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Typography on the web comes in two formats; firstly there’s the classic image replacement technique which allows for beautiful typographic designs, but it lacks the technical wow factor. Then there are true examples of web typography where designers wrangle with browsers to manipulate HTML rendered type in impressive ways, but while browsers and web technologies are continuously improving, this method often lacks in the visual flair that is achieved when designing typography in Photoshop and exporting it as an image. Both techniques result in equally inspiring web designs, so today’s showcase features a huge collection of sites with all kinds of web typography.

As one of the core design principles, typography can really make or break a website design. Despite recent advances in web type technology, we’re still fairly limited when it comes to creative typography layouts, meaning image replacement techniques are still common, but these days we have a massive choice when it comes to selecting fonts for our designs.

This post showcases 50 website designs that all feature beautiful typography in a creative way, this might be through elegant typographic layouts or perfectly typeset combinations of styles to create visually pleasing pages.

Julia Gavrilova

Julia Gavrilova Creative Typography

This website gives info on everything there is to know about Julia Gavrilova, a singer who was born and raised in Moscow. This website features beautiful typography and professional web design.

Playing Fashion

Playing Fashion Creative Typography

Playing Fashion’s website uses typography to give a sensitive aspect to their page and to mark articles as you hover your mouse over them.


Pack Creative Typography

Pack uses different types of fonts to present a gallery of images for dog lovers. This is a nice example of using typography in a creative way.

Made by Few Conference

Made by Few Creative Typography

This website combines typography with a good choice of colors, styles and web design. All in all, this site gives you a friendly vibe as you scroll through it.


Gladeye Creative Typography

This site uses huge white typography on a dark background to lay out important information to their readers. You’ll notice that this is also an interactive site that uses animations and gives you a white trail as you hover your mouse.

Grain & Mortar

Grain & Mortar Web Designs with Beautiful Creative Typography

Their good taste for typography resulted in a nice and minimalist web design that uses horizontal bands along the way. If you’ll keep scrolling you’ll find out they’re a very dedicated brand strategy and design studio.


One Million Dollars Web Designs with Beautiful Creative Typography

1MD uses huge white typography on a slideshow of animations to connect to their readers. They are a creative bureau that focuses on major brands and innovative startups.


This website uses typography in different ways and images to showcase their services. It is a clean and modern website that uses minimalism in its design style.

Midori Aoyama

Midori Aoyama Web Designs with Beautiful Creative Typography

This website belongs to a Tokyo Based DJ and producer, Midori Aoyama. His page mixes good taste in typography, color, and interesting web design.

Pop-Up Magazine

Pop-Up Magazine

This website uses both typography and illustrations in making an interactive site that shares a lot of tips and tricks about reaching your goals.

Département Créatif

Département Créatif Web Designs with Beautiful Creative Typography

This is yet another example of huge white typography as the first thing your readers see. This website combines colors, fonts, and images to lay out important information


Antro Web Designs with Beautiful Creative Typography

Antro is a creative agency’s website that uses typography in different ways. They’re very dedicated to their work and they do their best to meet today’s challenges in innovative ways.

Cantina Valpolicella Negrar

Cantina Valpolicella Negrar Web Designs Typography

This website uses typography as the missing ingredient in a nice and sensitive web design. You’ll notice many different ways of using colors, text, and images if you’ll keep scrolling this site.


Adventure. Redefined. Web Designs Typography

This website aims at presenting emerging destinations for your next trips and combines monochrome typography with image galleries and articles.

evolve wealth

evolve wealth Web Designs Typography

Evolvewealth uses huge white typography in their header to state out their motto and continues with horizontal bands of good pieces of information.

The Cut Creative

The Cut Creative Web Designs Typography

The Cut has their name as the first thing a reader sees and goes on with laying out important information about who they are and what they do. This is another way of using typography in your next project.

Giflan Design

Giflan Design

Giflan Design’s aim is to take your ideas and help you in making them big. You’ll notice that their page surely expresses their taste for innovation and good design through typography, slideshows, and web layout.

Curt’s Special Recipe

Curt's Special Recipe Web Designs Typography

This is yet another example of making your design look sensitive and clean through simple images and typography. The large fonts are overlayed on the blurred, sepia-filtered images, and this makes the text easy to read and eye-catching.

Luke Stephenson

Luke Stephenson Web Designs Typography

This website presents Luke Stephenson’s epic adventure and the world of 99 ice creams. This page has a clean and elegant design and it is a good example of choosing the right typography for your project.

The Status Bureau

The Status Bureau Web Designs Typography

This website also uses huge typography in a horizontal layout as the first thing a reader sees. Scrolling you’ll notice that the style, font, and colors change making the page look even more interesting.


Mextures Web Designs Typography

This website is yet another good example of choosing the right typography for your project. It uses simple, bold, all caps fonts as a header, on a dark, black background.

Cultivated Wit

Cultivated Wit Web Designs Typography

They use combined different fonts, colours, shapes and sizes and even animations into making a nice, clean and smooth design for their page.


Blackhouse Web Designs Typography

This website is your go-to when you’re looking for a restaurant. Not only did they chose the right typography for their page but they also know all the good places you can eat.


Blank Web Designs Typography

Blank’s aim is towards innovative and creative solutions that best suit their clients’ needs. This is a business card website that uses typography to lay out only the important information about their business.

The Office of Jason James

The Office of Jason James Web Designs Typography

With a minimalist design, Jason James’s website shows a great taste in typography. It’s not visually-oriented at all, but the well-chosen fonts and perfect typeface pairings make it a good example for this list.

Whoa Nelly Catering

Whoa Nelly Catering Web Designs Typography

Whoa Nelly! is a catering company serving Los Angeles and Southern California and whose website shows not only a good taste for food but also for typography and web design.

Bay Street Biergarten

Bay Street Biergarten Web Designs Typography

They’re craft beer lovers and their website best shows their love for beer. They use a dark blue background with illustrations and white typography.

Electric Mainline

Electric Mainline Web Design Typography

Electric Mainline also uses huge white typography in their header but this time on a pale pink background. The gradient background is a really nice touch and the large, bold font is definitely an eye-grabber!


Dataveyes Web Design Typography

This animated website uses typography in its header but this time in a creative way. Find out more about Dataeyes from their vertical slideshow.

Knuckles Industries

Knuckles Industries Web Design Typography

This is yet another good example of choosing the right typography to express and connect to your readers. It has a vintage vibe and the fonts are very well chosen and paired together.

Miss Mary’s Morning Elixir

Miss Mary's Morning Elixir Web Design Typography

This website combines illustrations with typography to present this gluten free drink. It has a 60s vibe with a pinup girl theme. Check out more on their site!

New Zealand Opera

New Zealand Opera Web Design Typography

On this website, you’ll find out everything you ever wanted to know about the opera. All in all, this website uses typography in a clean and elegant way.

Oli Lisher

Oli Lisher Web Design Typography

This is the portfolio of Oli Lisher, a freelance writer, graphic designer and illustrator. On his site, you’ll notice interesting ways of using typography in web design.

Planet Propaganda

Planet Propaganda Web Design Typography

Planet Propaganda’s website gives typography a more creative look trough the way the menu is built. The great fonts are combined with interesting vector graphic elements and give cool distortions to create a dynamic concept.


An award-winning digital agency Web Design Typography

This website uses horizontal bands to lay out a vertical slideshow of typography that comes in different shapes and colours. The texts are the main attraction of this design, so the fonts are very well chosen.


Thobeck Web Design Typography

Thobeck presents laser cut furniture and items. This website has a simple and clean design and uses nice, unique typography.

Studio Otwarte Agencja Brandingowa

Studio Otwarte Agencja Brandingowa Web Design Typography

This website also uses huge typography on a horizontal band to emphasize on their team and their web design experience.

Bacchica Barbearia

Bacchica Barbearia Web Design Typography

This is yet another example of a clean design that uses the right typography and palette of colours. It has a hipster-vibe and a vintage color palette with a modern-aged look.

Fresh Design Studio

Fresh Design Agency _ Development of digital products

They use an animated horizontal band on which the logo and name are cutout. You’ll notice a clean design and a good choice in typography.


Communication corporate Web Design Typography

They use image, colours and illustrations as horizontal bands to lay out important information through typography.


Flandria Web Design Typography

Flandria is a website that focuses on confortable reading. They use white typography that shrinks as you continue reading their page.

Jeff and Megan at the Beach

Jeff and Megan at the Beach Web Design Typography

Jeff and Megan use typography on a light grey background with grey blue images which gives their website a calm and friendly look.

Ante Meridiem

Ante Meridiem Web Design Typography

Motion uses typography in different shapes and colours to give their website a dynamic look. The fonts are vintage-inspired and very well paired! The all caps fonts are perfectly paired with their regular, serif counterparts.

Dickson Fong

Dickson Fong Web Design Typography

Dickson Fong combines typography with horizontal bands to give their website an unique touch. The blurred image background makes the statement text on the homepage stand out even more.


AIGA shows a great taste for color contrast throughout their website. This website design has a very interesting concept and layout worth checking out.


delaBanda Web Design Typography

On this website, the use of typography is done in a creative and unique way. This website has a lot of cool projects you can check out. The graphics, colors and images are very well created and match the overall branding.

The Prince Ink Company

The Prince Ink Company Web Design Typography

Thhis is the presentation website of a printing service and their website shows a good taste in web design and typography.

Wild Blue

Wild Blue Web Design Typography

Wild Blue has a cool way of presenting themselves. They have a dynamic and creative web design layout that uses typography in many different ways.

The Basics

The Basics Web Design Typography

Here’s another great website design with a smooth and clean layout that merges perfectly with their choice in typography.

Michael D’Ambrosio

Ambrosio Web Design Typography

This website works as a digital portfolio that combines creativity with a good taste in webdesign and typography. Images and fonts blend perfectly together.


Brice Web Design Typography

This website has a dynamic touch thanks to the typography they choose. They only lay out important information through key words and images.

Design for Good

Design for Good Web Design Typography

You can design a poster with the theme of Design for Good or you can simply have a look on this interesting page. This is yet another good example of creative ways of using typography in your next project.

American Advertising Awards

American Advertising Awards - American Advertising Federation

American Advertising Awards has a unique way of using typography on their website. This monochrome website design uses both images and fonts to deliver the information. Check out this nice example!

H. Creative Group

-Non-Profit Marketing Agency In Atlanta Web Design Typography

This website uses typography in different ways using a violet-toned palette of colours that give a sensitive touch to the design layout.

Caleb Sylvest

The furious endeavours of Caleb Sylvest Web Design Typography

This is yet another good example of creative use of typography in your next project. You can get inspired to use different sizes of the same font or highlight some key words with a different colour.


WEBARQ Web Design Typography

Their website stands out through personality and a taste geometry that merges with a great choice of typography.

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design trends, inspiration, design freebies, and more. You can follow him on Twitter

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  3. Hi Chris, Some of your picks were less than stellar when it comes to kerning–granted, it’s harder to control with webfonts than Photoshop. Some of the typeface combinations were a bit iffy too.

    • Wow! Some of these websites are really inspirational Chris.

      I must say that is one hell of a font they’ve created. Lovely site to expose it as well.

      Great find Mrs.Koch.

  4. Great uses of typography overall! Most of the creative type is displayed in the top focus position as I’ve noted in other web designs but I, personally, have found it a little difficult to space out my type when I try to integrate it into the rest of the website pages.


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