30 Beautiful Blue Websites for Design Inspiration

30 Beautiful Blue Websites for Design Inspiration
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We thought it would be interesting to check out a showcase of blue websites, to change things a bit. The clean and fresh characteristics of this color make it a popular choice among web designers, with light cyans being particularly trendy in the modern web design scene.

If you liked our red websites compilation as well as our white websites roundup, then you’ll like this one too!

These blue websites have beautiful designs and come from various niches, as this color is very versatile and easily adaptable to any business. Discover each website and see what new things you can learn and improve your upcoming designs.

Let’s begin!

Evolve Wealth

This website contains useful services for proactive administrator & management of all your financial affairs. This beautiful blue website includes powerful features which give it a professional look.

Evolve Wealth Blue WebsitesPin


This website encloses a genuine group of web makers ready to develop your product and your team. The website has a simple but very effective design.

Sparkbox Blue Website DesignPin

Arturo Wibawa

This is a portfolio website that includes an animated background, stunning illustrations, parallax effect, neat menu style, and more.

Arturo Wibawa Creative Website PortfolioPin

Underbelly Creative Co.

This is a creative website design with many images that will attract your attention. The high-quality images make it more appealing and easy to understand.

Underbelly Creative Co. Blue Website DesignPin


Javelin includes many useful features some of which include customizable design, mega menu, widgets, animations, parallax, smooth scroll, and more.

Jevelin Blue WebsitesPin


With the video background and suggestive images for the selection buttons, this website becomes captivating and you will not stop until you see everything that offers.

HARBR blue Website DesignPin

One Design Company

The colors and animations draw your attention, the artist used different shades of blue backgrounds and white fonts.

One Design Company Blue Website DesignPin

Cher Ami

This website design includes a video background, a selection button very withdrawn in the right down side of the page, a bold design and other captivating features.

Cher Ami Blue Website DesignPin


Lots of colors, interesting and original typefaces. This website includes powerful features which will inspire you in your future projects.

Dragone Website DesignPin


This website is fully optimized and it will display perfectly, regardless of the screen size. The blue font sinks perfectly with the white background. Also, it has a serious and classic menu accompanied by implemented videos.

Rest Website DesignPin

Ryan Gittings

Get inspired by this stunning blue design which includes the following features: beautiful fonts, 100% responsive design, animations, video background.

Ryan Gittings Blue Website DesignPin


This blue website design features a video with sound as the background. Also, the video it is in shades of blue with white fonts, very interesting and inspiring.

Mangrove Website DesignPin


This is a fast loading blue WordPress theme with a flexible design. Download and use it to create your future websites.

SEO Blue WebsitePin

Christopher Ware

The image slides up and we discover the originality of the artist, from simplicity he did something original which can be easy to use and come in handy in many situations.

Christopher Ware Website DesignPin

National Climate Assessment

The image that simulates a natural effect makes the connection between design and services that are offered. A very beautiful and creative blue design with a vertical split layout.

National Climate Assessment Blue Website DesignPin


Simple design, a conglomeration of images and a nice combination of White and blue fonts. Roll down menu makes it simple to access the sub-menus.

Nymi Website ConceptPin

Drew Wilson

The interface receives you with a login request. This website includes powerful features which will inspire you in your future projects.

Drew Wilson Blue Website DesignPin


This blue website has a very animated and eye-catching design. The designer had imagination using relaxing pictures and warm colors.

Flywheel Website DesignPin

Adore Church

Adore Church is a fully responsive WordPress template that you can use to create stunning non-profit websites. This is a professional-looking theme with a blue color palette.

Adore church wordpress theme.Pin

Church Suite

Church Suite is an amazing spiritual and church related WordPress theme. You can customize everything on this template until it meets your requirements.

Church Blue WebsitePin


This is another wonderful blue-themed website which will definitely get your attention.

UIkit Blue Website DesignPin

Recipe Cloud App

This responsive design has a professional layout which will look beautiful on any device. The pictures are arranged beautifully in the interior of the website.

Recipe Cloud App WebsitePin


This website offers services, as a result, the menu is accessible, simple and concise, with beautiful typefaces.

mysms Blue Website DesignPin


This blue website offers a 14-day free trial, to test its features and see if it will work for your business. But we used it here strictly for inspirational purposes.

Lander Website DesignPin


With a white and pure design with just a touch of blue, the simplicity of this website will definitely get your attention. Get inspired by this design and see what new things you can learn.

Statamic Website DesignPin

Dickson Fong

The fixed menu design, big headings, concise information, organized layout, responsive design, this website includes multiple beautiful features.

Dickson Fong Website ConceptPin


This website has a pleasant background color and typefaces. Get inspired by this blue design and use what you learn in your upcoming projects.

Ripple Blue Website DesignPin

Thirsty Planet

This is a unique blue website design which includes an animated background with lots of interactive illustrations. Look around to see all its features!

Thirsty Planet Website DesignPin

Name Our Ship

This website features lots of creative elements such as responsive website, beautiful fonts, high-quality images and videos, lovely illustrations, and more.

Name Our Ship Website DesignPin

Generation Debt

Here you have another stunning example of a creative blue-colored website design. Follow this link, discover its features, and see what new things you can learn and then apply in your own projects.

Generation Debt Website DesignPin

Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design trends, inspiration, design freebies, and more. You can follow him on Twitter


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  1. Web Templates says:

    Cool designs, I liked the header design of Lander & Sparbox

  2. Rajay Yadav says:

    Great posting about 30 Beautiful Blue Websites for Design Inspiration.

  3. website design says:

    Blue websites are so popular probably because they catch and engage our eyeballs more than any other color websites.

  4. Sarah Jones says:

    I love them all, but unfortunately most of them have changed their design. Still the collection worth as a inspirational resource.

  5. Tom says:

    Love them, thank you for sharing!

  6. Umit says:

    Good design, thx for sharing.

  7. ASP.NET MVC Developer says:

    Nice collections of blue Websites. I am planning to design a new blog design for my new blog

    i had planned to choose green/gray combination but i find a blue is more awesome specially i can take some color combination idea from above nice webdesigns.

    Thanks a lot.

  8. Heather Lewis says:

    I love all the designs. Though I’m not a blue lover but these got me pinned! Thank you for sharing. These are classy, clean and vintage.

  9. sam hia says:

    All above websites are awesome.I like blue color website it look and feel good.

  10. Dr. yohid says:

    Really great post and I do agree with you. I also would like to add more information why responsive web design is effective for SERF. There are 7 effective tips that is Increase sales and conversion rates, Consolidate your analytics and reporting, Increase your visibility in search engines , Save time and cost on mobile development, Save time and cost on site management, Enhance user’s offline browsing experience. Thanks a lot for this great content.

  11. dinamina says:

    awesome websites. I love the the one design company. It looks very good.

  12. Nelly Rahman says:

    one design company is totally different and creative logo at this time.

  13. Teelah says:

    Blue is such a popular color, one of my favorites actually; however, I don’t usually use as much blue in my designs. I really like the fact the designers of these pushed the envelope. Also, Great use of flat design in Ryan Gittings example. Thanks for the share, fun to look at.

  14. Emre says:

    Really good. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Adil Meo says:

    awesome websites …. inspired me a lot !!

  16. Emily Earhart says:

    To tell you frankly, I have never liked blue websites as much as I like black. Looks like somebody has put a filter over it. But, some these are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

    • Chris Spooner says:

      It makes me happy knowing I’ve changed your opinion on blue websites, even if it’s a tiny bit! Thanks for the comment Emily.

  17. Nathalia says:

    Hi, Chris! I access your website and appreciate your content about three years. I am currently missing your tutorials. When will new? I hope soon. I’m guessing. Thank you!

  18. Comedy Movies says:

    Hi Chris,
    What do you think about my site theme?
    My site is about watch movies online,
    Tell me your comment…

  19. Prestop says:

    My favorite color. I think blue is the best color to be used in designing since sites using this color as their main theme does not have bright nor dim visuals, which is very comfortable for eyes. The content is often easy to read.

  20. Robert says:

    Great use of blue in these sites. Very clean and modern design.

  21. website design southport says:

    Loving the Blues at the minute myself.

    The ninja-accountant site really looks great, is the perfect blue. Really that is some nice design work.

    Nice article, when you doing orange websites?

    • Chris Spooner says:

      It’s a lovely blue isn’t it! You never know, you’ll have to keep visiting to find out. ;)

      • Mike Chen says:

        Thanks for featuring our Ninja project Chris! This made our day.

        Visual Design by @pizza0502
        Illustrations by @tmeng
        Web Development by @Sheltox_

  22. Mike Moloney says:

    Fitting for the winter months. :) I love seeing the subtle design elements. Especially the sites with a hint of vintage. My favorites are Flywheel and Bay Street Biergarten.

  23. Design Posts says:

    Beautiful color scheme of blue, windows 7 is another example for designers to get combination for their websites design layout.

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