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Are you starting a blog for the first time and looking for advice on how to get started? Maybe you’ve been at it a while and want to learn how to improve your writing, grow your email list, or make money blogging. No matter which stage you’re at or what advice you’re looking for, the information and tools are out there. You just have to know where to look. Start by checking out these best blogging resources, listed in alphabetical order.


Canva is a free online graphic design tool that works great for creating featured images, sidebar advertisements, and more. Choose from pre-designed templates, or start with your own dimensions and images. You can always overlay text and other elements to make your images one-of-a-kind. The program is free to use, though some premium images and elements cost $1.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Your headline is one of the most important aspects of your blog posts. A good headline will attract attention and increase traffic. CoSchedule’s free handy headline analyzer tool helps take some of the guesswork out of headline writing by scoring your headline and making suggestions that will help take your title to the next level.

Google Analytics

To keep track of your traffic statistics and to get better ideas of where you can improve your blog, Google Analytics is your go-to tool. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to view stats about your site such as page views, bounce rate, average session duration, and more.

Google Webmaster Tools

Another important blogging resource from Google is Google Webmaster Tools. This program will show you what keywords you’re ranking for, where you rank on the page, and how many people click on your link from the search results. Here, you’ll be able to add your sitemap so Google can crawl your site, as well as view data that will give you insight on how to improve your search engine rankings and your traffic.


When you want to deliver high-quality content to your readers, it’s best to make sure it’s error-free. Grammarly helps with that. Simply paste your blog posts into Grammarly’s text box to help eliminate errors and improve clarity. This is a great tool for those who aren’t native English speakers, but it’s also great for those who feel their computer’s word processor doesn’t do enough to help them become a better writer. Grammarly offers both free and paid options.


ProBlogger is an educational resource dedicated to helping you succeed as a blogger. Start by browsing the many articles on the blog, ranging from starting a blog to making money blogging to creating quality content to building a community. ProBlogger also features podcast episodes, eBooks, and tickets to in-person training events that all help you improve your craft. If you want to get a jump-start on making money blogging, they also feature a job board for freelance bloggers.


QuickSproutis another educational resource that focuses on content marketing of all types. However, much of the material on the site will help you in blogging, from coming up with ideas to marketing your blog and more. Start by browsing the QuickSprout blog. If you find that content useful, check out QuickSprout’s free training guides, like The Advanced Guide to SEO or The Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience.


SEMrush is among one of the best SEO tools out there for bloggers. Use it to compare your search engine strategies to your competitors’, research keywords, analyze your backlinks, and more. With SEO recommendations, you can get a better feel for how various factors affect your site performance and what you can do to improve your strategies.


SmartBlogger, previously Boost Blog Traffic, is an educational site packed with blog content that will help you grow as a blogger. Learn about authority, design, SEO, WordPress, and more. Additional resources like their free Headline Hacks cheat sheet, as well as private education classes, help you perfect your craft so you can blog more effectively and reach more people.


ThemeForest is an important resource for bloggers on the WordPress platform. This marketplace features thousands of WordPress themes. Bloggers will find it useful for discovering themes that suit their branding, attract attention, and improve conversion rates. These WordPress themes offer premium features so you can build a beautiful site with advanced functions that will make people want to continue coming back.


Trello is a one-stop app for all your productivity needs. Whether you’re running a blog on your own and need to keep track of content ideas or you’re working with a remote team and need to organize your publishing schedule, Trello is a great option for staying on top of everything. Create “boards” to organize your ideas and due dates and to collaborate with team members.

Website Setup

If you’re brand new to blogging and don’t know how to get started, Website Setup is a great place to start. This site offers a free comprehensive guide to help you set up your first self-hosted WordPress site, increase traffic, and start making money blogging. Not only does the site walk you through the first steps, but it delivers extra helpful articles and answers to your most pressing questions.

With these blogging tools and educational resources in mind, you should be able to move forward with launching your blog and growing it into a successful business. Which tools are you enjoying so far?

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