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If you’re looking to set up a website and don’t know coding, then free Wix templates are the solution. You can easily create professional-looking websites with Wix and you can benefit from many advantages, like the easy setup and customization process, the modern design and other wonderful options. So, we’ve created a list of 20 free Wix website templates for no-coding websites that we’re sure you’ll find inspiring.

Vintage Car Garage

Vintage Car Garage Wix template creates a deep visual impact through the entire design but also with many dynamic and attractive elements. This free Wix template is minimalistic and elegant, and it’s centered on fullscreen high-quality car images. This free template is dedicated to any car and motorcycle enthusiasts and to automotive specialists.

1 Vintage Car Garage Free Wix Website Templates

Featured Book Store

Featured Book Store is a Wix template that is free to use and that is dedicated to digital bookstores, ebooks websites, and online magazines publishers. It comes with an elegant look, a well-structured design, many layout templates, great website sections and many other great features for an enriching experience.

2 Featured Book Store Free Wix Website Template

Music Art

Music Art Wix website template has a simple, neat, modern and elegant design and it’s dedicated to music related websites. It can be used by any music professionals, singers, songwriters and musicians or bloggers to display recent works, affiliations, and preferences and promote videos and songs. This free Wix template comes with great customization tools, an easy to use interface, a fully responsive design and much more.

3 Music Artist Free Wix Web Templates

Actor & Model Resume

Actors, models and tv personalities can use this website template to highlight their skills, present their resume and make sure they get noticed. The design is refreshing, classy and elegant, fully responsive and it comes with simple to use customization tools, helpful sections, and menus to display, and many other dynamic elements that will help to create a perfect website.

4 Actor & Model Resume Free Wix Web Template

Japanese Restaurant

This Wix template is dedicated to culinary and restaurant websites. The design is ultra light, minimalistic and creative, 100% responsive and highly customizable.

Free Japanese Restaurant Website Template From Wix

Celebration Cakes

Celebration Cakes has a minimalistic and joyful design and was created especially for any cake designers, pastry chefs, and bakeries. The appealing design is fully responsive and looks perfect on any device and it’s great for pastry products portfolios for those people who wish to utilize the Wix website building platform.

Cake / Bakery Website Template from Wix - Free

Construction Company

As the name states, this Wix template is best suited for any building construction company. It can be used to display recent works and services through a great portfolio template. It comes with a fully responsive design and easy to use customization tools.

 Construction Company - Free Wix Website Template

Success Coach

Success Coach is a free Wix template for personal coaches and it comes with a minimalistic and modern design, great image galleries, layout templates and sections, great tools for customization and many other cool features.

Success Coach - Free Wix Website Theme

The Consultant

The Consultant represents a great solution if you’re searching for a website template for Wix that would highlight your services and make the perfect presentation of how can you help people as a personal consultant. The design is modern, neat and well-organized, fully responsive and highly customizable so that you can create an attractive website without paying any fees.

The Consultant - Free Wix Website Themes

Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian Restaurant free Wix template is based on high-quality and deep visual impact full-screen images of attractive dishes. As the name states, it’s a perfect choice for any vegetarian restaurant to display the price menu and info about recipes and the place. It comes with great gallery sections, powerful tools for customization and optimization, a fully responsive design that looks perfect on any device and many other great features.

Vegetarian Restaurant - Wix Website Template Free

Accountancy Firm

Accountancy Firm Wix template makes a great landing page for an accountancy company and it comes with features like a fully responsive design, a classy, elegant and professional look, great customization tools, well-structured layouts and sections and much more. Best of all, it’s free.

Accounting Firm - Free Wix Website Template

Fashion Designer

Like any other fashion related website, this Wix template is aiming to create a deep visual impact on the visitor. Thus, the design is ultra minimalistic, modern and classy and is based on fullscreen high-quality images of fashion products. Easy to install and use, this free Wix theme would make a perfect choice for any fashion blog, fashion photographers or online fashion store websites.

Free Wix Website Template - Fashion Designer

Pop Up Fashion Store

This free Wix template is dedicated to online stores websites and it comes with great customization tools, a fully responsive design, a dynamic set of elements created especially to help you display info and product images and many other great options to help you set up your shop.

 Pop Up Fashion Store - Free Wix Website Templates

Architect Company

If you’re an architect and you’re looking to build your own website to showcase your works, then Architect Company is a perfect choice when it comes to free Wix website templates. Not only it can be used as a portfolio landing page for a single professional but also for a big architecture company as it has a professional, clean, modern and minimalistic design that can create a deep visual impact. It can be easily customized and you can personalize the aspect and make it represent your principles. This Wix template comes with great customization tools, many layouts, sections and portfolio options and the design looks professional, classy and perfect for any device.

Architect Company - Free Wix Template

Wedding Cakes

This free Wix theme has an elegant and modern vibe, simple and clean look,  impressive image galleries and many options for layouts and sections. The design is fully responsive and looks perfect on any device. This theme has a great support, an easy setup and customization process and much more.

Wedding Cakes - Free Wix Template

Urban Photography

Urban Photography is a free website template for Wix, dedicated to professional photographers. It’s perfect to showcase works, and it comes with a full-width gallery, an ultra minimalistic design, and many great tools for customization.

Urban Photography - Free Wix Template

Food Photographer

Food Photographer is a template for Wix best suited for professional food photographers, chefs and cooking blogs. It has various portfolio layouts, multiple options for sections and for customization and the design is fully responsive.

Food Photographer Free Wix Template

Vegan Restaurant

Vegan Restaurant free Wix template is easy to install and use, has a modern and neat design and is best suited for vegan restaurants. It’s fully responsive on any device, has great customization tools and many other helpful features.

Vegan Restaurant Free Wix Theme

Phone & Tablet Store

This free Wix template is perfect for any online store selling electronic products such as phone and tablets. The design is dynamic and modern, fully responsive and easy to customize.

Phone & Tablet Store Free Wix Themes

Running Group

Running Group is a free Wix website template dedicated to sports activities such as running, jogging and fitness meetups. The design is clean, neat and modern, fully responsive to any device and perfect for sport-related websites. With this template is very easy to change all the images and videos, and any other design element.

Running Group Free Wix Website Template 

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