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Doodles have gained immense popularity in the last few years. Earlier, it was a part of children’s books and related designs, but nowadays, it has become a medium of art and commercial purposes. The ideal meaning of doodling is the activity of drawing without any subject in mind. And it helps in many designs to add a playful and hand-drawn element.

Designers and artists create various doodle designs, backgrounds, and characters to support more extensive designing subjects. When you need a doodle design background for your creative project, you may have to search and check various platforms to get the best one. And to narrow down that path, we have curated this collection of 20 creative doodle backgrounds for you to use in your projects. These backgrounds have different styles, categories, and designs. So let’s check them out individually.

1. Cute fruity background Vector:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Cute Fruits

It is a beautiful vector image that has cute doodle designs with some colors. This background has fruits and animals in a minimalistic style. You can download this image for free and use it for kids’ categories, animation concepts, or any other playful designs. It is cute and simple that offers white space to accept any designing elements. Overall it is a very beneficial doodle background.

2. Space Set in Doodle Style Hand-Drawn Vector Image:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Space Set

This unique background has creative space objects designed in a hand-drawn style. It is a vector image, but it holds a very realistic hand-drawn touch, making this background very attractive. Various beautiful space elements in a black background can support many educational, comic-based, and stationery-related projects. So try using this black doodle background for your unique designs.

3. Creative Doodle Background with Board and Chalk Theme:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Blackboard & Chalk

It is another black background with creative doodles, but it has a more realistic charm. You get a blackboard background with doodles in chalk medium, which is a brilliant and natural concept. The doodles are related to ideas, business, creativity, and many other valuable objects. You can build a solid professional design based on this background that offers you unique doodles and adequate space for other elements. Overall, It is creative and straightforward with many experiment possibilities.

4. Background of Characters and Expressions:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Characters in Background

This is a vector-based image, and it has a unique theme and very strong doodle designs. You get blue color designs of different expressions. The cheerful characters and their expressions are making the whole background very bright and exciting. That’s why it can be an excellent background to have if you like to work for positive, spirited, and fun projects. But, of course, it can be a bit condensed background for some designs, so use it smartly.

5. Summer and travel Doodle Design:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Summer Travel

It is more than just a background. If you are looking for a complete solution for your doodle-based project, this can be a great deal. It has summer and travel-related icons, patterns, and sketches which can be very helpful for designers. The patterns or backgrounds are very beautiful and cool. Every scribble is thoughtful and colorful. You get a natural and designer effect in this background that fulfills travel and summer-related objectives—one of the most premium and recommended doodle designs.

6. Background of Sharp Patterns:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Shape Patterns

This is a sincere background designed professionally to add a doodle element to various genuine designs. It has sharp strokes that make doodle designs of the human face and different expressions. This background is intense and powerful. It is very artistically developed and seamless also. There are twists and turns in this image that enhances every object. You can download this for free and use it as a background to place your innovative designs. Be it cover page, banner, wall art, phone covers, or any other unique purpose; this can go really well if used properly.

7. Pink Background with Cute Doodles:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Pink Background

Pastel colors are widely used shades for neutral backgrounds. This pink is also a very subtle and relaxed color in this image. Here small and cute doodle designs are given of the love and relationships category. This background is most suitable for designs related to valentines, anniversaries, birthdays, and other beautiful, emotional concepts. In addition, you can use it for personal cards, cover pages, gift items, or any innovative purpose.

8. Creative Green Background:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Creative Green Doodle

This unique background is specially designed by following St. Patrick’s day theme. It has solid green color infused with black, which gives a deep and classic effect. You can use this background for many other designs as well. Because it has instruments and other elements, you can utilize this for some other classical festivals and celebrations as well. It has distinct space in the middle, which makes it frame style background. So you can use this to insert your design in the center of this background and highlight your content effectively.

9. Brilliant Doodle Background With Gradient Style:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Detailed Doodle

It is an excellent background of doodle designs. There are so many different doodles from various categories in this image in unique gradient colors. The overall background is in black color that has a multi-colored gradient on the top of it. Indeed it is a beautiful and creative design. You get digital illustrations of doodles and a versatile theme, which can work for a number of projects. Moreover, this design is available for free to help maximum designers with their creative concepts.

10. Multi-colored Doodle Background:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Multi Coloured

It is one of the most attractive backgrounds based on the doodle designs. This image has multiple pastel and bright colors and some comic doodles in one corner. Moreover, the doodles are very natural and straightforward in this minimalistic background design. You can use it as a strong base and develop many creative ideas. The colors and doodle part is pretty much adaptable to work with any design and project. So try this unique background for free and see how your design can look.

11. Pizza Doodle Background:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Pizza Doodle

This background is fun and creative. It has a modern doodle style that involves colors and a uniform theme. This kind of vector background can help specific types of designs. And hence these pizza doodles can support your food, restaurant, and cooking-related designs very much. It is a bright and easy-to-use design. You can add your creative elements and develop solid branding and marketing concepts as well with the help of this background.

12. Nature Vector Background:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Nature Doodle

It’s a beautifully textured background with doodle designs. The overall image is very basic and minimal. And the colors are also quite neutral and adaptive. You get blue-washed doodle designs of butterflies, flowers, insects, etc., making it an excellent nature’s theme background. You can creatively place your design on this background and add hand-drawn elements to the project without designing from scratch.

13. Easter Eggs Doodles with Tribal Design:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Easter Eggs Doodle

It is an impressive background that holds a fantastic combination of doodles and hand-drawn patterns. There are many colorful doodles of Easter eggs with detailings of tribal patterns in this image. And overall background has fascinating elements that capture your attention. So try this creative background and see how traditional and modern elements can make your creative design more exciting and captivating.

14. Sports Background of Hand Drawn Doodles:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Sports Doodle

If you are looking for a cool background with doodle art for sports design, then this can be an excellent choice. It has hand-drawn doodle designs of various objects related to the sports category. And with traditional doodling, it also has a modern touch of attractive colors. So try this fun and creative background that can give you a natural and comical feeling in the same design.

15. Science Background with Natural Scribbles:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Science Doodle

This versatile background is very natural and straightforward. There is no compact doodle work in this image. And every doodle design is clean, realistic, and very basic. Therefore it has a more authentic feeling of doodle art. In addition, every design is related to a science subject which makes it ideal for science, students, and educational designs. So, whether you are working on a large-scale project or some personal design, this background can be utilized in many creative designs.

16. Yellow Carnival Doodles on Violet Background:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Carnival Doodle

It is a high-quality vector image professionally designed for doodle style. This background has bright violet color in combination with yellow doodles. All the festivals and carnivals-related objects have a hand-drawn effect, and they look amusing and dramatic. Overall this image is enthusiastic and creative that gives a contemporary and classical doodle style. You can use it for many exciting designs, be it for parties, festivals, or any special occasion.

17. Smart Doodle Background for Business Designs:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Smart Doodle

You can use this background for free and create some innovative business designs. This background has hand-drawn doodle designs of business, finance, and marketing-related subjects. So it can work perfectly for any corporate and market-oriented design purposes. Moreover, It has a natural doodle style with some colors in it to include some depth and make it more attractive. So you can use this creative background for presentations, banners, portfolios or any other significant project without any investment.

18. Camping Cats Seamless Pattern:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Cats Doodle

This image has wonderful doodle designs. With this background, you get a seamless pattern of cats and camping. It is an undoubtedly unique design that offers authentic doodle art and solid colors. This image is intense, creative, and very eye-catching. You can take it as your inspiration as well to create something for your personal need. Blue and black colors are an ideal support for many contrasting and bright designs. So have it in your collection and for your love for doodle art.

19. Orange Creative Doodle Abstract Background:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Orange Creative Doodle

Doodle designs can be made in any form and with any objective. Character, pattern, abstract and traditional designs are some of the common types of doodle designs. Here this orange background has a fantastic abstract design that is presented in a vector file. It has sharp colors and hand-drawn patterns. You can easily download this image and use it for any dimension as it is a vector-based background. Abstract backgrounds can help designers to add artistic features to their designs. So benefit your projects with this fantastic orange doodle abstract design.

20. Hand Drawn Doodle Background of Music Theme:

Creative Doodle Backgrounds for Designers: Hand Drawn Doodle

This vector-based background has beautiful doodle objects of music and related things. It is a high-quality image that has digital doodles with a hand-drawn effect to make it more realistic. You get many doodle designs of instruments, human characters, and music language. It is a simple but compelling design. You can use this orange and white background with any design concept related to music. So try it for potential projects and save it into your personal collection to get the best out of it.

Doodle design is very simple and natural. It doesn’t require any fancy concepts and supplies. You just need to have a pen and paper to create an exciting doodle design. It is supposed to be raw, abstract, and aimless. So when you decide to use a doodled background, you need to understand its nature and use.

However, the contemporary method is more viable and comfortable because it involves a thread of subject and directed execution. That’s why doodles are widely used in a number of designs and ideas. Art can change with time, but its characteristics can not. That’s why whether you choose traditional or contemporary, actual image or digital file doodle background will surely provide you fun, humane and comical elements for your design.

We have tried to include a maximum variety of styles and designs in this list. And undoubtedly, with this collection, you might find your background, a new idea, or some related direction to get closer to your desired creativity. So collect it or use it for your various creative projects.

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