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Throughout the year I’ve showcased my favorite website designs findings in the Line25 Sites of the Week roundups. This special near-end of year post showcases the best of the best, pulling together the best website designs of 2018 into one showcase of super cool sites.


Beagle by Podio best website designs

Beagle website is a great example of a responsive web design and has an elegant and interactive website layout.


species best website designs

This website aims to raise awareness about 30 endangered species in an interactive and creative way.

A Quest

AQuest Creative Digital Agency best website designs

This digital agency is formed of a very experienced multidisciplinary team and has quite a classy website.

Who We Are

blacknegative best website designs

This website tells the story of each of Blacknegative’s fascinating projects. They use a creative slideshow layout for their portfolio.

Slavery Footprint

Slavery Footprint best website designs

This is yet another website that focuses on raising awareness, this time on slavery. It uses an interactive design that makes readers wonder about the things they have and do.


Discover your new ambition best website designs

Take a look at Unpigeon’s website. They use powerful and interactive visuals to help people discover new ambitions.

Jordan Sowers

Jordan Sowers best website designs

This website uses a centered vertical slideshow before laying out any other content. This is also a business card website for Jordan Sowers.


Victoria Spicer best website designs

Victoria Spicer’s website uses powerful images in a very creative way to present content to their readers.


Emmit Fenn best website designs

This is a music portfolio presented in a very creative way through their web design layout.


Dock by Crestyl best website designs

This website has a very friendly and dynamic interface and focuses on presenting their for-sale properties.


Gout The Causes Symptoms And Treatment best website designs

This is yet another interactive website example that I believe is amongst the best of this year. Check it out to find out whether we think the same about Gout.


EUROVET best website designs

This is the presentation website of a veterinary products developer and distributor with quite an awesome website. This website could serve as inspiration for your next project thanks to its innovative idea of web design layout.


Why we explore - Interactive 3D space blog

This horizontal website talks about space exploration using a dark background and a linear way of presenting content.

Tim Roussilhe

Tim Roussilhe - Interactive Developer

Tim Roussilhe’s website is a modern and classy example of a creative developer’s portfolio. It has a simple, minimalist design.

The Feebles

The Feebles Design & happiness best website designs

The Feebles has a colorful and playful website layout. They also have a lot of experience in creative businesses.


Jaune de Chrome best website design

Jaune de Chrome is yet another example of a minimalist and sensitive web design that can serve as good inspiration for your next project.


Home - EmberHouse best website design

They offer good solutions for your problems and they have an amazing interface. They use typography and animations to present content.


Flavien Guilbaud Digital Art Director based in Paris, France

This website presents a portfolio or works done by Flavien Guilbaud in a creative way through a vertical slideshow.


Chris Biron best website design

This website belongs to a freelance digital designer called Chris Biron and his web design layout keeps it simple and nice.

Daoust Lestage

Daoust Lestage best website design

This is Daoust Lestage architecture portfolio. His works are presented as a slideshow that also uses typography.

Narrow Design

Nick Jones Interface Prototyper _ Designer best website design

This is quite an interesting example of an interactive website. Narrow Design’s website layout uses geometry as its main creative motif.


Belle Epoque Digital Agency - Website creation in Paris best website design

Agence-belle-epoque is yet another example of a sensitive web design layout that focuses on images and typography to present content.


Forside - G-uld best website design

This shop’s website uses images, typography, and colors to present its content in a creative and original way.

Creative Wallonia

Creative Wallonia best website design

Their website lets you discover step by step everything there is to know about Creative Wallonia.


Kvell best website design

Kvell focuses on creating functional and easily attainable design for everyone and their website surely expresses creativity and design experience.


Casamance website design

They sell elegant home decor products and their website expresses their affinity for sensitive design.

Basic Agency

BASIC™ Digital Web Design & Branding Agency website design

Basic is a strategic agency for brands and has a really cool interface for their website. Their online presence is based on a simple yet creative web design layout.

Cedric Pereira

Cédric Pereira website design

They use a pink palette of colors for their web design layout that gives their site a sensitive and feminine touch.


Victoire Douy - UI UX Designer website design

This website belongs to a graphic designer from Paris and he has a well-thought and designed page that proves his vast experience in this line of work.


P22 website design

P22 is made of a team of people interested in technology and design and their website uses a lot of typography and animations.


Homepage website design

They’re a creative agency and their website uses bold and artistic horizontal bands on which they placed content.


Wokine. Agence digitale & Startup Studio website design

Wokine is a digital agency whose website has a very friendly interface that uses vertical scrolling, a large range of colors and typography to present content.


WE3 website design

They focus on growing bright minds whether they’re interested in design or web development. If you’re interested you should definitely have a look on their website.


Merci-Michel website design

Merci-Michel is formed of a team of digital experts and their website uses a lot of animation clips, illustrations and typography to present content in a creative and innovative way.


Norgram — Digital Design Studio website design

Norgram’s website focuses on presenting a portfolio of works done by their design studio.


Yatzer Design is to Share website design

If you’re out of ideas for your next trip you should take a look on this amazing website that will surely help you find the best location for your vacation.


Big Youth, full-services digital agency website design

They use bright colors, animations, and typography to present themselves as a digital agency that’s full of experience.


UNIEL website design

This is yet another good example of a creative use of typography and animations and their website might even serve as a good source of inspiration for your next project.

The Fotonaut

Fotonaut website design

They have a colorful and really friendly interface that makes you rethink the way you’ve been designing up until now.

Paul Valentine

Paul Valentine Official Babe Accessories website design

Paul Valentine’s website has an elegant web design layout that best suits their beautiful products.


10x16 website design

This is a selection of 1o artistic albums chosen by 16 artists all brought up into a cool website with a minimalist design that only focuses on presenting the project gallery.


Heco website design

This is yet another good example of an interactive website that uses vertical scrolling and animations to present content to their readers.

Olivier Bernstein

Olivier Bernstein website design

This horizontal website presents a gallery of images in a minimalist and elegant way. They also use a calming background music.

Movement of Data Horizontal Bands

Mac à Montréal Horizontal Layouts

Si Scott Studio



An HTML5 Interactive Infographic featuring Dribbble

Dribbble comprises all the content related to creativity and technology in one site. This website uses a gray millimetric paper for its background and a pink palette for content, giving it a really friendly and familiar look.


iPhone and iPad App Development

They focus on creating apps and their website uses a huge typography on a horizontal band to point out important content.


THIS IS TEIXIDÓ website design

This is another example I find interesting. Teixido uses a light grey grungy texture to give the website a more familiar look and a tactile experience for the readers.


Web Lab website design

They also have a light gray texture that makes their colorful logo stand out. They have an elegant yet friendly interface.


TWLVR website design

They use a dark background that gives their website a more formal interface. They also use soundtracks, images and typography to layout content.


Huge website design

Did you know there were so many ways to design a creative ‘H’. If not you should definitely check out this cool website and who knows, maybe it will be your net project’s inspiration.



Their aim is to manage all your business and travel expenses and they have a cool and interactive website that uses bold colors, animations, and typography.


The DNA Project by J.Views website design

This website presents a music experiment in a creative way. It uses background sounds, images and typography to create a really calming environment.


Legwork Studio website design

This is yet another example of a website that thrives on creativity. They’re an experienced multidisciplinary team and their website proves it.


V O I D website design

Void has a really cool and interactive website that you don’t want to miss. Check it out to see exactly how creative a site could get.


ESL home website design

This friendly interfaced website focuses on presenting a youth teaching program in China through an animated colorful background and typography.


Super Duper Studio website design

They’re a full-service design studio and their website has a dynamic interface thanks to colors, animations and a good choice in typography.


 website design

This website uses an animated horizontal band full of Chinese typography and grid-type gallery to present content.


district0x website design

This website uses bold colors and animations to create a friendly and interactive interface for themselves.


SHIFT, un état d’esprits website design

Their page uses an intro with short clips of some of their projects while the rest of the website uses a minimalist design and illustrations to present their portfolio.


Pentagram website design

Pentagram is a design company whose website presents a lot of content through images, texts and so much more.


DBF website design

They’re loyalty experts and they have a colorful and dynamic interface for their website. Check out their website and find out more or simply get inspired by their web design layout.


Organic Superfoods from Rainforest Foods website design

This website focuses on raising awareness about rain forests which are believed to exist to help man and nature take care of each other. They have an interactive site that uses powerful images for its background.

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design trends, inspiration, design freebies, and more. You can follow him on Twitter

39 thoughts on “Showcasing 65 of the Best Website Designs of 2018”

  1. Great collection! I especially enjoyed the Foundation Six Web Design Studio website. Great use of typography. Clean and simple design, and most importantly easy for the viewer to navigate!

    Thanks for the post!

  2. There is some wonderful work here, but I notice that most of them isn't work for clients… just portfolios and studios?

    Shouldn't this contain quite a lot more work that's been produced for the clients of those companies?

  3. Next time, I would love to see a list of websites that are not portfolio websites or selling apps. I want to see how talented designers come up with solutions in meeting the demands and requirements of large content-driven or community-building websites. It's understandably easier to create beautiful websites when a designer only has one objective to consider and has the liberty to control every aspect of the site. It's considerably easier to design a beautiful website that has 10-20 pages than a website that has high traffic volume and update frequency. Your list is great, nonetheless.

  4. Sad that 75% of these are for the sites of designers/web-dev shops. Would love if actual clients wanted new and innovative designs.

  5. Nice list! Thanks God that the Web is bigger than us… Design and WebDesign is something very, very particular… sometimes even selfish and egocentric. It is good to have so many examples of art and usable things. Congratulations!!!

  6. Stunning collection Chris! If I had to pick my favorite, it would be New Adventures in Web Design. The little effect they added with the shapes on each page is awesome.

    I wish I knew how to do something like that.

  7. Woah, awesome collection – tons of inspiration to be had from these sites. Great to see so many sites employing original fonts too…

  8. Wow what a collection!…. A lot of these sites are still new to me as I've only been around here for a few months. Very inspirational, thanks for all the work you put in to compiling these lists.

  9. Wow! As I had been following your roundups for the past year, and even though I've seen these websites, it is still so inspiring and empowering to see them all together as they are in this post!
    Thanks a lot Chris!


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