20 Most Beautiful Websites of 2015

20 Most Beautiful Websites of 2015
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January 03, 2020

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The average person spends 60 seconds searching a website before giving up if they don’t find the information they need. If you think about it, that’s really not much time for web traffic to find and comprehend potentially complicated and detailed information on a site before choosing to look elsewhere.

Every year, web traffic grows more fickle and impatient, so make sure your design has what it takes to keep users engaged. If visitors are leaving a website, the cause is very likely poor web design and an understanding that similar content can be found a few clicks away. So good web design is the solution right? Right.

While content is obviously crucial to any site, the aesthetic presentation of that content is equally important.

Web design has a big influence on internet presence, affecting things like how traffic interacts with a website (bounce- and conversion-rates)  to how effective the site is in the context of SEO and branding. 

Here are some impressive web designs which showcase some of the trends used back in 2015.


Kenshoo offers an eye-catching image right from the start. This will surely get your interest, wanting to know more. Also, the overall design is well-thought, with easy navigation and other user-friendly features. 

Kenshoo Website ConceptPin


Desktime manages to offer a well-designed website with eye-catching graphics. The layout is organized in a grid design, with all the necessary information at reach. 

Desktime Website DesignPin

Inside Abbey Road

This website has a stunning interactive design which will surely get your attention. You can move around inside Abbey Road and explore each piece of history inside it.

Inside Abbey Road WebsitePin

Impossible Bureau

Get inspired by this stunning website design which uses gradients and a very creative carousel to showcase previous works. 

Impossible Bureau Website ConceptPin


10 Astir - Creative WP Theme for Artists, Craftsmen, Artisan and CreativesPin

Toptal Designers

This website connects freelancers to clients, offering a large set of tools to successfully work together. This design has a fullscreen layout, with lots of subtle animations. Also, it offers neat resources for freelancers to showcase their works, resumes, skills, etc. 

Toptal Designers Website DesignPin


Litmus offers exceptional services, for instance, you can easily build, test, and keep track of your emails. The website has a beautiful design with soft colors, a fixed menu, scrolling effects, and more. 

Litmus Website DesignPin

Mikiya Kobayashi

This is an amazing website which showcases various furniture designs. This website stands out through its simplicity, with a full-screen design and a grid layout. 

Mikiya Kobayashi Website ConceptPin


Here you have an excellent example of a stunning website which uses a fixed footer design. The designer used a minimalistic white background to make each shoe design stand out. 

ETQ Website DesignPin


This is an extraordinary website design which has a high-quality video background with stunning music. The images, the overlay graphics, and the sounds are amazing. See for yourself!

JOHO Website DesignPin

Unmetric includes various information about what makes a compelling content and the importance of social medias. The website has a stunning design with neat features that will keep you engaged. 

Unmetric Website DesignPin


This is a creative portfolio website which you can use to impress your clients. This website includes multiple tools that will ease your work and help you create outstanding designs. 

Format Online Portfolio Website ConceptPin


Slack offers neat solutions to easily communicate and showcase your work.  This design is stunning, with a colored background and a professional appearance overall.

Slack Website DesignPin

Big Cartel

With an eye-catching video background that is permanently shifting, a fixed menu design which remains always in reach and other great features, this website will definitely get your attention. 

Big Cartel Website Concept DesignPin


Chances are you’ve probably heard of this online educational platform. Here you’ll discover lots of interesting courses that you can enroll to enrich your knowledge in a certain area.

Treehouse Website DesignPin


Here you have an excellent example how a colorful gradient can be used for a gorgeous design. This website has a fixed header, with animated elements, geometric shapes, and more. 

Asana Website DesignPin

NY Times

This website is a clear example of a trend that was very popular in 2015, which is storytelling. With an eye-catching design and a compelling story, there can only be a successful website.

NY Times Website ConceptPin

No Sidebar

This is a gorgeous website with a minimalistic design that includes many powerful features.

No Sidebar Website DesignPin


This is an outstanding website which not only has an eye-catching design but also a fully-functional one. This includes parallax scrolling, lots of animations, video backgrounds, stunning graphics, high-quality images, and more.

Feed Website DesignPin


Minimums offer a well-organized content where everything is at its specific place. The layout is based on a grid which makes it easier to see the full content at once.

Minimums Website ConceptPin

Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design trends, inspiration, design freebies, and more. You can follow him on Twitter


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  1. N says:

    I agree about Kenshoo, but I thought your selection of sites was great and have been sharing them with designer friends who agree. We’re so tired of the same templates with the same stock icons…

  2. Cathleen says:

    Thanks for sharing great list of beautiful websites

  3. Jazz says:

    I’m Looking for some best website design to study. These are really good websites so thanks for sharing.

  4. anton says:

    i like Inside Abbey Road and Mikiya Kobayashi website, minimalist designs

  5. Niraj says:

    Excellent article, Iggy. Found some great examples to draw inspiration from. Thanks, Niraj (Founder at

  6. Daniel says:

    Great list – but you missed

    Check out the desktop version and mobile

    Nothing like it

  7. Louis says:

    Are you serious with the first website on the list? Kenshoo website is a crap with a poorly information structure and navigation. About visual design, is completely amateur and this typography sounds so wrong for this website.

  8. Trevor Geene says:

    I still love the minimalist designs coming out on the web today. Maybe it is just because I love good typography.

    The cool thing I am liking right now is the non-monochromatic gradients being used, such as #7.

    • Josh says:

      Go back 12 months and the hipster designers would string you up for praising gradients (if it wasn’t so *scoff* 1920’s).

      #7 is very nice. I am a big fan of the interactive backgrounds. All they need to do now is find a way it increase the performance and I am happy.

  9. Marie says:

    Yawn. Maybe I’m tired of all this minimalist design trend or maybe beauty is subjective (I know it is) but I only agree with one entry here.

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