20+ Best Space Fonts for Cosmic Designs (Free & Pro) 2022

20+ Best Space Fonts for Cosmic Designs (Free & Pro) 2022
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October 05, 2022

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If you are a cosmic nerd or love working with space-themed designs, then you’re probably in need of some cool-looking space fonts to match. Featured here are unique and futuristic fonts that will come in handy on your space designs. We created this resource to help you quickly grab a font that will help you launch your design project.

Having a unique factor that makes your font futuristic and ahead of the common bold font styles, is challenging and our list can help overcome this challenge. These assets consist of both premium and free space fonts.

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Top 5 Best Space Fonts With Stellar Designs

Because we believe there’s more than one great-looking cosmic style font to choose from, we’ve chosen 5 that stand out from all the others on our list. These five are from Envato Elements and can be downloaded for free with a trial subscription:

  1. MBF Space Font
  2. The Space Font
  3. Spaced
  4. Cascade
  5. Polygon

20+ Best Space Fonts For Cosmic Design Projects

These 20+ creative fonts designed for space themes are strikingly gorgeous and will no doubt bring to life all your space-themed projects. It may be helpful to bookmark this page for future reference.

Editors Note: I believe it would be accurate to say that most designers love to work with space-related design assets. There’s just something about the beauty and wonder of the constellations. Enjoy!

MBF Space Font

MBF Space FontPin

There is so much to explore in Space. Starting with the MBF Space typeface, this futuristic, sci-fi-inspired sans-serif font features uppercase letters and numerals with thin, rounded lines and open faces that create a legible font perfect for wordmarks, headlines, posters, and titles.

The Space Font

The Space FontPin

It is a sans serif style with little shapes and icons as a part of font design. So you can see stars, spaceships, and planets in the font shapes trying to acquire the ideal place where they can get the maximum attention. Indeed it is an intelligent design, and the doodles are making it more fun and beautiful. So it would be best if you tried considering it for your youthful, casual, or any creative space designs.

Meteoric Light Font

Meteoric Light FontPin

It has a tremendous semi-stencil style that makes it very friendly, and the soft rounded sans serif quality gives you a minimalistic look. It is a modern typeface that gives you unique and trendy fonts to make your space design well structured with stylish headings and content. Meteoric Light can be a simple but smart choice for your logo or poster designs.



Get your control panels ready. Spaced is a modern sans-serif font that features uppercase and unique lowercase letters, ligatures, glyphs, and captivating special alternates. The mixture of cases creates a readable and futuristic style optimal for logotypes and posters.



This fantastic typeface is one of many free fonts that are ready to use for any smart design. You get condensed sans serif fonts in a unique design that looks amazing with different colors. Because the core inspiration of this font style was neon lights, you can have a striking glow that looks beautiful in different colors. It’s one of a kind font style that is specially created for futuristic, sci-fi, and technological designs. You can surely trust Ultra with your Outer space designs to get solid and attractive headings.


Space Font Cosmogen Pin

In the future galactic communications might just be written in Cosmogen. This futuristic, stylized font features uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, special symbols, punctuations, and multilingual accents. Perfect for a space theme or galactic application, Cosmogen is an ideal font for movie posters, games, headlines, and titles.


Creative Space Fonts for Designers: OrbitronioPin

This is an out-and-out space font style that you can download for free. It has bold and sharp letters with prominent symmetry to give a trendy touch. You can see rings around the letters that resemble the planets and outer space environment, which is totally perfect for space designs. You must try this typeface to enhance the space and cosmic content in your design because it has relevancy and connectivity to help your audience a lot.

Space – Minimalis font

Space - Minimalis fontPin

Like looking up into the night sky, Space is a minimalist sans-serif font that features uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, and common punctuation. The clean and balanced lines of Space are powerful when used in logos, headlines, stationery, titles, and labels.


Creative Space Fonts for Designers: OsirisPin

It’s a retro-futuristic typeface with alternate letters. You get classic vintage polish in these futuristic fonts that can bring some unique charm to your creative space projects. Osiris has a straightforward approach, and the alternate letters are in semi-stencil format, which gives you plenty of opportunities to create the best heading for the cosmic theme design. Overall this typeface can be a very bold choice to use for a modern space design.


Cascade Futuristic Display FontPin

Straight out of the sky comes Cascade, a beautiful futuristic display typeface. It features uppercase letters, numerals, and punctuations with a bold and solid design suitable for games, titles, technology, packaging, and branding.

Canis Minor

Canis MinorPin

Canis Minor is considerably very creative and stylish font style. It is effortless and minimal that doesn’t require much work to elevate any creative design. You can see the tiny lights at the end of the edges representing stars and the relation of these fonts with outer space. Canis Minor can be a modern typeface for your sci-fi and intellectual posters, covers, and other designs.

Space Mission

Space MissionPin

This is a classic bold and dynamic font style that is highly suitable to illustrate the enormous space through texts. Space Mission has sharp italic fonts with unique creativity to help various heroic posters, images, banners, and more space-related designs. If you are looking for a loud and impactful typeface for your dear design, then Space Mission can be an excellent choice.



Spacer typeface gives you very creative and futuristic fonts for your space designs. It is packed with geometrical creativity that stands for unusual lines and curves to draw out every letter. The spacer font style has sleek, light, and complex letters, which can add value to your space concepts. If you want something unique, intelligent, and futuristic, then this Spacer typeface can be the best option.



It’s a multipurpose futuristic font style that has a sense of sincerity and discipline. It can adorn many professional, tech-friendly and futuristic design concepts, and it can surely justify space designs as well. You get straightforward and bold letters with some creative curves and turns, which can help you to add minimalism to your cosmic design projects. Be it a logo, poster, presentation, or any space design, Alegra typeface can seamlessly take care of appealing and impactful headings.



It’s a futuristic industrial font style that can go for many different categories. It is vital, simple, and rough, and that’s what makes it perfect for space designs. The design is immaculate and well-balanced; it is not overwhelming and does not force any particular aspect. To add some realism and volume, you can choose this Derelict font style that can be really helpful to add an impactful heading and other content.

Lost In Space

Lost In SpacePin

It is the most creative font style for refreshing space designs. Lost in space has a basic font structure with so many other creative elements. There are planets, UFOs, spaceships, satellites, and stars in the fonts as small icons to make it a complete space typeface. You get so many hand-drawn space elements to come up with your creative fonts, which is the best part of this typeface. It is fully editable and has a very interesting font style.



Futurism talks about a trendy and futuristic font style that is meant to enhance various kinds of designs. The core flavor of this typeface is professionalism and minimalism. The partial asymmetry of letters is making it more interesting, and that is why if you want your texts to convey the unexplored space perspective in a minimalistic way, you should definitely choose this futurism typeface for your creative designs.



Solaris is an advanced font style perfectly designed for technological, space, and industrial designs. This futuristic font comes with alternate letters, numerals, and punctuation. Solaris has solid and bold fonts with clever creativity, which makes it a fantastic option for sci-fi and space-related posters, logos, and banners. In addition, you can have a great-looking heading with minimal style if you are using this typeface.

UFO Nest

UFO NextPin

UFO Nest is a highly creative typeface that is designed around space elements. You can see a profound idea in this font style which is making it very charming. The whole concept is a circle, and every letter is built around a single geometry shape complimented with unusual intersections. UFO Nest has a minimal approach, and it can make your design more attractive if you want an unusual and eye-catchy font style for your space design.

Space Neon

Space NeonPin

Space Neon has a simplistic style with a brilliant design. The minimal thin and bold lines portray the letters, giving a bit of a realistic look. This kind of font style can level up your design and give you a better outcome. Fonts with fine lines can surely go with your minimalistic design, but here they are bold and clean as well, which can make your dramatic sci-fi designs beautiful.



Marz is a basic font style with a creative turn. It has a geometric shape influence in the letters with sharp and soft edges. This typeface is appropriate for good professional or intellectual design concepts. You get three weights and six styles to explore the creativity of your designs. Overall it is a particular typeface that can create a unique and robust look on intelligent space projects.



It is a futuristic typeface that is fused with elegance and innovation. Polygon has thin lines in a disciplined mesh design to form each letter, and that’s what makes it very unique and modern. It is an ideal font style for high technological, AI-based, and universe-related designs. It is a futuristic typeface that can make your sci-fi and space designs innovative and attractive. So, detailed mesh design work in these fonts can support many intelligent and creative concepts.



If you want a youthful and futuristic font style for your space and Astro designs, then skywalker is the best option for you. It has a fresh, fun, and modern look with a creative but straightforward shape to give a unique charm to any design. It comes in three variants- regular, italic, and outline. For engaging space designs, it can make a really impactful heading and supportive content.



Celestica allows you to use it freely for your personal use. This typeface has clean and crisp fonts with a modern design. The combination of fine and bold lines is making exciting shadows in the fonts, and that’s why you can consider this a beautiful font style for space and technological designs. Overall it’s a beautiful typeface with minimalist and futuristic fonts to add more creativity to your space designs.



Nebula is a retro-modern font style with bold and rounded letters. This typeface is impactful and modern, which can help a number of exciting and creative design concepts. The dripping end of each letter makes the font brush style and gives the illusion of a liquid or fast design. So this type of interesting typeface can surely serve powerful and intimidating space designs by helping the bold headings and informative content.



Avalon is a unique glitch-type font style. It is definitely futuristic and creative, which can adorn many different smart designs. You get some glitch textures as well to edit this and create something more creative for your design. Designers who are working in Space, Sci-fi, Artificial Intelligence, and technology-based designs can always use this type of font style to make it more intellectual.

Farewell Pro- Space Edition

Creative Space Fonts for Designers: FarewellPin

Farewell pro’s space edition is an elegant and creative font style. It has that unique aspect that you may want in your compelling space design. It has clean and straightforward fonts formed in some line strokes, which gives you a classic and effortless look. This typeface is contemporary and innovative. Each letter has different strokes, and they all are creating a lovely futuristic style. So you should surely try out this typeface for your cosmic designs.



This font style is inspired by sci-fi movies, and it has amazing futuristic fonts that help you create a solid and effective heading for your posters, banners, cover pages, and more. You get 300+ glyphs and two different styles- regular fonts and inline fonts. In addition, this typeface has steady letters with unexpected breaks to make it more creative. The fusion of sans serifs and serif is also something to make modern and innovative fonts for space and astronomy designs.

20+ Best Space Fonts For Cosmic Design Projects – Summary

It’s safe to say that what is of primary concern over design for designers would be the typeface, relevancy, and readability. And if you want to make your design successful and attractive, you have to pick each and every element carefully. With space fonts, you need to work hard on your creativity to come up with the best pairing structure. Basically, try to make your font match really well with other fonts in your project.

What did you think? Please let us know your favorite font in the comments section below!

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