10 Home Page Designs That Pull Clients In

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We’ve learned that the first things that a potential client sees when viewing your company or business, is the logo. But what happens when the logo works, and they feel compelled to visit your website in order to learn more about you and your company? The first and foremost important is your web design, but the homepage of your website is what they see first, and whether they decide to navigate and spend any time learning about you is based on how much they like the home page design, and how user-friendly it is. Today, we will discover 10 home page designs that pull clients in.

15 Design Ideas for Unique Graphic Design Business Cards

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When it comes to your brand, there are a lot of important factors in which will allow you to stand out from the others, in order to receive more recognition, thus more clients and jobs. In graphic design, we know that some of the most common jobs we receive are brand related, including web design, logos, and typography for businesses. A business card is a must. It is a first impression that leaves your client with a question: do they want you to complete the task at hand? If not, it’s possible that your business card just didn’t stand out to them, and never led them to discover your website, or learn about your company and what you have to offer. Today, we will review 15 design ideas for unique graphic design business cards, and why they are successful.

25 Best Beer Packaging Designs of the Year

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Graphic Design comes in many forms. Some of the most interesting and successful designs can be found nowadays on a plethora of different products and services. New forms of producing art through design are valuable to businesses, and reflect how successful it could potentially become. Without an eye-catching design, the product can be overlooked for packaging that appears more intriguing, as well as aesthetically pleasing and cohesive to the customers’ eye. Attention to detail, skill level, colors used, even the content of the design are all crucial to your packaging. It’s crucial to have the power to stand out among the competition, and it starts with the design of your product. Here, we focus on 25 of some of the most innovative beer packaging designs on the market today. 

Are You Using Whitespace in Your Website Designs?

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Designers see it as crucial. Site owners want to fill it up with anything they can find. You might wonder what I am talking about. It’s whitespace!

Whitespace is one of the most crucial elements of design. Without it, you will battle to create a great website layout. However, many see it as simply empty space, and therefore as something which should be filled.

How to Design Cool & Efficient Infographics

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Infographics may be a bit tricky to create, but there is no better alternative for presenting complex data in a ‘digestible’ and eye-catchy way. Better yet, infographics are slowly becoming critical elements of visual marketing.

Of course – text was and remains a leading mean of communicating important information, but we can’t undermine the fact that human brains process images way faster than words.

5 Website Navigation Best Practices All Designers Should Follow

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Creating a coherent user-friendly website navigation structure just got a lot easier. We’ve tried one version of the mega menu after another. We have also tried complex schemes that only made navigation more complex.

It took a responsive design to get us back on the right track.  We wanted to help visitors navigate through websites while using their devices.

This is still an ongoing process. However, the advent of minimalist architecture design concepts helps a lot. We are fast approaching the dark cloud’s silver lining.