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Icons are a necessity when building a website or an app. They’re used practically everywhere and for different reasons. Some designers use them for aesthetic reasons, while others use them for more practical ones. The hamburger menu icon, for example, is up to a certain point used for practical reasons, thanks to its familiarity.

There are other icons, though, that are used to beautify a website. Most websites with minimalist design make good use of icons, by enriching the layout without cluttering it.

Icons are a small and efficient way to add a certain vibe to a website and they come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. For example, there are some that are small illustrations with beautiful details that can bring color to your design.

If you are a web or UI designer, chances are you’ll need some icons to use in your projects. What if they would be free to use, would that make it better? Of course, it would.

Okay, let’s get started with our handpicked list of 30 free icon sets to download and use for your designs.

Creative Fields Icon Set

 Free Icons Sets

Let’s start off with a collection of 16 flat icons with awesome details that would make a nice addition to your design inventory.

2px lines 48x48px Icons

 Free Icons Sets outline

Here we present you a PSD file with nice, simple icons that you can download for free in your projects. This is again another set of outlined icons, with thin lines and lovely details.

Fblu free icons

web Free Icons Sets

This is a great set of detailed icons with a nice touch of color that you can download as .ai or .psd files. These beautiful outline icons can be used in any kind of project, from web design to creating apps and admin dashboards.

32 icons

bold Free Icons Sets

We suggest you add this useful icon pack to your design inventory. It contains 32 icons with a very bold, thick look.

70 Simple Icons

simple Free Icons Sets

We also recommend grabbing this awesome set of 70 icons. These are simple 32px line icons with a square look. These come in just one color, but you can easily customize them and color them any way you want.

Fauna Precolombina

angled Free Icons Sets

This is a very special set of icons with lots of details and angled lines that you can use in your projects. This may be a small set, but it’s truly unique!

Gamification icons

psd Free Icons Sets

Here you have a completely free PSD file with various icons that you can use for your present and future projects. Use these icons for dashboard designs, gamification, web design, and more!

50 Flat Icons

round Free Icons Sets

We recommend downloading this set of 50 flat-round icons to keep in your design inventory. These icons are fully-scalable and customizable.


smooth Free Icons Sets

This is a very smooth and simple icon pack made with careful, thin lines. Available as .eps and .ai files that are both CS5–CC friendly.

Kameleon icons

flat Free Icons Sets

We also like this cool pack of round icons, available in 2 color palettes and 10 color variations. use these beautiful icons for your flat design projects.

200 nanoline icon set

thin Free Icons

Here’s a huge, absolutely awesome pack of 200 icons with very smooth, thin lines. We think you’ll find almost anything you’re looking for here, so keep it in your design library.

Thin Line UI Icons 170

simple Free Icons

Here’s another great example of a free icon pack that you can use for both personal or commercial projects. These are again outline icons with really simple designs.

30 line icons

thick Free Icons

Here we have a cool, modern set of icons that use thick lines for the overall design and thin lines for subtle details. Definitely worth downloading.

The Nice and Serious UI Icon Set

flat Free Icons download

Here you have a set of 96 icons available in two weights. You can download them as .ai files.

St Valentine’s Day icon set

valentines day Free Icons

This romantic-themed set of icons has a sharp look and nice details that will give a professional look to your designs.

100 Free Line Icons

100 Free Line Icons on Behance

This is a free set of awesome line icons that come in various formats such as SVG, AI, EPS, PNG. You are more than welcome to use in your current or future projects.

Tourism icon pack (free)

dribbble Free Icons

Here is an awesome bunch of icons that will definitely make your tourism-inspired design projects look more professional.

100 free icons / kitchen

kitchen Free Icons

This is a great set of 100 icons to use for your design projects that may be inspired by cooking, recipes or kitchens.

Flat Icons

best Free Icons

This is a very nice collection of icons with cool, tasteful color combinations to use in your designs.

Kvasir: 180+ Free Icons

modern Free Icons

This is another great set that contains more than 180 icons with a nice, modern touch and classy colors.

Banking icon set (+free PSD)

Here’s an amazing set of icons created with banking design projects in mind. It has great colors and nice, sharp lines.

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