailerons would be a smart choice.

Camar Vintage Font:

Free Travel Fonts for Designers: Camar

This font has a charming vintage theme with a bit of a hint of modern essence. You can see a unique style of titles and cross bridges in letters. With this typeface, you get strong, motivated, creative, and contemporary fonts to help your travel designs enhance the overall concept. With minimum content, you can use these heavy fonts to cover the right area and create a perfect heading for your travel designs. So overall, it’s a great choice of fonts for travel projects.

Before choosing a font type for your design, you must check all the documentation from the website and then use it for your professional use because it is always better to check rules and policies twice before starting your design project. And apart from that, you need to analyze your design, theme, message, and purpose to track down the final font style. Creating your own font style from different tools and platforms or purchasing one can be a bit time-consuming and expensive task.

So thankfully, there are some great resources that offer the latest creative fonts for free. And this list is packed with those premium fonts. You do not have to invest your time in scrolling and searching to get the best font style for your traveling designs. Because now you can select anyone from this list to get your unique and effective font style.

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