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Using material design backgrounds has been one of the top design trends in recent years. Material backgrounds are incredibly useful when creating images, Android apps, and designing the user interfaces of mobile and web apps. So, to help you create amazing designs we have compiled a list of the best material design backgrounds.

You can use these material backgrounds to enhance your design with their bold and bright colors. Besides, the versatility of the archives will help you to create unmatchable designs.

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These backgrounds are also available in different formats to make your work easy and smooth. In our list, we have added both premium and free material design background bundles. Here’s a quick list of those we will cover:

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Best Premium & Free Material Design Backgrounds for Designers

Material Design Backgrounds – MRDEZF

These abstract wallpaper concepts will help you to turn your ideas into a competitive design. In the archive, you will find one concept and ten color schemes. The files are fully editable, high quality, and print-ready. Materials backgrounds are 5000×3333 pixels and are useful for web design, applications, promotional materials, and presentations. In addition to JPG and PNG files, there is one layered vector to help edit your design.

Flat Material Design Backgrounds – 7DLHQF

With flat material design backgrounds, you can create stylish graphics that possess a contemporary appearance. The archive offers 1 concept and 10 color schemes. You will find JPG, PNG, and one layered PSD file in the archive. The material background vector files are easily editable and resale to any size. You can easily download the 3000×2000 pixel images and use them in web and mobile applications.

Material Design Backgrounds – HVFG4T

Are you looking for suitable material backgrounds for your web background or presentation background? The 3820×2160 pixel and 300 dpi high-quality images will provide the elegant look and feel you need. The material background archive offers 5 unique backgrounds with 9 different variables. The formats include .jpg and PSD with the white background version, which are fully editable. Depending on your choice, use the backgrounds to make scale up your design.

Material Design Backgrounds – X9TFWT

A simple set of layered wallpapers that is suitable for presenting your text, calligraphy, and other web content. With one color concept, the archive offers 10 color solutions are included. Simply download the backgrounds and add a classic look to your images. This package includes JPG, PNG, and layered vector files as well as a layered PSD file for photoshop.

Paper Texture – Material Design – CCTP4S8

This Background Bundle is a great option if you’re looking for a simple and fresh background for your creative ideas. Its minimalist artwork is characterized by geometric patterns and soft colors that create a warm vintage mood with a vintage aesthetic. These materials make it easy and pleasant to create trendy decorations. After downloading the file, you will get 30 flat, clean JPG images.

Material Design Backgrounds, Vol. 1 – P73YT3

In the archive, you will find clean, flat design backgrounds that can be used for web, apps, presentations, print templates, banners, and flyers, as well as for making your desktop stand out. There are 7 color options and each image comes in a 3000×2000 pixel size that can be easily edited.

Material Design Backgrounds, Vol. 2 – Z3XEQ8

These backgrounds are excellent for showcasing your products, presenting to audiences, advertising, and promoting your company. In addition, you can use them for web presentations, app presentations, and banners. The archive offers 7 different colors and high-quality images of 3000×2000 pixels. Easily editable vector images.

Material Design Backgrounds, Vol. 3 – PSSL8L

Volume 3 of the popular series is now available and looks amazing. As in volumes 1 and 2, you can use these flat backgrounds for so many design projects. You get 12 colors of high-resolution 5120×2880 .jpg files and 72 dpi with RGB. These are compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and Affinity.

Noisy Material Design Backgrounds – TQZXNL

You’ll love this minimalistic texture set which comes with 2000×3000 pixels! The archive contains JPG and PNG files and a layered vector (Layered PSD) file. It is easy to change an image’s size, shape, and color in Photoshop based on our vision and needs.

Cloth & Textile Backgrounds – G9K8CD

With more than 30 different backgrounds, the collection of cloth and textile images can be very effective for print designs. The bundle has a JPG format of 3000×2000 px and a 300 dpi resolution. A completely clean and photorealistic collection can be used for different purposes.

Abstract Waves Backgrounds – NNU5SW

Each file comes with a 3000 x 2000 pixel resolution, which makes it suitable for printing. You can use abstract wave backgrounds to make eye-catching designs within minutes. The backgrounds allow you to create complex images by changing each pixel’s color, making it possible to create any color combination.

20 Material Design Backgrounds – 13745604

The pack contains high-resolution jpg and vector files for making your image look eye-catching and elegant. From the application to the website, you can use the image for different purposes. A 3000×2000 px image with 72 dpi resolution will make it easier to read text information.

70 Flat & Material Backgrounds Bundle – 14680807

The collection consists of 70 flat and material backgrounds that are trendy and stylish. They always look great regardless of the device or resolution used to view the pictures. You can edit the 4000x3000PX, 300 dpi images according to your requirements.

60 Material Design Backgrounds Bundle – 15282535

The archive contains 60 JPG 3000×2000 PX material design background images. The collection contains a noise-material design background. The shape, color, direction, size, and other aspects of the design can be changed easily if necessary. If you plan to make something creative, you can use these graphics of minimalist art as a template. The collection contains JPG as well as PSD images.

Material Design Geometric Backgrounds x12 – 10245186

Suitable for apps, websites, promotional images, presentations, and graphic design projects. It is a set of 12 high-quality 3000×2000 PX material background images with versatile color combinations. The archive has both PNGs and high-quality JPGs to improve your design.

10 Material Design Paper Backgrounds – 21983328

Each background is made up of different shades of Google’s material color palette. There are more than 10 colors have been used in these material designs. You can use the material design backgrounds for different purposes, including presentation, app, and website temples. These amazing backgrounds feature polygonal geometric shapes stacked over one another.

The Packing Material Texture Pack (Volume 1)

Looking for stunning packing texture images for your next project? The majority of the textures in this pack come from brown paper and corrugated cardboard. A collection of 14 high-resolution JPG textures 5,160 x 3,872 pixels and 2,400 Dpi.

The Packing Material Texture Pack (Volume 2)

A beautiful texture pack composed of old-type reference books materials. The pack has 14 high-resolution textures to add an aesthetic touch to your images. A pair of brown papers, laminated cardboard, silk paper, polystyrene sheets, and more. You can download the JPG files to work on your preferred editing software.

Free Set Of 40+ Material Design Backgrounds

Are you looking for stunning free material backgrounds for your project? Then you should consider this collection of 40 material images. You can use these high-resolution images to enhance your web or print projects. You can customize the downloadable file using either the jpg or illustrator format. Add a lovely touch to your design by downloading the files.

Another Free Set of 40 Material design backgrounds

All of these 40-material design backgrounds are available for free and fully resizable. As
a result of the high-resolution images, your images will look stunning in addition to
adding versatility. Download the files and edit them according to your needs.

What are the benefits of using a Material design background?

You can add more art effects to your design projects by using material backgrounds. Material
background images can help you create stunning designs and finishes, which can help you to attract more attention from users.

A simple, professional-looking material background design could help you make more of an impact on those who cross paths with your brand because of the captivating background image. Some may not want your typical white background. For example, an architectural firm may want to show patterns that are symmetrical and geometric in design to accentuate the points of architectural design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of a material design background?

Designers can create intentional designs with hierarchy, meaning, and focus. The subtle and not-so-subtle design patterns of these backgrounds differentiate them from plain designs. The background won’t compete with your design or conflict if you layer the background with a darker filter, bringing forward bold and bright text.

How to buy material backgrounds from Envato?

To access Envato Elements, you must have an active subscription. You can easily download premium material background images if you purchase a subscription which is mentioned above. You will be charged in advance for unlimited downloads once you subscribe. As soon as the anniversary of your first subscription comes around, your subscription will automatically renew, either monthly or annually.

Is the Material Design flat design?

A key characteristic of Material Design is mostly flat elements with subtle touches of 3D. Designers can create multidimensional experiences by using 3D touches to create multiple layers.

What are the main characteristics of Material Design?

The main characteristics are symmetrical patterns, geometrical shapes, and textures. They can be flat designs or dimensional (2D or 3D).

Can I customize the material design backgrounds?

Yes. You can customize these backgrounds according to your needs. It is common to find JPG files among our selections. Besides, most of the bundles come in different formats. Using Photoshop or Illustrator, you can change the size, shape, and color as you see fit.

Best Material Design Backgrounds Summary

Internet users consume a great deal of information by scrolling through the feeds on any given platform. To attract users, you need an eye-catching design, and using a material design background from our selection you are sure to captivate users.

Hope our list provides you with a great option for your next design project. Please let us know what option is your favorite and what type of project you’ll use it for.

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