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If you are passionate about photography, photo editing or simply taking selfies, you need to know that there are lots of stunning photo editing apps for mobile devices. These apps can help you edit your photos and even retouch them, to make them look perfect!

Of course, no amount of editing can do miracles on a poor lit image, so make sure you keep in mind some photography tips as well. If you want to get creative and play around with the multiple functions these best photo editing apps include, give them a try!

This set of very useful photo editing apps can be used by photographers, designers, Instagrammers and basically anyone who needs to edit photos on their phone. You can use these best photo editing apps on both Android and Apple devices, to remove unwanted objects, add filters, crop, rotate, blend photos, sharpen, apply textures, add blur effects, correct the perspective and more.

To sum up, here you have 20 best photo editing apps for iPhone and Android that you can use to create beautiful photos! Check them out!


VSCO is a great photo editing app that you can use on your iPhone, iPad, etc. This application includes lots of neat filters, also, you can use it as a camera app and share your images on various platforms.



Enlight offers the complete solution to an iPhone photo editor and it comes with various creative tools such as selective control, crop, rotation, correct perspective, filters, gradients, clone tool, etc.



Use this great photo editing application to remove any object from your images. You can use it to remove wires, people, various objects, etc.



AfterFocus is an excellent photo editing app that lets you add a neat blur effect to the background. Check it out!



Use this amazing application to combine various images into one. You can blend textures, superimpose a photo, etc. The effect is stunning!



Snapseed is a popular iPhone app that lets you edit your images. This is very easy to use and it comes with multiple strong functions. Take a look!


Filterstorm Neue

Filterstorm Neue is an amazing photo editing app that includes the following functions: masking tools, curves, levels, channel mixer, clone tool, sharpening, noise reduction,  and more.



Mextures lets you apply various textures, fine tune images, and it includes other great features. Take a look and see what it has to offer!



SKRWT is an excellent photo editing app that lets you straighten an image to make sure that the perspective is perfect. This application is very useful for architecture photography. Take a look!


Lens Distortions

Check out this great photo editing application that helps you intensify your images with various shimmering light effects. You can use this for various creative shots.



AirBrush is a very useful image editing app if you are passionate about selfies. This neat application includes all the tools that you need to create stunning selfies.



Cupslice is an excellent photo editor that offers various filters to help you create a striking image. Take a look!



PhotoDirector is a great image editing application that includes various useful functions to help you get stunning photos. Check out its full specifications!


Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro comes with lots of amazing features that can be used to edit your photos directly from your mobile device.


Photo Lab Pro

Photo Lab Pro is a neat photo editing application that you can use to stitch multiple photos together and create montages.


PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is a great image editor application that can be downloaded for free and it includes in-app purchases. Take a look at what it has to offer!



Snapseed is an amazing photo editing app that you can download and use for free. This android app includes neat functions that you can use to make your images perfect.


Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Bonfire Photo Editor is an excellent application that comes with lots of great filters and fundamental editing tools. Take a look!


Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor is a neat photo editing application that includes very useful tools such as highlights, temperature, crop, rotate, brightness, contrast, saturation, and more.



Pixlr is an amazing image editor application that you can use to improve your photos and to create stunning effects. Enjoy!

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