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Modal windows are notification windows that display multipurpose content such as subscription forms, discounts, offers etc. Some may refuse the idea of using modal windows in web design, since it may be considered an inconvenient by the users, given the fact that a popup window appears on top of the content and it will not disappear until it’s manually closed. However, there are plenty of situations in which a modal window opt-in is extremely beneficial. 

There are several types of modal windows. Modal windows can make an appearance after a few seconds you enter the site, when you scroll far enough, click on an action button, or even when you attempt to leave the website. Either way, regardless of whatever use you have for them, these elements need to have an eye-catching design that will get noticed by the users.

Modal windows have been proven to improve signups and are an effective lead-generating tool.

So, what do you think about modal windows? Have you used them in your previous websites? Let us know in the comment section below.

Simple Modal Window

This is a beautiful design with a clean and simple but very efficient layout. Get inspired by this template and use it in your future websites.

Simple Modal Window

Rebound – Simple Modal Window CakeHR

This is another wonderful modal window concept that has an impressive design. The designer used a simple but very effective layout that keeps you interested.

 Rebound Simple Modal Window

Simple Modal Window

This modal window has many neat features: a clean and well-organized layout, beautiful colors, wonderful shadows that give it a nice 3d effect.

Simple Modal Windows

Simple Modal Window by Katarina Stefanikova

This is another example of how sometimes, less is more, and a simple design is all that you need to get your point across.

 Modal windows

Popup / Modal Window Designs

Here is a couple of modal window design concepts that showcase a lot of creativity. So, which one do you like the most?

Modal windows

Account Popup

This is a stunning design concept of a modal window that will definitely get your attention. It allows you to fill out various information in order to create an account.

Account Popup Modal windows

Newsletter Modal Window

Getting more subscribers is an important part for any designer. Here is a gorgeous newsletter modal window with an eye-catching design that will ease your job.

Newsletter Modal Window

Hustle Modal UI

This is an excellent modal window design concept that would look amazing on any landing page.

Hustle Modal UI Modal windows

Modal Window

This modal window design uses CSS3 and Velocity.js which allows users to rapidly access the mail information.

product Quick View CSS jQuery

Modal Window from Organic Life

This is an actual modal window from an amazing website. See how the designer used various UI elements to achieve this stunning design.

Modal Window Organic Life

Ultimate Modal Windows — the most powerful popups & flyouts creator with built-in forms

This is a great plugin that was specifically created to ease your job and to assist you in creating excellent modal windows.

Ultimate modal Windows

Lively pixels of simple modal window

Here is another example of a beautiful modal window. Get inspired by this design and create your own projects.

Modal windows

Nifty Modal Window Effects

This amazing modal window includes stunning CSS transitions and animations. Discover them all and how they can improve your designs.

Nifty Modal Window Effects

Creating Modal Window Easily With HTML5 Dialog

This lovely design was created with the help of multiple plugins such as jQuery UI dialog, Twitter bootstrap modal, and others.

Creating Modal Window HTML5

Bottle Rocket Modal pop up window

This is the modal window design from the Bottle Rocket website. See how the designer used various UI elements to create this beautiful design.

Bottle Rocket Modal pop up window

Build an Adaptive CSS Modal Window

Here is a great tutorial on how to create adaptive CSS modal windows with stunning designs. Take a look!

Build Adaptive CSS Modal Windows

Responsive CSS3 Animated jQuery Modal Plugin

This is a gorgeous CSS3 animated modal window plugin that you can use to create outstanding designs. This includes a customizable design with multiple transition effects and a fully responsive layout.

Responsive CSS3 Animated jQuery Modal Plugin

Simple Alert Modal

Here you have a stunning design alert which includes a message alert. This UI element has a simple but effective design with two buttons to choose from.

Simple Alert Modal windows

Modal Window – Green

This is a remarkable design of a clean and simple modal window in a lovely green color.

Modal windows

Modal Window

This is another example of a wonderful modal window design with a stunning design. This design is simple enough not to overcrowd the website yet sufficient to display all the necessary information.

modal window large

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