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Need a good source for free and premium music website design resources? As a quick reference, our hand-picked list will definitely help. The assets below can be used for landing pages, as a website hero image, graphics on your project site, placed in a newsletter, in a signup form, banners, and other web design aspects. We have something for everyone involved with music online. If you’re in charge of social media posting for a band or school, we have you covered.

For those working with bands and touring musicians, effective digital marketing has become a crucial aspect of success. This is why many music celebrities invest a lot in online marketing and establish a strong digital presence through engaging websites and social media platforms. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a web presence for well-known musicians or working on a local school band website, this idea of having a strong digital presence is a must.


Envato Music Website Templates

All types of digital marketing need the right amount of related and captivating visuals to make it effective, and again, especially those related to music. This could mean posting content about new albums, tours, concerts, festivals, recitals, and music-related images for branded swag or clothing.

Musicians and bands need to stay connected with their audience constantly and this will mean extra work for designers, whether it means managing their YouTube channel or updating their website. Designers have to search around to get the right design assets that they can use to make creative and effective music-related designs.

This blog post collates some of the best free music-related design assets designers can use. You may also be interested in seeing our post about great-looking musician website designs and 10 artistic WordPress themes for musicians and bands. For those using the Wix website builder platform, you may want to check out their free music art template.

More Top Music Website Design Resources

Additional Top Website Design Resources

Okay, now it’s time to look over our top music design resources for websites:

Top 20+ Best Music Website Design Resources (Free & Paid)

Mousiqua – Band & Musician Website Template (Editors Choice)

We are proud to present this stunning website template for musicians and bands provided by Envato Elements. This one-page template called MOUSIQUA is a modern designed template for musical Bands and Musicians allowing them to introduce themselves with a creative and unique, but simple one-page website. Check out this awesome-looking template over at Envato.

You can see a live preview here.

Summer Music Festival

Your first reaction to this graphic will be Wow! And you will be all the happier when we tell you that this amazingly designed graphic is free to download and use (attribution is required). We are confident this will be a great graphic to add to your collection of designs related to music.

The vector has a super creative music composition. It is made out of many abstract music-related objects like the piano, discs, and guitar and has a human face in the center. Professional designers may want to further tweak the graphic, but we recommend that you use it as is and just change the content around it as needed.

Music Design Asset: Summer Music Festival

Rock Music Festival Landing Page Template

If you plan to organize a music festival, then this landing page template can help you create the right online presence. The template comes with an open file with all the design elements, as shown in the image. You can use these elements to set up the web page design. The template adopts a trendy look with flowing gradients, moving illustrations, and other modern design trends. The text is well set in terms of a nice header and other festival-related content. You can very well flow your text and use this template. 

Music Design Asset: Rock Music Festival Landing Page Template

Music Instagram Stories

Promoting your music festival on Instagram is a very good way to get a good reach. While uploading posts with the right post text and hashtags is always a good idea, you should not miss out on Instagram stories. This editable template provides you with four different Instagram stories. The background colors are set to a violet gradient, and each template has an option for setting up an image. The composition for the rest of the content is also nicely done. All you need to do is flow your content and start posting.

Music Design Asset: Music Instagram Stories

Woman Standing In Front of Neon Lights

Modern music uses a lot of neon lights for visual representation. This stock image is a very well-taken photograph of women standing in front of a light installation. This installation has various elements of music like piano, guitar, violin, trumpet, vinyl records, and a lot more. The installation is nicely lit using red neon lights, making the frame highly creative. The woman is trying to act as a conductor and make the installation play music. This image can be used as a background image for creatives or also on websites as a hero image.

Music Design Asset: Woman Standing In Front of Neon Lights

Live DJ Working in the Dark Image

DJs are gaining a lot of prominences, and they also need to get their marketing right so as to get more gigs. This high-resolution image showcase a DJ working under very dim lights. The angle of the photograph is very good. You can see the keys and knobs of the DJ table, but the focus remains on the hands. This image can be used in a variety of applications. This includes a background image for social media posts and event invitations. It can also be used as a hero image on websites related to music.

Music Design Asset: Live DJ Photo on Shutterstock

YouTube Channel Art Template

YouTube is a very important medium for the music industry, and you cannot afford to miss out on marketing your music or music festival on YouTube. This is where this YouTube Channel art template can be very useful. The base design comes with a dark background. On top of it, there are design elements related to the music festival. You can edit the dates and other details and also add more text if needed to personalize this music-related design before using it as your YouTube Channel art.

Music Design Asset: YouTube Channel Art Template

Music-Related Logo Set RGB for Adobe Illustrator

Finding good logo templates related to music is not easy. What you will keep coming across is the standard design of music notes and bars. But this logo set by Adobe Stock is very different. It consists of 30 highly creative music-themed logo set which can be used for multiple purposes. All the logos are completely editable and hence you can alter their design to fit your needs. The music-related design elements of the logo can also be mix-matched to create completely new logo options. Some of the logos can also be used as icons or music application logos.

Music-Related Logo Set RGB for Illustrator

Music Festival Poster Set

As we mentioned at the start, there is a lot of scope for creativity in the music industry in terms of graphic design. This set of highly creative posters is a testimony of it. The designer has created a set of four superb music posters that can be used for music festivals, events, and promoting music. Each poster is very well designed with abstract ideas and vibrant colors. The white background makes the illustrations stand out in a better way. Because you will have access to the open file, you can extract just the illustration and use it individually.  

Music Design Asset: Music Festival Poster Set

No Music No Life Background Image

This is a perfect background image for all music lovers as it says – No Music No Life! The image here seems to be either a well-taken photograph or a nicely-created graphic. It seems that the letters are set up through neon lights, and the photograph is taken, keeping the text at the center. The image can be used as it is for websites or can be used by adding branding in the dead spaces at the top or bottom. There will be many music lovers who will want to use it as their wallpaper.

Music Design Asset: No Music No Life Background Image

Music Event Poster

Apart from digital media, there is also a high demand for good creatives needed for print posters or banners. This amazing music event poster is a good one to use if you plan to print large posters. The design has a vibrant gradient flowing from purple to pink with sound waves. The content layout is already done, and you just need to replace the dummy content with your content. Do note that the editable file of the poster does not include the image, but then you can easily get such a stock image from other sources.

Music Design Asset: Music Event Poster

DJ Bear at the Party

First, we had a fun-loving Santa, and now we have a DJ Bear, which is making the crowd swing to his tunes. This image is very adorable. The illustration of the DJ Bear is done in a very detailed manner. The fur and the DJ table are well taken care of. There are simple background elements added, but you can remove them if not needed. Because you can also remove the background in the image, you can use it without hassles on any form of music-related design that you are making.  

Music Design Asset: DJ Bear at the Party
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Child Musician Illustrations

Finding illustrations related to music is tough, and even more, challenging is finding illustrations of children playing music. Hence this rare collection of child musicians’ illustrations is definitely worth collecting. The set comes with ten different illustrations which capture children playing different instruments and even dancing. This includes singing, playing violin, piano, guitar, drums, and more. The good part is that children are very diverse, and this makes the image inclusive. Furthermore, because you get the editable file, you can tweak the illustrations as per need. 

Music Design Asset: Child Musician Illustrations

Music Playing Silhouettes Vector Image

Music silhouettes can be very resourceful for use in various music-related designs. This vector collection of music-playing silhouettes comes with 15 different people and covers all the major musical instruments. Starting from violin, guitar, saxophone, and piano, the collection includes the Indian classical music instrument Sitar. Unfortunately, you do not get the edible file, but there is not much tweaking. Because the image comes without a background, you can use the players individually on any type of music-related design.

Music Design Asset: Music Playing Silhouettes Vector

Facebook Post Template

Posting on Facebook is a good way to let more people know about your music or event. You can download and edit this Facebook post template for free. The base design is very modern and trendy. There is a scope for placing an image or a photograph in the center, followed by the band’s name or the artist. There is also ample space flowing your content, be it call-to-action headlines or more details about the artist or for any other music-related design like events or announcements. 

Music Design Asset: Facebook Post Template

Flatlay Photograph of Headphones

Using flat lay images is a new design trend that you can use while creating your music-related design. This photograph captures a Bluetooth headphone placed on a yellow background along with a microphone and a mobile. The lights and shadows are very well captured in the image. There is already a good amount of space on the left, but you can always increase it as the background is of flat yellow color. In this dead space, you can add your branding, other design elements, and text in the form of typography or normal headers and paragraph.

Music Design Asset: Flatlay Photograph of Headphones

Music Sound Waves

Displaying Music Sound Waves are one of the best ways to provide a visual representation. There is no right or wrong sound wave as its type varies based on usage. This vector file comes with a collection of various sound waves and bats. There are 12 different options that you can use. The base colors are white and black, but you can always change them to the colors that match your branding because you have access to the open file.  

Music Design Asset: Music Sound Waves image

Jazz Music Player Continuous One Line Drawing

Not all music-related designs need to be loud and colorful. For example, this line drawing illustration looks good and can be very resourceful. The designer has worked hard to ensure that all the crucial components of the illustration are covered. At the same time, he has not detailed too much to make the illustration look bad. The beauty of this illustration lies in the fact that it has been made using a single line. Therefore, you will not find a single line break in this image. 

Music Design Asset: Jazz Music Player Continuous One Line Drawing
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Concert Stock Image

This high-resolution Concert Stock Image is a safe option when looking for a stock image for music shows or bands. We can see the crowd cheering for the band seen in the backdrop. However, few people in the crowd are making a heart sign denoting how much they love the band’s music. There is a space on the top that you can use if you want to add your text or branding. Otherwise, the image is good enough to be used in music-related designs even without major editing.

Music Design Asset: Concert Stock Image
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Retro Music Icons

One important design asset that designers often need for creating music-related designs is high-quality Retro Music Icons. This icon set from Vecteezy is nicely designed with a retro feel. There are 12 icons, each different and usable on a standalone basis. The background colors for each are very nicely chosen. In addition, the icon’s design is kept simple, which makes the icon usable in a variety of applications. 

Music Design Asset: Retro Music Icons
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Listening to Music Illustrations

People love to listen to music, but finding such illustrations is tough. Hence as the last item, we have included an illustration set that has people listening to music and enjoying themselves. The set has four different illustrations of human figures. All of them are in different actions, with varied clothes but what is common is that they are listening to music and are happy. You will get an open file for this that you can easily edit in Adobe Illustrator.

Music Design Asset: Listening to Music Illustrations
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The Top 20 Music Website Design Resources For Web Designers

Music and graphic design have always inspired each other and pushed the envelope of creativity. Initially, artists invested a lot of time and resources in getting their album cover right. Nowadays, with the advent of digital marketing, music artists have more platforms to express their creativity, stay connected with their fans, and ensure their success.

We hope our resource list of the 20 best music website design assets has inspired you and possibly helped you complete the project you’re currently working on.

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