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Space backgrounds are some of the most sought-after design assets on the internet. There are not as many high-resolution options readily available, as some may think, so we are excited to showcase this stellar list of hand-picked cosmic backgrounds!

Space is a complex but fascinating subject, and its visual representation has been perceived in many different ways. It is interesting to note that many space design assets available online are digital re-creations of actual space photos. The same rings true for space backgrounds.

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You can use these amazing-looking space backgrounds as desktop wallpapers, for web design, presentations, print design projects (flyers, posters, cards, invitations, magazines, stationary, etc) overlays, photos, videos, and more!

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How to Choose a Space Background Image

For designers, before we start looking over the list, here are a few pointers to help you figure out the best background or wallpaper for your space project:

  • Match the design style: Go for a space background that is in line with the design style of your project, be it watercolor-based, modernistic, or even vector.
  • Get the right color tone: Does the background match the color tone of your project? Or else see if there is a scope for you to fine-tune it in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Quality is a must: Always go for high-resolution backgrounds to ensure high-quality output. This is non-negotiable if you are working on a print design project.
  • Contrast is essential: Backgrounds must be in contrast to your main visual object so that it can stand out easily. Otherwise, your design can get all mixed up and look messy.
  • Match the patterns: The majority of space-related backgrounds will have patterns. You must select the one that suits your design pattern. You can’t have a background with circles with a design that has triangles.
  • Image vs Vectors: Based on your project, decide whether you want an image or a vector. With vectors, you will have more creative bandwidth, but at the same time, they may not look as impressive as an image.
  • Text placement: Ensure that the background you choose has a good dead space for you to place your text and other design elements. A cluttered background will do no good as it won’t let the text stand out.
  • Room for creativity: As a designer, you also need to explore whether the background has any more room for creativity. Can you change the color tone or add in some of your own flare lights? Don’t just stick to what the design asset has to offer. Thinking beyond that will help your design stand out.

Best 30+ Really Cool Space Backgrounds

This post has some of the most fantastic-looking space backgrounds and galaxy wallpapers to enhance your galactic-style projects. In other words, they’re just really cool!

1. Abstract Space Background Set

First on our list is this Abstract Space Background Set which features rich and vibrant colors. These handmade high-resolution images are abstract enough to be used just as backgrounds. But, at the same time, they are creative enough to add value to your design in other ways. When you download the pack, you will get 5 different backgrounds. Use this great-looking selection for multiple projects with a space theme!

Abstract Space Backgrounds

2. Space Nebula Backgrounds

Stylish and eye-catching, these Space Nebula Backgrounds can be a good choice if you want space-related backgrounds. Based on the textured concept, the images are highly realistic, and you can use them for digital and print applications.

Space Nebula Backgrounds

3. Colorful Space Background

Looking for a Colorful Space Background (vector) for a fun cartoonish style project? Then this colorful background would be a great choice. You will get an editable AI file on download, and you can play around with its elements like planets, rings, and rockets to suit your project need. This background is so versatile and can be used for flyers, posters, websites, murals, children’s books, magazines, apparel, events and so much more. This selection is not only cool-looking, but it’s fun too!

Colorful Space Background

4. Space Dust Background Set

The concept of using space dust visuals as the background is quite creative. This Space Dust Background Set comes with 7 different high-resolution images in the JPG format. In addition, their pattern-based design makes it easy to implement in any design as the background.

Space Dust Background Set

5. Space Lights Abstract Backgrounds

The Space Lights Abstract Backgrounds set provides an option of 12 different backgrounds. They are carefully designed to have variations in colors and light patterns. You can easily use them for websites, mobile apps, and print design.

Space Lights Abstract Backgrounds

6. Space Background – Flat Design Style Illustration

Illustration-based spacial backgrounds are also in high demand as designers want to tweak them to suit their projects. This flat-style space illustration features the sun, galaxies, meteors, satellites, and much more, making it quite resourceful.

Space Background - Flat Design Style Illustration

7. Universe and Space Watercolor Background

Painting the space using watercolors is not an easy task. Still, the creator of this design asset has done that beautifully. The Universe and Space Watercolor background set comes with 8 high-resolution PNGs that you can use for backgrounds in website design, posters, and other marketing applications.

Universe and space watercolor background

8. Galaxy Backgrounds

Get 8 exclusive galaxy backgrounds in this set with an image size of 4000×2500 pixels. Various orientations of the galaxies are covered along with the different color schemes, and we are sure you will find something you need from this set.

Galaxy Backgrounds

9. Colorful Space

Not all backgrounds with a cosmic theme need to be realistic. For this reason, we have included this abstract Colorful Space seamless pattern in our list. You can download the Adobe Illustrator file of this vector pattern and edit it as per need.

Colorful Space

10. Cosmos Space Rocket With A Seamless Pattern

Another creative seamless pattern, this Cosmos Space Rocket pattern, is perfect for projects related to children. The pattern includes planets, rockets, meteors, and many space-related elements that can help your design look detailed.

Cosmos Space Rocket Seamless Pattern

11. Watercolor Space Background Set

Representing the infinite space in an art form, these space watercolor backgrounds are magical and can elevate your designs. The set comes with 10 high-resolution images with varied colors and patterns. You can easily use them for websites, social media, and print designs.

Watercolor Space Backgrounds

12. Blurred Space Background Collection

For many applications, you will need a good depth of field so that your main design and text stand out. The Blurred Space Background Collection can help you in this as they are elegant and beautiful. You can use them for a website, motion pictures, videos, or digital marketing.

Blurred Space Backgrounds

13. Black & White Space Background Set

Generally, space-related images are highly vibrant in terms of colors and details. In contrast, the Black & White Space Background Set provides 6 high-resolution photos that are, as the title states, black and white. Despite the loss of color, the images depict the space very well.

Black & White Space Backgrounds

14. Deep Space Background Set

The Deep Space Background Set can be very resourceful as it features 40 high-resolution images. All images are distinct in design and offer various cosmic designs. They are ideal for posters, flyers, websites, presentations, and more.

Deep Space Backgrounds

15. (30) Aurora Space Abstract Backgrounds

It’s hard to come across a more beautiful display of Aurora lights than this collection of 30 Aurora Space Abstract Backgrounds. The green lights or the Aurora is a fascinating scientific phenomenon, and this set of backgrounds has captured it beautifully. Featuring 30 different high-resolution images of 6000×4000 resolution, the background set is helpful for website and print design.

Aurora Space Backgrounds

16. Space Travel Background Set

Space travel has been visually represented in many different ways and this set can bring back fond memories of watching Star Wars, Star Trek, and Batlle Star Galactica. The underline design here has been the fast flowing of light passing by at an undetermined speed. This set of Space Travel Backgrounds captures that concept nicely and offers 8 handy cosmic backgrounds.

Space Travel Backgrounds

17. (50) Watercolor Galaxy Backgrounds

This featured collection of 50 Galaxy Watercolor Backgrounds, this design asset is a must-have for designers as it is creative and offers many design alternatives. All the images are high-resolution ready-to-print images with a resolution of 4096×2160 pixels.

Watercolor Galaxy Backgrounds

18. Solar Backgrounds by VProxy

This list of amazing cosmic backgrounds would be incomplete without a set of Solar Backgrounds. Featuring 6 high-resolution images, this solar background set is created with intricate details making all the designs look very realistic.

Solar Backgrounds

19. Outer Space Planetary PSD Template

As a designer, you would be more excited to work on Photoshop (PSD) templates, which is why we have included this amazing Outer Space Planetary Template in our list. The product offers 7 high-resolution PSD files with various space-related elements.

Outer Space Planetary Template

20. Galaxy Backgrounds by Themefire

Detailing is the key when it comes to creating fantastic backgrounds, and the Galaxy Backgrounds set has aced it. The 10-image set is a fine blend of nebula textures and cosmic elements. But, more importantly, it has the right color balance for being an ideal background.

Galaxy Backgrounds

21. Celestial Space Background Pack

Your collection just won’t be complete without the spectacular Celestial Space Background Pack. This pack is one of the most resourceful space-related design assets on DesignCuts. It includes 12 ready-to-use celestial backgrounds and PSD files showcasing planets, sun, moon, and other space-related elements, which you can use in many projects.

Celestial Space Backgrounds Pack

22. Galaxy and Space Background Pack

Galaxy and Space Background Pack comes with brilliant and beautiful colors and patterns that work well together or individually. You’ll receive 14 high-resolution images, which you can use for websites, posters, and other print-related designs as well.

Galaxy and Space Backgrounds

23. Aurora Space Background Set

Looking for high-resolution image options for depicting a starry night sky? Look no further, as we have included this particular design set to make you rich in terms of Aurora backgrounds. The set consists of 30 Aurora backgrounds and 16 Singularity backgrounds, both of 6000×4000 pixels resolution.

Aurora Space Backgrounds

24. Negative Space Background Set

This Negative Space Background Set features 60 various options of 4500×3000 pixel resolutions. The designs include visual depictions of unknown space, parallel universes, and more. They are ideal as a background for websites, social media posts, posters, magazines, and even wallpapers.

Negative Space Backgrounds

25. Space Watercolor Backgrounds

We’ve included these Handmade space watercolor backgrounds because they can make your design really stand and shine. Upon download, you will get 10 high-resolution ready-to-use JPGs and 2 PSD files which you can work on and tweak the elements to suit your project.

Space Watercolor Backgrounds

26. Watercolor Cosmic Backgrounds

Painting a creative and quirky picture of space, these watercolor cosmic backgrounds look fresh as actual photographs of acrylic paintings. The set includes 10 creative space-designed backgrounds scanned at 600 PPI ensuring superior image quality. You can use them for backgrounds or even textures in your project.

Watercolor Cosmic Backgrounds

27. Nebula Ink Backgrounds

Handmade using alcohol inks, these Nebula Ink Backgrounds are scanned and edited in Adobe Photoshop. All 20 images in the set feature bright and vibrant colors forming cohesive gradients. You can use them as wallpapers or for backgrounds in mobile apps, websites, and other digital applications.

Nebula Ink Backgrounds

28. Galaxy and Space Navy Blue Background Collection

If blue is your project color, we have an entire background set featuring blue space and galaxy backgrounds. The set includes 14 high-resolution images in JPG format that you can use for filling up the background in print designs or websites, card designs, textiles, or other related graphic design projects.

Galaxy and Space Navy Blue Backgrounds

29. Space Marble Backgrounds

Space Marble Backgrounds have been one of the latest design trends as they are being extensively used for website backgrounds, mobile applications, and various print design elements. This product features 20 images with bright colors, swirls, and beautiful shapes in high resolution.

Space Marble Backgrounds

30. Ultimate Universe Creator Collection

Wow! With the Ultimate Universe Creator Collection of over 270+ space-themed elements, you can create impressive and beautiful cosmic designs. When you download this collection you’ll receive some of the most amazing-looking backgrounds of space, galaxies, constellations, star clusters, shooting stars, cosmic bursts, moons, planets, shuttles, and astronauts. In no time at all, you can create an entire universe with no limitations on your imagination!

31. Space Explosion Backgrounds

We would like to sign off the list with a blast and have kept these Space Explosion backgrounds at the very end. The set features 22 different backgrounds with 6000×4000 pixels. The variety of colors and orientations make this asset very resourceful in print and digital design applications. There are a lot of fun designs you can create with this asset!

Space Explosion Backgrounds

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a space background?

A space background tends to be a high-resolution image featuring various aspects of outer space. They may include planets, stars, galaxies, and nebula. However, they also include rockets, space ships, spacecraft, astronauts, and aliens. Generally, they are created in the form of digital art and provide a cosmic feel to the design.

What is the best space background?

Not an easy question to answer, but honestly, that depends on what you like, want, and need. However, I believe the overall for designing would be graphics with abstract and high-resolution such as Space Explosion Backgrounds. Because of its fun, comic, and colorful cartoon-style illustrations, the best would be Colorful Space Background.

Where can I find good quality backgrounds?

The best way to find good backgrounds is to go directly to a reputable site that offers high-quality and high-resolution options. Many dedicated websites offer good backgrounds, like Envato, DesignCuts, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and more.

As per the latest design trends, and most downloaded graphics with space backgrounds, it would be those with lots of stars and galaxies like the Galaxy and Space Background Pack

While the type of background you want to use will vary with the project, some of the most used backgrounds are retro, abstract, space, geometric and 3D styles.

How to use a space background?

The best way to use space-themed background graphics is to download a high-resolution option of it and add it to the project that you are working on to test its compatibility with other design aspects of your project. Suppose you have a good understanding of editing tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. In that case, you can also download editable files and make changes to the background as per need before using them.

Do these backgrounds come in 4K resolution?

No. Photos with 4K resolution must have dimensions of 3840(w)x2160(h) px. Even though many of these backgrounds are super high-resolution images (6000x4000px) they are not considered the industry standard for what’s considered 4K, which again, is 3840×2160 px.

Best Space Backgrounds For Stellar Graphic Designs Summary

Overall this collection we believe to be out of this world and will no doubt make an impressive visual impact on your space-themed designs. No matter what you’ll be using these design assets for, we hope that our hand-picked list made your search a little easier.

Do you have a favorite cosmic background? If so, let us know in the comments section below!

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