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Websites for iPhone and iPad apps are always a great source for creative inspiration as the projects often allow for the designers to go to town and create a beautiful design to promote the app. This showcase rounds up 35 of the most outstanding iPad app websites. Common traits include large imagery of the iPad device, subtle textures and plenty of white space around well-presented content.


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Ego is an iPad app website design which can help you check web statistics that matter to you, like the number of visits to your website.




What’s New in the all new Things Creative Website Designs for iPad Apps

This app has been completely rebuilt to meet all the requirements of a delightful experience and is well-presented on its website.


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This app was built with the help of a lot of feedback from mobile artists and its website might be your next source of inspiration.


Supper Club App Creative Website Designs for iPad Apps

If you’re looking for a place to eat, then this app will come in really handy. You can enjoy good food or simply have a look on this website to get inspired.


Centralway Creative Website Designs for iPad Apps

With a simple and unique design, Centralway’s web site surprises through good content. The navigation on this app landing page si done vertically and information appears as you scroll down the page.

Air Display

Air Display Creative Website Designs for iPad Apps

Did you know that you could easily connect to an Ipad or an Android device from your laptop? If not, you can have a look at this website to find out more.


Haze Creative Website Designs for iPad Apps

Haze has a warm and sensitive interface for both itself and its website. This website might a great source of inspiration for your next app website design project.




Flight Card Designs for iPad Apps

They have a simple yet creative web design and cool app. Flight Card is a very useful application that can track your flights only by number or route.


Mosaic Photo Books Designs for iPad Apps

This app’s website uses a horizontal band to give readers a first insight into Mosaic, an app that can help you create photo books.


Simplebots Designs for iPad Apps

Simplebotss website is entirely made of horizontal bands of content and a purple palette of colours. You can have a look and get inspired by this website’s layout.


SAP Roambi iPad Apps

Do you like the Roambi app? If so, you should also have a look on their website and their friendly interface. There are also a bunch of great web design features you can learn from.


iFontMaker iPad Apps

iFontMaker is the world’s first font editor for iPad which you can use to create typography with in less than 5 minutes. Besides that, they also have a cool and friendly interface.


Flipboard iPad Apps

Flipboard’s website showcases an insight of the news and articles you get by using the app. This is a very popular app so you can have plenty of things to learn from this design.


Twitterrific iPad Apps

Twitterific’s website might be your next project’s inspiration source and you might also like to try the app and learn an easier way to tweet.

The Photo Cookbook

View the iPad app website

Their website’s layout gets its inspiration from cooking and so does their app. You can learn to cook or simply have a look at this interesting website.


DJ App for iPad iPad Apps

With a more dynamic interface, djay 2’s website introduces a more intuitive yet powerful all-in-one DJ app.


Learning is a lifestyle iPad Apps

This app’s motto is  ‘learning is a lifestyle’ and the website design illustrates just that! It has an overall stylish and friendly interface.


Paper & Pencil by FiftyThree iPad Apps

Their website uses horizontal bands and illustrations to make a good web design layout for their newest app.

Comic Zeal

Comic Zeal iPad Apps

Tis website design has a simple yet friendly interface that tells all you need to know about this comic library app.


Sonoma Wire Works iPad Apps

StudioTrack is one of sonomawireworks’ coolest apps. You can try it out or have a look at this website that serves as a good example of a beautiful design to promote the app.

Free Form

Free Form

If you’re out of time, you can now design on the go with this brilliant app whose website serves as good inspiration for app promoting website.


The Flud iPad Apps

This is an online tech community and their website might be just the source of inspiration you’ve been looking for.


iStudiez Pro for Windows iPad Apps

This is a very useful app for students which promises a delightful experience. You can try it out or have a look on their website to get inspired.


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This app can become your own personalized newspaper. Their website uses a black background which in some cases might look too somber, but in this one, the interface remains friendly


Awaken iPad Apps

This is yet another cool example of promoting your app through a good web design layout. Have a look at Awaken’s page or try the ultimate music alarm clock.


SOLAR iPad Apps

This website uses a single page which provides only the needed content about their app. They use a warm background and a preview of the app.


TouchPad on the App Store

Did you know you could transform your iPad or iPhone in a remote control for your computer with this app? Their website is also a good example for promoting an app.


Over — Add beautiful text & artwork to photos iPad Apps

Their website suggests creativity such as their app will help you discover and improve it. Check out their website and find out more.


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If you’re looking for another dose of creativity, this app will your device into a chalkboard. Their website also uses a chalkboard texture in a creative way that best suits their app.


Taasky iPad Apps

Taasky has a friendly interface that focuses on using a horizontal band with an illustration and good typography. If you’ll continue scrolling you’ll notice a sensitive minimalist design.


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This is yet another good example of promoting your app through your website. This one focuses entirely on the app and the perks of using it.

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  1. I would have called this beautiful collection, and I hope that you are like me find what you need. I wish you much success!

  2. Great Selection of sites.

    Nice way to showcase apps within the vastness of the app store and the thousands of apps available.

    I like the simple navigation of 'Movies Now' and the well designed flash that draws your attention and the subtly integrated tabs below. Also the simple but effective design of the content of the page.

  3. Was hoping would make the list with it's use of HTML5, CSS3 and a few other goodies.

    Great list though.


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