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Javascript slideshows became increasingly popular thanks to the introduction of libraries such as jQuery. We’re used to seeing slideshows contained in a box somewhere on the page, but nowadays we’re seeing supersize slideshows that span the whole screen.

This post showcases 20 cool websites that make use of these full-screen slideshows effects to promote their content.

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Jax Vineyards

This is a simple website design with a transparent menu design and a large slideshow on the homepage.

Boutique winery Full Screen Slideshows

Studio 8

Studio 8 is a beautiful WordPress theme that you can use to create your next project. It comes with a large, fully editable slider on the homepage.

Studio 8 Fullscreen wordpress theme


Here you have a professional WordPress theme with a modern fullscreen slideshow, many widgets, and other great features.

Inspiro Full Screen Slideshows

Planet Propaganda

This is a very creative website design that features a large slider on the homepage, as well as some fun and unique illustrations.

 Full Screen Slideshows websites


Accio is a premium WordPress theme with a one-page design and a gorgeous fullscreen slider with a parallax scrolling effect.

ThemeMaker Full Screen Slideshows


Ronneby is a beautiful WordPress template with a fullscreen design, user-friendly layout, and a responsive, large slideshow on the homepage.

Corporate Full Screen Slideshows


This is a stunning WordPress theme with a modern design, responsive layout, and a huge slideshow on the homepage.

PinThis- Full Screen Slideshows


SquareCode is a premium template that you can use to promote and sell digital products. It has a large, fullscreen slideshow on the homepage with a sleek CTA button.

Squarecode Full Screen Slideshows

The NoMad Hotel

This is the presentation website of a hotel which features a fullscreen slideshow on the homepage, containing some beautiful photos of the hotel.

fullscreen slider websites


This theme uses WooCommerce and has a unique, mobile-friendly design. The slideshow supports both videos and images.

 TeoThemes fullscreen slider websites


Uncode is an advanced WordPress theme with a flexible design and a fullscreen slideshow on the homepage, which can be easily customized as per your needs.

Uncode fullscreen slider websites


This premium WordPress template comes with 6 outstanding demo pages and a cool slider feature that can be fullscreen!

Shard fullscreen slider websites

Colleen Clapp

This is a simple, art-focused website design with a full-screen slideshow on the homepage, showcasing some beautiful works of art.

 fullscreen slider websites design

Green Rescues 

Green Rescues is a great WordPress theme that comes with Revolution Slider, among other great plugins, which can help you create beautiful, full-screen slideshows.

Green fullscreen slider websites

Green Farm 

Green Farm is a WordPress template that can be perfect for websites that promote healthy, organic products. Take advantage of its fullscreen slider to showcase your products.

Green Farm fullscreen slider websites

Rally Interactive

This inspiring website design has a unique navigation for its fullscreen homepage slideshow.

 fullscreen slider website

Tee Up 

Tee Up is a stylish WordPress template packed with the great Revolution Slider plugin which helps you create awesome fullscreen slideshows in no time!

Tee-Up fullscreen slider websites

Eco World 

Eco World is another great theme that features a fullscreen slider on the homepage. It overlays some bold, colored texts on top to deliver the message.

Soft fullscreen slider websites


Check out this amazing WordPress template that can be used to build professional multipurpose sites. It comes with the option of adding a cool, fullscreen slideshow on the homepage.

Argenta fullscreen slider websites


Here is a great WordPress theme with a fully responsive layout and a great homepage slider that can be fullscreen!

Secundo Responsive fullscreen slider websites

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  1. hi iggy, your article about fullsceen slideshows website collecation is so inspairational for me and it makes me interested to use this sl ideshows more in my future projects, thanks.

  2. Awesome collection that you have share here. It’s really inspiring! I think this kind of slideshows cab be useful to make portfolio site or for representing new launch products or services. I feel so happy by seeing this collection.

  3. We love full screen slideshow sites but they are only practical for those companies that are visual in nature. Landscapers, architects, and any industry that is visual based would benefit greatly but I'm not sure that other businesses would benefit as much. Great examples of websites using full screen jquery slideshows!!

  4. Hello Chris.

    Fantastic collection on the full screen slideshow website. It is amazing that a nice big image can totally transform into a nice looking website, however I believe it it best to keep it these types of web designs to minimal content being display unless you can use something like 30% opacity so the user can see the background image as well as the content.

    Kind Regards.
    Sky Blue.

  5. Advantage of such slideshows is that it looks great on every screen size, but performance can be a little low due to large images that have to be downloaded.

  6. Hi Chris,
    thanks for sharing the cool site-examples. I got a question, do you ask the site-owners when you use their screendesigns as screenshots. Is it definately legal to use these pictures under copyright? Of course there would be a huge problem worldwide, cos we got these best-of-lists all over the place. But this does not mean that it is legal to do so. Waht do you think? Who has experience, may Chris or ANY other blogger use any picture (even with link deeplink to the "creator") in an own context?

    Appreciate your opinions
    Best regards


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