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Drupal is a Content Management Software that you can use to create websites and applications for everyday life. It offers some excellent features like simple content writing, reliability with performance, and sturdiness in terms of security. But the features that make it stand out are flexibility, versatility, and modularity. It offers to a build-up of a structured content that enhances the web experience dynamically. As it is open-source, anyone can download it and start working with it. With Drupal, there are no licensing fees. They claim that it is always going to be available for free.

This blog focuses on the latest Drupal website themes that you can download and work with. We have compiled a set of attractive themes that are freely available. Go, explore, and make your Drupal platform and beautiful place to work.

1. Parallax Theme:

Drupal theme - Parallax Theme

The Drupal website theme called the Parallax theme is a theme in which the Zymphonies team contributed to the world. It is a clean and clutter-free theme. A mobile-responsive and advanced, it has features like a cursor that is customized, and support to more than 15+ regions. Moreover, it has a smooth and snag-free animation that has well-organized CSS. Along with its compatibility with Drupal 8, it offers Bootstrap v3.1.1 with Owl carousel. With a clean, modular Sass coding, you receive parallax and a one-page horizontal scroll feature. Multilevel drop-down menus, flat elements with modern design, clear fonts and icons, and smooth scrolling layout makes your Drupal CMS more attractive and stunning. You can also hide the credential texts of the theme’s creators. It also offers sliders with unlimited use of slides and slide management in theme settings and configuration.

2. iShopping Theme:


This theme, called iShopping, is targeted for the sites  deal with the online shopping sites. It claims to encapsulate all the essential features that you would require in your eCommerce website. With nine different color combinations available with the theme configurations, you can choose and keep changing your website’s theme colors. This makes your site look more attractive. The theme is designed with neat structural formation and blocks, which is the essential requirement of an eCommerce website.

3. Minimal Lite Theme:

Minimal Lite

It is a free and mobile-first theme based on Bootstrap-4 for Drupal 8. With Minimal+ theme distribution and Progressive Web App, you can receive 200+ theme configurations. These settings help build corporate and business website setups. It is a clean theme that offers a systematic arrangement of your website elements. Moreover, you get an organized, clutter-free look for your blog post and other textual and visual content. This theme is worth trying for your website because of the kind of appearance it has to offer. You can access the theme for free by downloading it from the site. You don’t require user authentication on the website to download it.

4. Properties Theme:


With this theme, you can create websites that are involved with real estate businesses. It has the required components in the theme configuration that a real estate website needs. Being a mobile-first Bootstrap theme, it comes with all the default Drupal settings that you can ask for. The top bar stores quick messages, notifications, social media buttons, along with email systems. It includes the theme appearance that supports websites dealing with individual property, flats, and villa. A nicely organized Sass code, home page layouts, and a slider can be customized to have unlimited images. The website offers free access to the theme, and you can download it without creating a user account on the site.

5. Multipurpose Theme:

Drupal theme- Multipurpose

Multipurpose theme, the name itself suggests the meaning and purpose of the theme. It is nicely built for business, portfolio development, blogging platform, and more. But it is not limited for use only for these domains. Websites can use this theme for a variety of purposes. Moreover, its responsiveness, independent of the device configuration, makes it a secure and robust theme. An in-built Flex slider can let you swipe through the content on mobile and tablet devices. You get the flexibility to choose between 1-column and 2-column structured layout. It supports all the mobile operating systems, making it ideal for use for any type of website. With a Flex image slideshow facility and multilevel drop menus, it offers support for multiple languages. It has an eye-catching design that comes with minimalism. To use this theme, you don’t have to register with the website. You can get it from the site.

6. Office Theme:

Office theme

With a light-weight and modern structure, the Office theme is not dependent on any other underlying theme. It offers responsive hero banner, multilevel drop-downs, and multiple column layouts along with minimalistic design. You also get social media buttons that you can use to link your official social media handles. The Office theme follows standard Drupal standards and protocols and offers an HTML5 base with a clean markup. To provide your website with a very professional look, you can use this theme to your advantage. The site does not require any user account, and you can download the theme for free.

7. Sunrise theme:

Drupal theme - Sunrise Theme

Sunrise is a stunningly beautiful theme that you can use to create a website for restaurants, bars, pubs, and cafes. It is WP5 theme based, which has been made for Drupal as well. Sunrise features responsive design with HTML5 and CSS working behind it. With simplicity and clean structure, it is bound to grab the viewer’s attention to whatever it is applied. Moreover, it gives the website a contemporary feel which is fresh and welcoming for any business. Without any type of user registration, you can download the theme for free from the site.

8. Commerce Theme:

Commerce theme

Commerce theme well is built to suit any  product selling-based websites. It helps you make your online business pick up speed and momentum in an inexpensive way. The layout of the theme is designed to suit any screen size irrespective of the device. Hence, it works perfectly on laptops, mobile, and tablet screens. It offers you the best appearance on your website when you are a beginner in eCommerce. The most significant part of this theme is, it has an inbuilt Drupal Commerce module. This can help you create and maintain an eCommerce website with a lot of ease. The appearance of the theme makes an eCommerce website look like it has been professionally built. You can download the theme for free from the link without registering yourself on the site.

9. TB Hadelis Theme:

Drupal theme - TB Hadelis

This theme is ideal for artists who want to show to the world their artworks through a website. You can display your beautiful artworks like paintings, sketches, or even clicked photographs. Whatever you decide to showcase, this theme makes sure it looks good. TB Hadelis theme makes your website viewers sit up and notice whatever you have to show on the website. With its clean design and easy customization, it has managed to win the hearts of its users. The theme is free to download without any requirement of the creation of a user account on the website.

10. TB Neris:

TB Neris

TB Neris is a theme that is suitable for someone who is looking to turn his website into a professionally built portfolio. With its modern and simple appearance, you can highlight your services and products on the site. An easy customization and quick tabs, the theme can appear seamless and effortless for any novice user. You can download the theme for free, without getting yourself registered on the website.

11. BlueMasters Theme:

Bluemasters theme

This theme is based on the PSD template, and from the template, it was ported to Drupal website theme. With a responsive built up, it has four-block regions, four footer areas summing up to twelve regions. It offers JS slide show, two-column layout for inner pages, multilevel drop-downs supported by CSS along with detailed comment section. You also receive the support for user pictures in the comment section and posts. It also highlights site motif, and name. With its well-organized form, you can be assured of having a clutter-free website structure. You don’t need to register on the website to download the theme. It is available for free to download.

12. Portfolio theme:

Drupal theme - Portfolio theme

For small business and multipurpose use, the Portfolio theme is the ideal theme. It has a rich feature set like social media buttons, resume download options, and a sticky menu. The portfolio offers amazing fonts, icons, and easy customization. As it is mobile-friendly, you can view it clearly and work with it seamlessly. You get different sections for My work, Key Skills, Educational qualifications, and Awards and Rewards category. It also provides stylish typography and minimal design that looks professional. With a single, two, and three-column layout, it is easy to create an organized website format. Without any kind of requirement for user registration on the website, you can download the theme for free.

13. Qatar Theme:

Qatar theme

Qatar theme is a responsive theme based in Bootstrap-4 and a fantastic framework. You can download this theme for free and use it to unleash its impeccable features. With Drupal 8 core, customized menu bars, sticky header, and built-in slider, it offers responsiveness. It is a light-weight theme that has quick contact links and ready made social media handles. Provided with well-defined and structured Sass code, the colors of the theme are stored in Sass variables. You can upload infinite images in the custom slider provided by the theme. The theme is free for download, and you don’t require user registration to download the theme.

14. Light theme:

Light theme

Light theme is another Drupal-8 theme, which is a mobile-responsive theme. It features a customized slideshow, very responsive design, layout with multiple columns with high customization. It allows you to use Google fonts and can be used for any business website. The Light theme is built with Bootstrap v4 and custom menu bar with a well-organized Sass code. The Sass variable stores the colors of the theme. With the slideshow, you get an option to upload as many images as you require. Comfortable customization support lets you work with a theme that is seamless and effortless. You can download the theme for free without having any user registration on the website.

15. Store theme:

Drupal theme - Store theme

Another interesting Drupal website theme is the Store theme that offers a light-weight design, Google font support, and a high level of customization. With Drupal 8 core and Bootstrap v4, you get a robust and secured theme that works nicely for all the websites. You get a customized menu bar, responsive design, and snippets of information in the header. The bits of information include user login information and social media handles. It includes Sass and Compass source files where colors are stored in Sass variables. You can upload many images in the customizable slideshow for your websites. Available for free, you can download this theme without any kind of registration on the site.

16. Beauty salon theme:

Drupal theme - Beauty salon theme

If you are working with a website that deals with spa and salon, you should use the Beauty salon theme for your website’s layout. It includes all the benefits that you need for a website that deals with beauty salon, spa, and businesses alike. With Drupal 8 core and Bootstrap 4, it makes the theme a responsive theme that is nicely organized. It offers social media links, home page layouts, and a custom slider where you can upload many images for your website. With a well organized Sass code and client list, you get a mobile responsive design with a sturdy structure to work. You can download the theme for free without having a user account on the website.


This blog focuses entirely on the list of the Drupal website themes that you can download for free. All the themes offer responsive designs and compatibility with all the devices. Hence, you can use it with the websites that are optimized for all the devices. That is the most significant advantage of all the themes that we have listed in this blog.

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