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Surreal images are the utmost creativity of an artist. They include a large number of components without any disciplined structure or rules. And because it allows artists to showcase anything in any form, surreal imagery has unique popularity and a vast community of admirers. Whether the use is personal or professional, surreal images have a presence in many projects.

Every day, thousands of artists use surreal backgrounds to develop their unique concept on a solid, innovative foundation. And as complex and contemporary your design concept is, it becomes equally difficult to find a suitable surreal background for that. That is why we have created this post to list down some of the fantastic surreal background images that you can download for free.

This collection is full of mystical, fantasy, nature, drama, psychology, and other fascinating concepts. You can check these 20 surreal images and pick the ideal one for your need. So let’s dive into details.

1. Purple Background With Unicorn:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Purple Background Unicorn

It’s a beautiful background that reflects the magical story in it. A unicorn’s shadow on a purple sunset makes it really fascinating. It is a jpg file that you can download for free and use for your designs. This background can make excellent posts, coverage, or a base for exciting illustrations. You can use it for your fantasy-based designs or any other creative concepts. This surely would be a good addition to any designer’s collection.

2. Dramatic Pyramids Background:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Dramatic Pyramids

This fusion of pyramids with greenfield looks very unique and alluring. It has a warm color scheme and intelligent editing. You can download this background for free and use it for nature, history, traveling, or any relevant category. This image can be a great choice for innovative ad posts and creative banners. It has a dramatic and realistic look with a smooth blend of components. Overall a wonderful background to have for free.

3. Airplane Background In The Woods:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Airplane in Forest

An airplane stuck in the middle of pine trees is a very amusing view. In this background, you get a very subtle and flexible color pallet. The representation of a plane in the woods looks very real and natural. You can download this free background and use it for advertising, message delivery, poster, or any other valuable purposes. It is a high-quality image, so you can efficiently utilize this for multiple designs.

4. Realistic Blue Background of Space:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Blue Space

This is a fantastic space background to support various creative designs. It has a vivid blue color pallet with asteroids and planets in a thrilling manner. You can use this background to develop a solid space, adventurous, science fiction, and many more exciting designing projects. And you get PSD and jpg files for more convenient practice from this download. So overall, a great quality image to satisfy many innovative designs and their background needs.

5. Your Vision to life – Free Background:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Vision

This background is a very thoughtful image. The designer Ali Ayman has spilled his own thoughts in this design. Every component and every step is also there to understand how he had developed this art. It is deep and provoking, which makes it a solid design for special design ideas. When you need a beautiful and thoughtful image for your design where emotions, drama, and ideology can reflect, you can pick this iconic background.

6. A Magical Beach and Sunset:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Magical Sunset

It’s a beautiful image of colorful sunset on a beach. The colors are vibrant and saturated, which makes it very flashy. You get sun, moon, and a star in the same image where dynamic orange colors are getting merged with subtle blue sky. It can be a perfect background for storytelling, nature, traveling, education, and many more concepts. You can use this as a strong foundation for your creative design and build a solid and creative outcome.

7. 3D Background Of Blocks:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Blocks 3D

This is an excellent background of 3D art. It has dynamic layers of blocks, which builds up a solid abstract image. You can download this for free and use it in your professional design. Because it has neutral colors and a sophisticated 3D design, this background can be helpful for a number of designs. Be it creative, professional, personal, corporate, or any other type, you can utilize this background to develop a robust design.

8. A Cool Background of Matchstick:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Matchsticks

This is a simple and strong art. You get a high-quality background image that has a minimalistic design. A single matchstick wrapped in a water bubble is undoubtedly a powerful concept. And it can help many innovative concepts related to water, fire, environment, general life subjects, and many more. It is up to you to utilize this robust background for your innovative design—so overall a must-have image for designers.

9. Surreal Closeup Of An Eye:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Eye Closeup

This one is very unique and beautiful. It is a professional image that carries a strong idea. So you can download and use it for your multiple designs because the sharp image of a striking eye with sparkling details can be used in various creative concepts. Nowadays, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and other related categories need this kind of heavy and creative image for branding and marketing designs.

10. Pink And Purple Space Textured Background:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Purple Space

It is sparkling and glamorous background. The surreal space portrayal is very interesting in this background. Also, it is perfect and balanced. The stars, clouds, and colors are combined very well to make a simple but effective background design. There is no primary component in this design that makes it ideal for placing any elements of your design. However, you can use it as a solid background for any creative project.

11. Extraordinary Astronut Background:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Extraordinary Space

This is a brilliant composition design. As per the name, it has a beautiful landscape with a unique portrayal of an astronaut. The elements are very smartly used in this image, and everything has a magical 3D effect which makes it mysterious and dreamy. You can use this background for free and make some modern designs for phone covers, t-shirt designs, ads, and many more fun creatives. It is realistic and animated at the same time, which makes it a really unique background.

12. The City In A Cage:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: City in Cage

The concept is profound and very well executed in this background. With a calm color combination, you get a city trapped in the cage. There can be many exciting interpretations of this image, and therefore it can be used for multiple powerful design ideas. You get a solid image to execute your creative concept without investing time and energy. It is free to use and very high-quality image—so overall an excellent surreal background for designers.

13. Colorful Night Cityscape:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Colorful Nightscape

It’s a premium-quality 3D image with shining lights and attractive colors. This background has a realistic effect and amazing detailings, which makes it very eye-pleasing. You can use this background for many professional and personal projects. In addition, because it is versatile and complimenting for various industrial, corporate, and governmental designs, you can utilize this many times. Overall a tremendous realistic as well as fantasy background for modern designs.

14. White Field with a White Tree:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: White Tree

This background is surprising and exciting. Usually, a landscape picture like this includes a green meadow and fresh elements, but all the grass, tree, and land parts are almost colorless. White grass and tree look very realistic and alluring in this background. Moreover, the surreal element is soft and pleasant, which can add some unique charm to your creative designs. You can make posters, banners, cover pages, and many more projects with this background.

15. Fascinating Landscape With Space Design:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Landscape with Space

This rich quality background is free to use for professionals and artists. It has dramatic vibes and a fantasy theme. The landscape with overlapping space design in the sky is a unique concept, and it gives a beautiful look as well. This background is colorful and bright. You can easily use it for multiple interesting design concepts. So collect it and benefit your projects with a solid background layer.

16. The Green Background With A Car:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Green Background with Car

It is a lovely background that follows a surreal natural theme. An attractive car with the northern lights set up makes this image look very professional and explicit. This background can make awesome designs for nature, northern lights, cars, games, space, and many more categories. These green lights are a surreal element of our nature which makes this background very whimsical and natural at the same time.

17. An Underwater Village:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Underwater Village

In this background, the designer has surely invested his heartful efforts. It has a deep and dramatic concept of an underwater village. The fish, sea, land, village, and sky are merging into each other so well that the whole composition looks like a single picture taken from an artistic camera. You get sufficient space to put any designing element with any color scheme. So choose this background and experiment as you like to get some innovative visuals through your design.

18. Sci-Fi Cyborg Background:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Scifi Space

This unusual image has a very intellectual concept, and it is free to use for any design style. For example, a cyborg with a planet looks very cool and futuristic here on a space design layer. You can use this for sci-fi projects, technological, modern, AI, robotics, and many more related concepts. Overall this background is very unconventional and intense, and it can be useful for many designers and artists to deliver their creative projects.

19. Fantasy Background In A Painting Style:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Fantasy Background

Everything about this image is speaking about art, fantasy, magic, and animation. This exceptionally gorgeous background is free to use for any design idea. You can have a minimalist design that gives enough space for your design to breathe. It is colorful and whimsical, and with painting style, it gives an authentic artistic look. This is the most recommended one to create any design project with fantasy and artistic themes. So have this in your collection because it can be very useful for creative professionals.

20. 3D Image Of A Planet:

Free Surreal Backgrounds for Designers: Big Planet

It’s a decent background in a premium quality design. You get a solid 3D design of the planet and its rings in a space setup. The colors are deep and smartly chosen for giving a realistic impression. This background has geometrical shapes and a minimalistic theme which can hold many creative designs. You can build space, technology, game, science, and many other exciting categories related to designs on this background. So grab it for excellent quality and versatile creative needs.

Designing a surreal image can be very exciting. You can take it as an excellent exercise for your creativity enhancement. The end results are always surprising with a fusion of your Vision and skills. But this can be a task. It’s intriguing as well as challenging. That’s why to focus more on the actual project and use your creativity for the intended design; it’s better to use predesigned surreal backgrounds.

There is a number of sources available in the market, both free and paid. And you can find your ideal image if you have time and clarity about what exactly you are looking for. So to develop this collection, our purpose was to help designers and artists to get a variety of high-quality surreal backgrounds for some interesting designing ideas. We have analyzed each image for your better understanding, so get one or multiple surreal images to collect and use for some out-of-the-box design projects.

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