10 Artistic WordPress Themes for Musicians and Bands

10 Artistic WordPress Themes for Musicians and Bands
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Having a strong online presence has become a must for all musicians and bands. Many artists have discovered the power of the world’s largest content management system (CMS) WordPress and with its ever-increasing popularity, developers have been consistently creating WordPress themes for musicians and bands without having to learn code.

Though the various social media platforms help them stay connected with their fans, a robust website is always needed to serve as the home to all current details and information about the musician or band. Years ago many bands underestimated the significance of a good, interactive, modern website, but with the rise in digital music distribution, the importance of a website has increased drastically.

A well-designed website can help the music bands translate their style into an online presence. They will share all important information about their albums and tours through the website. Many major bands have started providing more immersive experiences through their websites which helps in increasing their follower base and increasing ticket sales of their tours and album copies.

WordPress is the most suited platform for music bands, given its versatility and ease of management. Furthermore, bands need not hire developers to build websites from scratch as there are many good WordPress themes that already exist for musicians and bands. Therefore, we have compiled here some very artistic WordPress themes for musicians and bands that are sure to create a visually stunning website.

1. IronBand – Music Band & DJ WordPress Theme

1. IronBand - Music Band & DJ WordPress ThemePin

Starting the list with a heavy metal rock WordPress theme, IronBand gets its inspiration from the legendary Iron Maiden band. The default setting is perfect for bands that are into metal rock, punk, or gothic music. However, you can always alter the images and design style to use this WordPress theme for whichever genre you want. The theme is highly SEO-friendly and works well on almost all browsers and devices. In addition, the theme is well documented, making it easy for developers to understand and use all the features. The support staff is also very quick to respond.

Most Notable Features:

  1. Seven well-set color schemes offering diversity in design
  2. Provides a link to online stores to push online sales
  3. Integrated music player to provide users preview of the music
  4. Includes major features like events, news, discography, biography, and a lot more
  5. Easily integrable with SoundCloud, Vimeo, YouTube, and all social media platforms
  6. Advanced customization panel allows you to change almost all aspects of its design like color, fonts, and styling 

2. Marquee Audio Theme

2. Marquee Audio ThemePin

If you want to showcase your online presence as stylish and modern, then the Marquee theme will work well for you. The theme comes with a split-screen feature that allows you to showcase images or videos in one column and text content in the other. The overall feel of the theme is very minimal. The default comes in a black and white version which gives a classy feel, but if you need it, you can always change the colors as per your requirement. The two-column structure makes the theme highly mobile compatible and also provides a good structure to your content flow. 

Most Notable Features:

  1. Site-Wide Jam features allow users to listen to your songs while they browse the entire website
  2. Because of its minimal design, the pages lost super fast, and this helps in bettering the SEO score
  3. The customization panel allows you to make quick changes and also get a preview of they will look
  4. The theme covers over 30 hand-picked Google fonts that you can use based on the genre of your music and branding style
  5. Has special features to showcase your gigs, album launches, and music videos
  6. A fantastic support system that will help you in case you are stuck anywhere

3. Music Artist Theme

3. Music Artist ThemePin

There will be times when you would be working on a tight budget for developing the website and thereby cannot afford the costly themes. This is why we have included this free music theme that is available on the WordPress website. Though it is free to download and use, it comes will all the basic functionalities that you will need to get your website up and to run. This theme can be used for music bands, artists, studios, and even nightclubs to promote their products or services. Ideally, expert developers can pick up this theme as a base, and they can add their plugins to make it a high-end website.

Most Notable Features:

  1. It is available for free download and use.
  2. There is a lot of scope of customization available in the theme.
  3. Because of its simplicity and simple design, it loads super fast.
  4. Theme support translation options, and therefore you can create multilingual websites using this theme which is good for music bands with a global audience.
  5. It uses stylish fonts and design elements, making the theme look visually appealing.

4. FWRD – Music Band & Musician WordPress Theme

4. FWRD - Music Band & Musician WordPress ThemePin

Recognized as one of the best Music WordPress themes globally, the FWRD theme works best for music bands, solo musicians, studios, music events, and even festivals. It comes loaded with many demo options that you can choose based on your need. All of the demos are superbly designed and very different, and hence this offers you a lot of variety to choose from. The theme also supports video background parallax, and you can use this to set up recent videos of your performance in the background.  

Most Notable Features:

  1. The theme comes with Page Builder Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, Easy Menu Builder Essential Grid, and other premium plugins, thereby saving your $100
  2. WooCommerce is also available for the theme, and hence you can start selling the music band merchandise on the website.
  3. There are almost unlimited layouts, colors, and font options for you to choose from
  4. All the design elements are retina-ready, making the site visually appealing.
  5. The child theme is also included, allowing professional developers more bandwidth for customization.
  6. Superb customer support and good theme documentation will help you anywhere you are stuck.

5. Freebone – WordPress Music Band Theme

5. Freebone - WordPress Music Band ThemePin

Freebone WordPress theme is set up for Elementor users making it a special choice who prefer this form of page builder. The highlight of the theme will be its full-screen video slider option. This lets you set the website’s tone and gives you the option to showcase more of your music. Overall the design is highly modern and focuses more on images and videos, which is good if you have such content ready. In addition, the website is well optimized for search engines and is mobile and browser compatible.

Most Notable Features:

  1. The theme comes with all the Jet plugins, which make website development a lot of fun and easy
  2. The one-click install option allows you to import a demo in no time and start using it
  3. Along with the theme, you get a bonus high-quality image pack related to music
  4. Ready to use pages for news, tours, band story, and a lot more, saving your development time and effort
  5. Special page for fan club that allows them to aggregate content on the website
  6. Amazing 24/7 super fast support for the lifetime

6. Divi Music Website


6. Divi Music WebsitePin

The Divi world is highly powerful when it comes to website development. Divi’s ecosystem can get almost all the needed design elements and functionalities. One of the highly used layout packs it offers is the Music page. It may not be the standard music website set with all fancy features, but it offers a good start. All developers who have added experience working in Divi will use this base and create the website they need for the music bands. The visual design of the theme is very vibrant as it uses flowy gradients in blocks. Of course, you can always alter this based on the branding style of your music band.

Most Notable Features:

  1. You get seven distinct page layouts along with the main theme, which covers pages like contact, about, and even a landing page.
  2. The theme comes loaded with all the standard features offered by Divi.
  3. The website is optimized very well for search engines.
  4. No need to worry about mobile and browser compatibility as the theme scores well there 
  5. The theme is well documented, and you get access to a good support system.

7. Lush – Music Band & Musician WordPress Theme

7. Lush - Music Band & Musician WordPress ThemePin

One of the best-selling music WordPress themes in the world right now, Lush is a very safe option if you do not mind spending a little on the theme. Its sales are so high because the developers have put a lot of thought into its development and taken care of all aspects needed for a website for the music sector. This highly evolved WordPress theme offers solutions for all stakeholders in the music industry, be it music bands, solo artists, studios, or music festivals. It comes loaded with the requisite functionalities. It is also highly optimized for search engines and works flawlessly across all browsers and devices.

Most Notable Features:

  1. The theme offers a 3D Push Menu which is one of its kind and makes the menu navigation look lot better
  2. You will get the $30 visual composer and page builder and $16 Slider revolution plugin free with the theme
  3. The WooCommerce integration allows you to set up shop on the website through which you can sell music band merchandise
  4. With its unlimited layout options, you can play around with the colors and fonts to get the design you want
  5. It offers the Child Theme along with the main theme, and this will let developers customize the theme from the scratch
  6. Its impressive photo album features allow you to put your images and videos in a visually appealing way

8. Oscillator Theme

8. Oscillator ThemePin

The Oscillator WordPress theme is a versatile theme that all stakeholders in the entertainment industry can use. The good part is that many suitable demos can work well for music bands. In addition, it allows the option for building the website using three different builders – Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Divi. This way, the developers have multiple options to choose the builder they are most comfortable with. It also comes with WooCommerce integration, which can be advantageous if you are looking to develop a shop page and sell music merchandise.

Most Notable Features:

  1. Its unique streaming audio player lets visitors sample or download your music.
  2. The theme offers a lot of custom widgets, which lets you tweak the website’s functionality as per need.
  3. Developers have included only the must-have JS scripts and other features, making the website run at a super-fast speed.
  4. It is compatible with almost all the major plugins available in the market.
  5. Once you buy the theme, you get constant updates and premium support.
  6. The theme is well documented and allows developers to customize various aspects of the website.

9. Musicify Theme

9. Musicify ThemePin

Another good free-to-download and use WordPress theme for Music bands are Musicify. This theme is not as fancy-looking as the premium ones mentioned in the list, but the good part is that it covers all the basic functionality needed for a music band website. The theme’s design is conventional, with a full-screen hero image followed by a column-based structure. You can either use the layout or restructure it as per your content.

Most Notable Features:

  1. The theme is beginner-friendly, and people with less development knowledge can also work on it.
  2. The website is highly responsive and works well on all browsers and devices.
  3. Theme employs Elementor as the page builder, which allows for quick customization.
  4. Allows a lot of customization in terms of images, headers, fonts, and other design styles
  5. Because the theme is simple in terms of code and design, the website will be super fast, and this helps in SEO
  6. The theme supports almost all the major plugins, and you can deploy them to get additional functionalities for the website.

10. MusicPress – A Timeless Audio Theme 

10. MusicPress - A Timeless Audio Theme Pin

If you are looking for a robust WordPress theme at a low cost, then MusicPress is the one to go for. It comes at $39 but is surely a value for money. The theme is versatile and can be used for any stream related to the music industry. For example, there are many demos that can be directly used for the music band website. The theme page also provides links to actual websites created from this theme. This will give you a good idea about how best you can use the theme.

Most Notable Features:

  1. The theme has three premade skins – dark, light, or grunge and also has two variety of layouts
  2. The entire theme is fully customizable and lets you change design elements as per need
  3. The jPlayer plugin gives you the power of setting up a playlist manager and song uploader
  4. The Theme also comes with 14 custom widgets which include social media, gallery, reviews, store, videos, and a lot more
  5. The three Home page sliders available with the theme can help you enhance the visual feel of the website
  6. It comes with an inbuilt SEO plugin, but you can turn it off if you want to use a different plugin


Websites for musicians and bands need to be very vibrant and should be loaded with fancy tools that can provide a good immersive user experience. Therefore it’s important to study the present websites first and determine which functionalities you want to have in your website. Then you can start searching for the right WordPress theme that matches your requirements. We found that the above list contains some of the most artistic and creative WordPress themes available. 

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