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Our recent roundup of HTML and CSS editing apps for Mac users proved to be really popular, but the Windows-based designers were feeling a little left out. This week’s roundup pulls together the most popular editing application choices for PC users.

These HTML & CSS editing apps for Windows users will help designers build standards-compliant websites with the help of powerful tools features such as live preview, validation, live editing, HTL5 support, drag and drop systems, FTP editing, troubleshooting, browser support, auto-completion features, and more.

Choose your favorite editing app from the list below.


TopStyle Editing Apps For Windows

TopStyle for Windows contains powerful tools for building standards-compliant web sites. It includes useful features such as live preview, built in validation, live editing, and HTML5 support.


Application screenshot

Notepad2 (FREE)

 Editing Apps For Windows

Notepad2 is one of the most popular utilities for Windows users. It’s a fast, lightweight and simple application. Notepad2 doesn’t include fancy features of more robust editing apps, but if it’s just a program to manually write your code that you’re after, Notepad2 may be for you. This tool can be run out of the box without installation and does modify your system’s registry.


Application screenshot


Stylizer Editing Apps For Windows

Stylizer is a web page building app with a range of unique features such as drop-and-drop functionality and ‘Bullseye’ on-page editing. Stylizer is described as a great tool to help designers learning the basics of CSS to learn better through its real time visual tool that lets you see how the pieces fit together. It comes with a live preview function, which means that your style sheets open automatically and your changes appear instantly. It also lets you switch between major browsers using side-by-side preview panes. This helps you construct responsive website designs easily.


Application screenshot


Brackets - A modern, open source code editor

Brackets is a lightweight modern editor focused on visual tools. It’s was specially made for web designers and front-end developer that makes it much more easier to design directly in your browser. This modern text editor is an open-source project with great features, such as live preview, preprocessor support, inline editors, and more. With Brackets you can use Quick Edit and Live Highlight with your LESS and SCSS files.

Style Master

Style Master CSS Editor

Style Master is a CSS editing app that’s available for both Windows and Mac users. It features live editing of websites vis FTP, has both design & code views and built in browser support for easy troubleshooting. Among this tool’s best features are creating style sheets based on your HTML, live CSS editing of PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby and other dynamically generated sites and editing CSS via ftp.


Application screenshot


Editor PSPad Editing Apps For Windows

PSPad is a freeware editor with support for a number of file types and languages. Features such as syntax highlighting, macros, clips and templates make it a complete application for the designer confident with their coding skills. This tool helps you create web pages and supports many file types and languages, with syntax highlighting. It has an integrated HEX Editor, FTP Client, Macro Recorder, File Search/Replace, Code Explorer, and other great features.


Application screenshot

Rapid CSS

Style Master CSS Editor

Rapid CSS features both manual editing capabilities and the option of having a stylesheet automatically created. Other features such as auto-completion, code inspection and validation make it a good competitor. This comes with CSS checker and instant built-in multi-browser preview. It also loads much faster than any other CSS editors, supports HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, JavaScript, PHP, XML, ASP, Perl and more, lets you edit directly on your web server or publish local development copy updates with a single click and even has a built-in multi-browser preview.


Application screenshot

Responsive Site Designer

Responsive Site Designer Editing Apps For Windows

RSD has a lot of new features that can come in really handy, such as a width slider, custom breakpoints and also comes with a large library of pre-built items and symbols.

EngInSite CSS Editor

Visit the app website Editing Apps For Windows

The EngInSite CSS Editor is a complete CSS editing application with all the features you could wish for. Live preview and validation, visual editing, wizards and auto-completion features make it a great app for both beginners and veterans.


Application screenshot

Komodo Edit

Download Komodo Edit Editing Apps For Windows

Komodo Edit can be used for editing HTML, XML, and other text files and comes with a lot of features. You can also add some extensions available for languages and special characters.


Buy Adobe Dreamweaver Editing Apps For Windows

Dreamweaver is one of the most well-known page building apps. It includes a range of unique features and is a robust app allowing websites to be built via the Design or Code views. If you already have access to Dreamweaver as part of the Adobe Creative Suite, it definitely has every tool you’ll ever need, as well as some you probably never will need!


Application screenshot


Notepad++ Home Editing Apps For Windows

Notepad++ is another free lightweight application for Windows and is a popular choice for veteran programmers who only need a basic app to manually write their code. It has quite a few useful features such as ability to bulk edit files, syntax highlighting and much more.


Application screenshot

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51 thoughts on “HTML & CSS Editing Apps For Windows Designers”

  1. Avesome post, as usual :)

    But what about WeBulder (

    I use it fot a few years and i'm happy.
    But for special things (huge files) Notepad 2 is, imho, more speedy

  2. I use dreamweaver and firebug for my web designs but going to take note of the article and user comments and try other apps too, Notepad++ was mentioned a few times

  3. What do you think about Aptana? Isn't it a very good alternative?

    Btw, will be there a Guide of tools like this to Linux soon?


  4. Iḿ using the Bluefish editor. It works very handy, if I'm typing a selector, bluefish gives me different ones wich I'm probably want to use too choose from. It also explains what it does. Beside that gives colors to the dirrirent words. As last I also use it on my Ubuntu pc. I have the same program on Ubuntu as on Windows 7.

  5. Hmmm… I thought I'm not the only one using PHP Designer to code html/css. It has all you want code to programming: html, php, javascript, ruby, etc, etc. I like it how it switches the highlighting (colored/light gray) between html and php depending on which part are you working on. Great especially when creating themes for WordPress. It als has a nice code snippet feature, suggestions-as-you-type function similar to what Dreamweaver has, and ftp manager, opening files and saving them directly on server. And it's pretty decently priced, unlike Dreamweaver.

  6. this is a great collection of tool some im not to familiar with tho notepad period is like a standard to me its time to use different tool

  7. Great list Chris. I've just started using:

    Sublime Text –

    Compatible with TextMate and features:
    * Macros
    * Powerful Snippets
    * Panels
    * Quick document viewer
    * Clean and simple UI

    Highlight recommended.

  8. It's easier to use notepad/notepad ++. It's harder, for me anyway, to learn how to use a wysiwyg editor then to learn code.

  9. I keep it simple..Dreamweaver or something like NotepadII. I think the GUI software and wysiwyg does more harm than good. Good old fashion coding.

  10. Nice round up – I'd echo Nils though, Aptana really should get a mention. Especially as it's compaitble with Zen Coding (my new best friend)

  11. there is one more which is under development and i have been using it for about 4 months now which is nice and i think it should be review,

  12. In your opinion what is the closest program to Coda on Mac?
    Im using dreamweaver just because I have it atm.. but Coda does seem like an amazing piece of software.
    Staring to think I may have to invest in some apple hardware

    • @simmo – I would say Aptana… I can't mention any editors thats closer to Coda than that.. But if there one of you who know one, Im also listening ears :)

  13. Hi Chis,

    Another great article from you..

    One editor I would suggest is Aptana WebStudio with built-in FTP-Connection, macros and much more.
    Its also comfortable with MAC
    – Check out – The new version of Aptana is out now :P

  14. E-Text Editor is my choice, it's really great and the best of it is that you can use TextMate bundles within it.

    However, I tend to use Notepad++ too, simply great and lightweight

  15. I am using PSPad and I love it.

    @Bill Labus, this was Windows XP and it didn't look good, you have to check out Windows 7 it looks much better :-)

  16. I use WeBuilder from Blumentals, it is quite a bit more than an HTML/CSS editor but it does them quite well in my opinion for a not dissimilar (or less, in the case of Dreamweaver) price.

  17. windows is really lacking a good CSS editor like CSSEdit for MAC.
    Stylizer has a great concept, unfortunately, there isn't an option to manually edit code, which means you can't use advanced CSS3 that hasn't been included in the UI.
    stylemaster hasn't got the greatest interface, seems like it was designed in the early 2000s.
    topstyle keeps crashing in the preview.
    I went back to notepad++
    there's a new web app called buildorpro that allows you to design in the browser. it's currently in beta. although it still has limited uses such as rapid prototyping. don't expect to be able to build a fully fledged HTML5/Css3 app with it.

  18. Awesome list of editors, some I'd not heard of but look promising, and worth a trial (if they have one).

    Netbeans is another one, which I'm using at the moment, but has only just started implementing HTML5 and CSS3 support for auto complete etc. Worth checking out though.

  19. I'd suggest Intype (

    Possibly the nicest looking text editor for Windows in my opinion. The only problem its quite featureless and hasn't been updated for some time.

    But perfect if you want a lightweight option with good syntax highlighting.

  20. Thanks Chris! I always like to test different editors. Another free one that I found useful a while back was <a href="">Alleycode</a>.


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