8 Terrific Multipurpose WordPress Themes For 2022

Searching for the best possible multipurpose WordPress theme to support website building activity is sometimes a concern for designers. And, regarding pricing, there are concerns over this as well. However, the best ones on the market are not much more expensive than others. The top themes are very reasonably priced for all practical purposes, and we’ll explore some details here.

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13 Highly Creative Seasonal HTML Landing Pages

There can be many special occasions and holidays for which your brand requires a dedicated landing page as part of advertising or marketing campaigns. The holiday season is an exciting time of the year. It brings new enthusiasm and opportunities for business and individual professionals.

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18 Free Cool Coming Soon Website Templates

Launching a website is a long process. From purchasing a domain to establishing a perfect website involves many steps and decisions. However, until your website is ready for the stage, you don’t want to lose customers and possible engagement. And for that matter, coming soon website templates come to the rescue.

Brands prefer to launch a coming soon website page before launching their actual website to build interest and attract the right audience. While your website is under construction, the coming soon page can serve your audience. It is an excellent way to market your business and brand, and even to collect email address of potential customers.

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15 Awesome Pre-built Websites for Creatives and Developers

As a creative, you need a digital space to call your home.

A space where you tell people about yourself and the kind of work you do. A space to show off the best examples of your work. A space where people can get in touch if they want to hire you or buy from you.

With one of Be Theme’s 600-plus pre-built websites, you can have a professional website up and running in no time. And to help you get started, we’ve rounded up 15 of the best Be Theme pre-built websites made specifically for creatives and developers.

By the way, there’s no need to stress about picking the “right” one. When you sign up for Betheme, you get access to all of the sites. So, if you decide you want to experiment with a new look or style, it’s super easy to make the switch.

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16 Best Drupal Themes of the Year

Drupal is a Content Management Software that you can use to create websites and applications for everyday life. It offers some excellent features like simple content writing, reliability with performance, and sturdiness in terms of security. But the features that make it stand out are flexibility, versatility, and modularity. It offers to a build-up of a structured content that enhances the web experience dynamically. As it is open-source, anyone can download it and start working with it. With Drupal, there are no licensing fees. They claim that it is always going to be available for free.

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15 Awesome Event Organizer Website Templates & WordPress Themes

Event Organizers/Managers do project management to create and develop large-scale events such as conferences, festivals, weddings, ceremonies, concerts, formal parties, or conventions. They have to study the brand, understand its target audience, plan the concept, and coordinate the technicalities before the actual launch of the event. Many large organizations and individuals often rely on such special services for their grand occasions. There are many event organizing companies in the market, which makes it necessary to stand our from the crowd, to create an impression and image that helps attract new clients as well as retain previous ones. For such a purpose, it is advisable for Event Organizers to have a spectacular website showcasing all their work and portfolio, and also proving their credibility with previously organized events.

In this roundup, we will help you identify such 15 awesome event organizer website templates and WordPress themes; you can select or draw inspiration from them to create your event organizer website:

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