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Ghost buttons are amazing UI elements that have been increasing in popularity over the years. These are basically action buttons with transparent designs and are often bordered with a thin line that creates a simple shape, rectangular, circle,  square, etc.

Ghost buttons have lightweight designs. Also, they tend to be in contrast with other elements, with the main purpose to draw attention to them. Moreover, their position is privileged,  as they are often situated in the center of the page, in a larger size than regular buttons.

Ghost buttons integrate easily with the rest of the website’s design, given their minimalistic form. However, you should be careful about how you use them, to make sure they stand out rather than being lost in the design.

This article gathers 20 awesome examples of ghost buttons. See how the designers used them in their websites designs. Get inspired by these examples and start using ghost buttons in your future websites!


This is a great example of how you can use a ghost button. In the center of the page, larger than normal buttons, with a minimalistic design that resembles with the overall design.

V76 Vaughn Ghost Buttons

Head-Up Displays

Head-Up displays are similar to ghost buttons, but their interface includes a specific text that is included in a clear shape.

Space UI Ghost Buttons

Apple iOS

The Apple iOS7 interface design included lots of ghost buttons, with a minimalistic design. These elements were created way back in 2013, and are still a popular trend on the rise.

Surf Clothing UI Ghost Buttons


This website uses a small, simple ghost button on the bottom of the page, which contains a small text.

Powerhouse Company Ghost Buttons


This empty button that is displayed on the homepage has a simple but very effective design. It gets the job done as it gets your attention.

 mobile first front end frame Ghost Buttons

Haruki Murakami

This is another wonderful website that uses several ghosts buttons to emphasize some parts of the design and also to keep things interesting.

Haruki Murakami Ghost Buttons

Web Design Company Website Development -Big Drop

This is an excellent example of the most common use of ghost buttons: in the center of the page, with a simple design, a small text inside a regular shape. Simple yet complex.

Web Design Company Ghost Buttons


This is a portfolio website which has a very creative design. The designer also uses ghost buttons to highlight various items.

Nerisson Ghost Buttons

The Distance

This is another wonderful example that shows how you can use ghost buttons to improve your designs.

App Developers Ghost Buttons


This ghost button has a neat design that mimics the colors from the rest of the web. Its’ transparent layout makes it perfect to get your attention, and at the same time doesn’t cover up the background.


Five Minutes

This is an amazing game design that uses ghost buttons to easily control the characters. Have a closer look and see how it works.

FIVE MINUTES Ghost Buttons


This is a stunning website that is covered up with beautiful animations. The ghost buttons are in red outlines and can be used without covering the web design.

Panoptiqm Ghost Buttons

Rosewater Film

This is a beautiful website that besides the general ghost button, also features a transparent rectangle with a neat animation.

Rosewater Film Ghost Buttons

Born Group

This website offers a great solution on how you can use a ghost navigation button without getting the attention from the main image.

BORN Ghost Buttons.


Bundlin’s design demonstrates one more time that ghost buttons can be very useful items in all sort of situations.

Bundlin Ghost Buttons


This is a busy website with all sort of elements that are flying around. The template also features a beautiful ghost button that offers a little peace of mind.

Digital Agency Ghost Buttons

Powerhouse Company

Here is a professional website that uses ghost buttons in its design. Have a look at how the designer used this element and get inspired to create your own.

Powerhouse Company Ghost Buttons

Urban Influence

This website was created for a digital branding firm. The template has a beautiful design which incorporates ghost buttons.

Urban Influence Ghost Buttons


This website includes an interactive quiz that was created by a university in the Czech Republic. Ghost buttons are used throughout the design in diamond shapes and they are used to navigate through the questions.

Tomas Bata University Ghost Buttons


This website was created for a Spanish digital marketing agency and it has a stunning design. As in the previous examples, ghost buttons are used in the center of the page, in the usual rectangular shape with a transparent design.

drygital agencia digital Ghost Buttons

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