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Looking to build vibrant, colorful websites with eye-catching designs? Then, this is a perfect article for you! We’ve rounded up an excellent collection of 20 bright, colorful websites for your inspiration.

These beautiful websites and templates have creative designs that will definitely keep your users engaged. The websites from this article use strong colors which stand out, emphasizing the key features on the website. Most of the designs include fullscreen images, lots of animations, illustrations, etc. all with colorful designs.

Get inspired by this hand-picked collection and start using bright colors in your future websites. When used properly, these will definitely make your website stand out and you can easily create mesmerizing websites that will be remembered.

Wellington Zoo

This is a stunning example of how you can use a bright colored theme to make your website stand out. The design uses big background images and a fully responsive layout.

colorful websites Zoo

Le Cafe Noir Studio

Le Cafe Noir Studio is a wonderfully eCommerce WordPress website that beautifully showcases lots products. The design uses bold colors and neat animations.

The Lover Le Cafe Noir colorful websites


This is a colorful website design that was created for a design agency. The template uses bright colors with a clean overall design.

Digital Studio colorful websites

Sarah Drasner Design

This website demonstrates lots of creativity and its an amazing example of how you can use bright colors to wow your users. The theme includes lots of animations, with high-quality images and a one-page design.

Sarah Drasner colorful websites

Mutt Agency

Mutt Agency is an outstanding theme, fully responsive and with beautiful bright colors.

Mutt Agency

Caava Design

Caava is a professional website that was created for a company in San Diego. This site has a very creative design which includes lots of colors.

Caava Design Strategic Thinking colorful websites


This design uses a stunning video background with strong colors. Take a look and see how this design would work for your future websites.

Brightlabs olorful websites

Le petit cambodge

This bright colored website has a stunning design which you can use as an inspiration. The design uses CSS3 features and it has a beautiful flat design.

le petit cambodge colorful websites

City of Weslaco

Here is another stunning example which demonstrates that a bit of color, in the right places does a lot of good. This website has a neat flat design with lots of animations.

ity colorful websites


Here you have an outstanding design which uses many striking illustrations with bright bold colors. This design has a beautiful full-screen interactive layout.

The Language Flowers colorful websites

Stomp – arcade smash action

Analyze the design of this wonderful template and use it as an inspiration for your future websites. This stunning template demonstrates that bright colors, when used right, have amazing outcomes.

DarkmanStudio colorful website

Parklife Festival

This website was specially created for an annual music festival called Parklife. Its design includes lots of illustrations, animations, etc.

Parklife colorful website

SLG Agency

This bright-colored design uses a neat combination of stunning colors with a clean and interactive design. This demonstrates that you can also have an engaging website by using colors and text. This leads you to discover more about the hidden images beneath each color.

Home colorful website

Coup de Coeur francophone 2016

This website has a wonderful design with lots of colorful elements. See how the designer used bright colors to improve the overall appearance.

Coup de coeur francophone colorful website


ToyFight is a clean bright-colored website template with an interactive design that uses lots of animations. Have a closer look and discover what makes it so engaging.

ToyFight colorful website

Chunk Creative Agency

This outstanding design uses beautiful bright colors which transform this regular portfolio website into an eye-catching website. Using bright colored gradients is a stunning idea that really stands out in this example.

 Chunk Creative Agency colorful website

Proud & Punch™

This website will definitely keep your users engaged and mesmerized by the design. Use this example as an inspiration on how to successfully use outstanding illustrations to keep your users engaged.

Proud colorful website

Where’s Lolly?

Here you have a lovely interactive game which includes lots of stunning illustrations and beautiful colors, textures, videos, etc.

 Travel Trivia colorful website

Mosster Studio

This is one great example that uses bright colors to create a stunning design. The designer used lots of colors, beautiful illustrations, animations, etc.

Projects at Mosster Studio colorful website

Lordz Dance Academy

This is another beautifully colored design that was created to promote a certain event. This template has a colorful layout with big images and, of course, bright colors.

LORDZ colorful website

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