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Despite how popular the trend of characters and mascots was back in the 2010-2011 era of web design, we found it pretty difficult to find many fresh examples of cartoon-inspired web designs.

That’s not to say we didn’t find some cracking designs though! Today’s showcase features 20 fun websites that all feature cool cartoon characters. These sites have a fun personality and atmosphere which is a welcome contrast to the vast range of serious web designs we see on a daily basis.

Do you know any other cool sites featuring characters? Be sure to link them in the comments.

Dumb Ways to die

Dumb Ways to die is a fun game full of challenging levels where the player has to save the character from accidents in all the levels. The presentation website has a fun, cartoonish design, to resemble the app’s style.


This website lets you get the best PSD to HTML service with latest HTML web standards & SaSS CSS Extensions at an affordable price. The design is fun, creative and features a cute panda cartoon on the first page.

HTMLPanda cartoon characters

Stuff & Nonsense

Stuff & Nonsense website design’s is a presentation website for an agency based in UK, specializing in web design, responsive web design, visual identities and branding.

Fabulous web design UK, Stuff & Nonsense website design cartoon characters

Root Studio

Root Studio is a creative design agency with an experienced team of graphic designers, website designers, and developers. Their website is fun and showcases a cartoon element right on the homepage.

Root Studio Creative Graphic Design and Web Design Service, Lincoln cartoon characters

Ice and sky: The history of climate change

Discover the history and learn about climate changes with this the interactive documentary. The website is fun, cartoonish and very user-friendly.

 cartoon characters

Ryan Quincy

You’ll find all of Ryan’s work, characters, and projects throughout the site. There are plenty of cartoon characters showcased on his portfolio.

Ryan Quincy _ Animator, Artist, Out There

Lunarbot Studio

This fun, illustrated website belongs to a creative web design and development studio located in Dallas, TX. They specialize in responsive web design, web development and more!

Lunarbot Studio cartoon characters


This creative website belongs to Wunmi Atewologun, a Product Designer who creates scalable design systems.

IWillChangeIt cartoon characters

Alan Rickman

This website’s page is a tribute to the actor Alan Rickman. It was created in a cartoonish style and has the layout of an infographic.

 cartoon characters

Pudding Monsters

Pudding Monsters is a deliciously addicting puzzle adventure, with wacky characters. The presentation website suits the style of the game.

Pudding Monsters cartoon characters


MailBakery creates custom email marketing newsletter templates. They design and code email templates for marketing campaigns, responsive for mobile and more.

MailBakery cartoon characters

Bear CSS

This site’s purpose is to help you build a solid stylesheet foundation based on your markup.

Bear CSS cartoon characters

Full English

Full English offers Magento development and eCommerce support. They have a fun, cartoonish website design you’ll love!

Magento Development cartoon characters


There are plenty of black and white cartoon drawings on this website. Check them out!

PURE _ Anonymous Discreet Adult Dating App cartoon characters

Michelle Lana

Michelle Lana is a Lead Visual Designer, specialized in Illustration, User Interface Design, and more.

Michelle Lana_ Lead Visual Designer, Illustration, User Interface Design, Web,

Future Bristol

Future Bristol Vector Art in Web Design

Minergie Anniversary Website

Minergie Anniversary Website

My Phone & Me

My Phone & Me

Legwork Studio

I know what Vector Art

Adding a cartoon character to your website can give it a fun, playful look. It can definitely work for certain website designs, so if you’re working on a project where a client asked you for a cartoon character or cartoon-inspired design, use these websites for your inspiration.

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design trends, inspiration, design freebies, and more. You can follow him on Twitter

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  1. cartoon inspired websites though amazing are not suitable for many occupations or online businesses , but if I had a site related to website design , I would definitely chose cartoon inspired website.

  2. I really liked this post. Some awesome work showcased and it’s obvious when the illustrators work with the developers to create clever little animations the best results are achieved.

    Michelle Lana’s site reminded me of this one from a little Irish Start-Up: https://isave.ie It’s got pigs too :-)

  3. I came across this and found this designs unbelievably awesome. Too cool I must say. Really like the HTMLpanda and Boivin… Too creative, didn’t know you can design sites this way also :)


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