25 Must-Have Free Infographic Sets

25 Must-Have Free Infographic Sets
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September 19, 2022

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Looking for some inspiration for a new infographic design project? Or do you need some ready-made infographic vector elements? Look no further!

There’s a continuously increasing demand for infographic sets with cutting-edge designs. If you are a graphic/web designer trying to figure out how to get the information noticed in an infographic and keep the viewers engaged, this list is what you need!

Here are 25 must-have free infographic sets you can download and add to your freebie collection. They will surely come in handy. These free infographic sets can be used for many types of niches and most of them have modern, clean designs. Check them out below!

All of the free infographic sets from this article have modern designs and lots of elements you can use, such as maps, graphs, device mockups, charts, and more. These elements can be easily edited in Adobe Illustrator and customized as per your needs. You can change their colors, sizes, and even shapes. Add your own content and create awesome, interesting infographics with ease and in a shorter amount of time.

Want more infographic resources? Check out these inspirational infographics, infographic website designs, and web design infographics roundups!

Infographic template

Infographic template free infographic setsPin

Here’s a good example of an infographic template to use if you are working on a business presentation or you are looking for a creative way to present content. This template contains various graphic elements such as charts, maps, graphs, and much more.

Infographic elements pack

Infographic elements pack free infographic setsPin

This pack is also full of useful graphic elements, all of which were nicely crafted. You have everything you need for an awesome presentation.

Infographic desktop

Infographic desktopPin

This infographic desktop can come in really handy and will make your creative project look great. It comes with a bunch of useful infographic elements which you can move and combine every way you please.

Coffee cups collection

Coffee cups collectionPin

These coffee cup infographics can’t miss from your freebie’s arsenal. Pick your favorite cup of coffee and use it in your food and drink-themed infographic project.

Colorful graphics brochure

Colorful graphics brochurePin

This brochure is a must-have and it is also a great example of how to use infographics in your presentations. Check it out!

Colorful banners infographic

Colorful banners infographicPin

A designer can never have enough banners or infographics. If you’re looking to expand your collection check out this amazing set.

Successful business infographic

Successful business infographicPin

This is a really nice infographic illustration that is perfect for presenting a strategy. You can simply download this example and customize it or get inspired to make your own unique infographic.

Colorful infographic diagrams

Colorful infographic diagramsPin

This set contains various colorful diagrams which will definitely come in handy in presentations.

Variety of round charts

Variety of round chartsPin

This set contains a variety of round charts which can be of great help when working on your presentations.

Business infographic template

Business infographic templatePin

This is a business infographic template that can be a great asset in a designer’s collection. Not only will it save you a great deal of time but it will also make your presentation stand out from the rest.

Polygonal infographic

Polygonal infographicPin

This is yet another cool infographic template that has a unique way of presenting content. The polygonal infographic will make your project look modern and effective.

Timeline infographic template

Timeline infographic templatePin

This is a timeline infographic template that can be used to present each step of your project in a creative way. This example is definitely worth having in your collection and can save you a great deal of time.

Infographic vector free design

Infographic vector free-designPin

This is a free infographic template that can come in really handy. It has everything it needs for your project presentation. Do not miss the chance to have this template in your freebie’s arsenal.

Business tree infographic

Business tree infographicPin

This business tree infographic might be just what you have been looking for all this time. This infographic presents content and each step of the project in a creative way, by illustrating a tree. Each leaf looks like a minimalist comment box in which you can add your own text and icons.

Infographic with variety of diagrams

Infographic with-variety-of-diagramsPin

This is yet another cool infographic that can’t miss from your collection. It contains various charts and graphs and it also has schemes, diagrams, a world map with location pins, and much more.

Colorful banners infographic

Colorful banners Free Infographic SetsPin

If you want more cool infographics to expand your collection check out these banners. They’re colorful and nice and will make your project stand out.

Timeline Infographic

Timeline infographicPin

This is a great timeline infographic that can come in really handy. Use it with confidence to present a project’s evolution.

Modern infographics process

Modern inforgraphics-processPin

And if you’re looking for more creative ways to present the content, process, and evolution of your project then you might want to check out this amazing template.

Step by step infographic

Step by step infographicPin

If you liked the previous example then will definitely love this one. This is a step-by-step infographic that will present content in a modern and functional way. Check it out!

Modern banners infographic

Modern banners infographicPin

If you’re a fan of modern and eye-catching banners then you’ve come to the right place. These banners’ infographics are exactly what you need to make an awesome presentation.

Infographic with banners template

Infographic banners templatePin

And if you want more banners for your collection and your project check out this example as well!

Blogging infographic

Blogging infographicPin

This blogging infographics template is exactly what you need to present the evolution of a website.

Circles business infographic

Circles business-infographicPin

If you’re working on a business presentation then you might want to have a look at this template as well. It looks great and has plenty of graphic elements that will make your content stand out. It can come in really handy and save you a great deal of time.

Colorful banners infographic with a ladder

Colorful banners-infographic-with-a-ladderPin

If you still didn’t have enough of cool infographic banners then here’s an amazing template you immediately need to add it to your collection! it can be adapted in so many ways to create awesome social media and newsletter graphics.

Business steps infographic

Business steps infographicPin

Last but not least, this is a really nice infographic. It was designed to present content in a unique and creative way. You’ve got everything you need. Banners, flat icons, charts, graphs, and different social group icons.


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