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Are you looking for new and improved ways to increase customer engagement, increase your web conversion rates, and have an overall more effective website? Then this is the perfect article for you! We’ve rounded up a useful collection of 20 best paid and free UX courses that will teach you all about user experience. 

These UX courses are perfect for students of all levels, as they include various information that starts from the basics to more complex notions.

For many of these UX courses and tutorials, you only need a good internet connection and the will to learn. However, there are some which require previous knowledge or various UX tools, so keep that in mind when choosing your course.

These UX tutorials are great for product managers, designers, entrepreneurs, and other people involved in customer relations. You’ll learn how users think and react to your products or services. This will help you see exactly what you need to improve in order to assure your website’s success.

Follow these tutorials and courses to learn more about UX design and how to successfully apply it in your projects. Discover its potential and develop strategies that will help you in the future.

Learn about design research methods, techniques, design patterns & principles, user psychology,  and more.

52 Weeks of UX — by Joshua Porter and Joshua Brewer

Learn more about UX by following this comprehensive tutorial that spreads over 52 weeks. Discover how users interact with your products or services and how to improve your website.

52 Weeks of UX

UX Crash Course — by The Hipper Element

This course includes 31 daily lessons that will improve your UX knowledge. You’ll discover more about how users react to your products or services. You can then create your own principles that will serve as guidelines for future projects.

UX Crash Course

Human-Computer Interaction — by Scott Klemmer (Stanford Coursera)

This is an amazing UX course that helps you gain more information about visual design principles, and how to create an effective UX design that will please your users.


User Experience Design — by Springboard

Here is an excellent UX design course that is perfect for beginners to more experienced designers. UX design is a complex notion that includes a combination of knowledge from various tools, frameworks, techniques, etc.

User Experience Design

ProductPsychology — a course by Nir Eyal & others (and me!)

Learn how your users interact with your products or services and create effective designs that will appeal and keep them engaged.

ProductPsychology UX

How to run a cheap, fast, and incredibly useful user test— by Jason Hreha (Short intro)

This is a great guide that demonstrates how to have a successful UX design in a few steps. Learn more about it from this resource.

Jason Hreha on UX

User Experience Design Fundamentals — by Joe Natoli

Discover the fundamentals of an effective UX design. Create various strategies that you can apply in future projects in order to achieve great results.

User Experience Design Fundamentals

Interaction Design Specialization — on Coursera

This 8 courses will significantly improve your UX knowledge, you’ll learn new tips and get certificates that demonstrate your skills.

Interaction Design Specialization

Become a UX Designer — by Thinkful

By following this course you’ll learn more about what it takes to be a successful UX designer. This course requires 15 hrs/ week and will also help you improve your portfolio.

Become a UX Designer

Creating Great Omnichannel Experiences — by Stef Miller

Make your business more successful with the help of this course. You’ll learn more about what makes a successful UX design and also how to apply the techniques in your projects.

Creating Great Omnichannel Experiences UX

User Experience Design: Complete UX Fundamentals Course — by Adam Treister & Pablo Stanley

Learn more about UX and what are the best techniques to apply it in your projects.

User Experience Design

How to Build Habit-Forming Products — by Nir Eyal

Here is another course that will help you achieve successful products. Learn more about what it takes by following this guide.

How to Build Habit-Forming Products UX

Interaction Design — by DesignLab

This is a 4-week spread course which will come in handy for developing better interactions between your products and your users.

Interaction Design UX Course

UX Basics — by Lis Hubert @ Treehouse

Discover all about a successful UX design and learn what tools to use, techniques, strategies, etc.

UX Basics

The Ultimate Guide to Usability and UX — by David Travis

This is a comprehensive guide to an effective UX design. This course is perfect for beginners as it doesn’t require any previous experience.

The Ultimate Guide to Usability and UX

UX: The Practical Essentials of Real World UX — by Brendan Bolton-Klinger

Here is another UX course that is perfect for designers of all levels, from beginners to more experienced. You’ll learn more about UX, develop strategies that will be beneficial for future projects.

UX: The Practical Essentials of Real World UX

UX and Web Design Master Course: Strategy, Design, Development — by Joe Natoli

Learn more about UX principles and how to successfully apply various techniques to your website. This course requires Adobe Photoshop and Axure RP knowledge.

UX and Web Design Master Course

UX & UI Fundamentals — by Bloc

Follow this amazing course and discover more about both UX and UI fundamentals. You’ll learn about user research, how to develop frameworks and more.

UX & UI Fundamentals

Conducting Smart User Research — by Janelle Estes

Understand how users interact with your products of services and apply what you learn in your upcoming projects.

Conducting Smart User Research

Winning User Experience Design — by Oxford Learning Lab

This is an excellent UX course that teaches you more about user’s behavior towards your products.

Winning User Experience Design

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