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Red is a vibrant hue that color theorists suggest represents love, anger and in some cultures, happiness, but how is it used in web design? The color red in its many variants seems to be a popular choice with web designers.

In today’s showcase, we take a look at 35 great international examples of red usage in web design. See how this color is used in each design and more interestingly which other colors it is paired with to create striking color schemes.

Sourisse Aux Partners

This is a simple red website design with a minimalist design and a large textured image on the homepage.

Add Movement Red Colored Websites

Student Dev Quest

Do you want to go on an epic quest to uncover the magic of coding? Seize the chance to learn about web development and get a scholarship on this awesome website!

Student Dev Quest Red Colored Websites


This is a creative one-page website which has a unique layout and an angled, geometry photo overlay which adds dynamism to the design. It uses bright red colors to catch your attention.

Design, VR, Web and Mobile App Development Red Colored Websites

Canon EOS-M / Campaign Microsite

This is the design of the Canon EOS-M campaign. It uses red as an accent color.

Canon EOS red website


Hyperakt is a social impact design agency and this is their presentation website. It makes use of bold colors paired with white and fullscreen images and videos.

Hyperakt red website


You can quickly get your visitors attention by showcasing a big red message. This is a great example which includes a big sales message and a bright eye-catching background color.

House red website

Brand Aid

Brand Aid is a creative agency focused on creating unique promotional products for companies. Their presentation website uses a bright red-orange color as an accent.

Brand Aid red website

Navy Design

This bold design will definitely get your attention with the help of the colored background and the big heading.

Navy Design Creative red website


This is a beautiful site where the web designer used a full-screen typography animation to capture the visitor’s attention.

Fivefootsix red website

Web Design Field Manual

This website offers a curated resource for web creators. It combines illustrations with dark, red colors and beautiful transitions.

Web Field Manual red website


Codebutton.com provides free tools for web developers to speed up the process of performing mundane web development tasks.

codebutton red website


Playtika captivates audiences with beautifully produced, highly immersive social games.

Playtika red website


This is the website of the popular KitKat. As the product’s branding, this website is all red.

KITKAT red website


Calcul’it is a fun game where you must find the various operations of a calculation. This is their presentation website which matches the branding of the app.

calculit red website

Picksum Ipsum

Do you love movies as much as websites? This movie text generator gives you an alternative to lorem ipsum & allows you to generate quotes for your website.

Picksum Ipsum red website

Bear On Unicycle

This is the presentation website for a design studio which specializes in web design and developing websites, and also graphic design and branding.

Bear On Unicycle red website


Boy-Coy is a creative design studio where perfect websites, mobile apps & games come to life. Their website design perfectly combines illustrations with bold, red colors.

Boy-Coy red website design


This company offers endpoint protection built to stop advanced attacks before damage and loss occurs. Their website is not entirely red, but has plenty of red-orange accents in it.

Cyber Security Solutions for Enterprises red website design

The CP Diary

The CP Diary is a blog by someone with Cerebral Palsy, covering Health and Wellbeing, Diet and Nutrition, Alternative Therapies, Exercise and more. It has a dark, burgundy background and pink accents.

Cerebral Palsy Blog red website design


This is a gorgeous responsive one page portfolio for German designer Heiko Brömmelstrote. It has a deep, red background we love.

HEIKOPAIKO red website design


Syropia is a one-man design & development studio, focused on crafting elegant web experiences. They use large, red graphic elements all over their website.

Syropia red website design


AntMoves is a creative digital agency with experience in a broad variety of digital technologies. They have a cool branding design and the website is all red!

AntMoves red website design


Socialist is the new app for iOS 7 that helps you create, collaborate and share lists all in one place. They use an icon-patterned background with deep red color for contrast.

Socialist red website design

Paul Woods

This is the portfolio website of designer and illustrator Paul Woods. It has a bright red background and lots of funny illustrations.

Paul Woods

Les Bonbecs

This is a small company’s website with a girly/feminine design. It uses red and pink colors all over the website, but without overdoing it.

Les Bonbecs red website design

Hatha Ciudad Onlus

This is a presentation website for cultural events regarding yoga, sport, cinema, music and more. It has a flat red design all over the website.

'Aquila red website design

Poster Ninjas

Poster NInja prints posters, banners, foamcore, flyers and postcards.

Custom Posters red website design

The Brave Man

This is the presentation website of Florian Wacker, a front-end developer with a passion for design and writing from Frankfurt, Germany.

The Brave Man red website design


Vodatext is leading SMS Marketing Company in Dubai that offers powerful mobile marketing solutions. They use red backgrounds on their site and contrasting buttons with blue and green colors.

Vodatext red website design


This is an online shop for selling designer bags. It uses red just as an accent color, the rest of the website is pretty simple, apart from some unique illustrations.

coucou red website design


We love the effects and animations of this website’s background. Did we mention it’s very red?

Intro red website design

Pavel Huza

This is the portfolio of Pavel Huza – designer and developer specialized in designing web and mobile interfaces.

Pavel Huza red website design


This is another red portfolio website, this time for an art director and designer, passionate about everything web.

 Art Director, Designer red website design


This is a simple red presentation website design for a studio which specializes in creating graphic designs and smart user experiences.


New Hampshire Distributors

This is the presentation website of a beverage company. It combines dark, red colors with grungy textures and image overlays.

New Hampshire Distributors red website design

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design trends, inspiration, design freebies, and more. You can follow him on Twitter

40 thoughts on “35 Radical Red Colored Websites for Design Inspiration”

  1. I see a lot of people stay away from bold colors such as red. I disagree with that! Bold colors can give a website the uniqueness and eye catching attention is is need to stand out.

    Thanks for this post,
    Roni from cleverwebsites.ca

  2. Great compilation Chris.

    Few thoughts that came to my mind. Sites that are using dark red or red and black color palette looks better than sites with bright red and white color palette. For example Web Development Group and Paul Woods are both very disturbing to my eyes. I can barely look at their thumbnails here and cannot bring my self to open those sites to view them. These sites are so disturbing. I am not sure if it’s just me or this is the case with everyone. Why they used such a bright color?

  3. Some of them are so simple and some are unique and some are a combination.. love all of these collections. It made me inspire to have do My best and learn more about web designing.

  4. I definitely got that wow factor with these designs, the boldness is great, I usually always add it as an accent color, but these designs had some brave designers.

    Thanks for the share!

  5. Thanks for the amazing collection! Honestly, some examples are not that good, but, some of these are mind blowing. I would like to say one more thing here. Red is my favorite color! Hope you’ll share more examples like these soon with us.

  6. My client wants a red design, but know I know that I can change his plans.

    It’s only me or I do not know, but… ARGH MY EYES! :P

    Themes are nice, but I would change it to calmer colors :)

  7. Some of these are very striking! But it definitely takes a certain kind of company to pull off this much red. Works for a lot of design companies and food too, but not much else.

  8. Some great examples, but none of them with the use of red give me a wow factor, warmth or interest to review the sites in detail. Some I clicked back in less than a second. Colour sure does play a vital part.


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