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Creating a stunning logo is an art in itself. Time and again, we come across such logos that leave a lasting impression on us. This is the very objective of the logo that it helps create a sustainable brand recall amongst the viewers.

Designers give in all their creativity to come up with meaningful and visually appealing logos. Some of the logos are way too abstract, while some are very clever. Let me share some of the awesome and creative logos:

1. Olympics:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Olympics

One of the most trending logos this year has been the Olympics. Baron Pierre de Coubertin designed this iconic logo in 1912. Each of the five rings in the logo represents the five continents that participate: Africa, Asia, America (both North & South), Australia, and Europe. The colors of the rings have been chosen so that they covered the flags of all the existing nations at that time. It would be hard to find a sports logo as inclusive as this Olympics logo. Because of the simplicity of the logo, it can easily be used with other applications. Every time the Olympics is organized, the host city/nation uses these five-ring logo and interwinds it with new imagery to give that specific edition its unique identity.

2. Nike:

A hard-to-miss sports brand, Nike has a simple yet highly effective logo. It is believed that the initial logo that resembles more of a tick mark today was inspired by the wings of the Greek goddess of victory – Nike. The founders wanted a visual representation of their brand that depicts speed, motion and is also inspirational. In the 1990s, when Nike was flourishing, it used a color palette of red and white for its logo. Red was to inspire passion and energy, while white for nobility and charm. But by the late 2010s, they have switched to a simple black color pallet for their logo, termed Swoosh.

3. Manchester United FC:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Manchester United

One of the most popular football clubs, Manchester United, has over a century, and its logo has evolved. The Red Devil first appeared in the 1940’s edition and has now been a prominent part of the club’s identity. The present logo also represents a ship; this is a connection between Manchester being one of the biggest ports of the UK. The coat of arms colors is used, which makes the logo red and yellow. Two footballs are placed to identify with the sport, and the words football club were removed to give the logo a more generic feel.

4. Adidas:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Adidas

Walking very close to Nike is another sports brand, Adidas. In terms of visual identity, they have come a long way from their first logo – an ugly depiction of sports shoes over their brand name to the three variations of the logo that we see now. This has rather paid off well for them. The first logo with three stripes representing a mountain talks about overcoming challenges no matter how hard they are. The second logo with trefoil showed how they are expanding across the three continents. Finally, the round version is a depiction of globalization and the brand’s ability to change.

5. Tour de France:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Tour De France

The logo of Tour de France is a highly thoughtful one given how it incorporates the name of the competition and, at the same time, showcases what the competition is all about. The biggest cycle race in the world would need one of the best brandings, and this logo does that exactly. French designer Joel Guenoun created the present Tour de France logo in 2002. This logo creates a very smart typography of the name, and the use of the word tour and the sun in the background creates a cyclist.

6. Premier League:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Premier League

The English football league is considered one of the best football leagues in the world, where it sees some of the best football players raising the bar of the game. Lion has been a common feature throughout the logo redesigns as it means the best of the animal standing for power, courage, and strength. The initial versions had the lion playing with the ball, but the latest logo has a fierce lion face. The logo is very bold but, at the same time, highly stylish in design. Its applications are also good. The purple color of the logo denotes royalty and power.

7. Chicago Bulls:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Chicago Bulls

One of the most famous basketball teams globally, Chicago Bulls owes its naming to the famous slaughterhouse in Chicago. The team was propelled to glory and fame by Michael Jordan and other iconic players. The logo of the team has an angry-looking bull along with the team name in strong red fonts. The simplicity and direct connection of the logo made it easy to use in various applications and, at the same time, instilled a strong brand recall.

8. New York Yankees:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: New York Yankees

Moving from basketball to baseball, New York Yankees is a household name for all baseball fans. This most successful baseball franchise is 120 years old, and one can imagine the history and culture associated with it. The iconic lettered logo of N & Y made its first appearance in 1903, and over the years, they have seen a lot of varied use of it. By 1909 the letters were intertwined, setting the design foundation of the present visual identity. However, in 1968, the brand went for a logo that was a baseball ball consisting of a bat topped with a hat.

9. Dallas Cowboys:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Dallas Cowboys

If a sports team beats the New York Yankees in terms of brand worth, then it is the Dallas Cowboys. This famous American Football club was founded in 1960, and the good part is that they have not altered much with their visual identity. Their first logo was of a simple star in dark blue color. In 1964, they altered it with an outlined star making the design look more appealing yet simple enough to be widely used. The blue color and bold typeface are used to make the logo more prominent.

10. Arsenal FC:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Arsenal FC

The English football club Arsenal was formed in 1886 and had its first logo based on the crest of the Metropolitan Borough of Woolwich. There were three vertical cannons with lions heads placed on the shield. Throughout its various versions of the logo, it has used its military history depiction of using a gun and hence has got the nickname of Gunners. The present logo is very stylish, with a shield of red and blue and a big golden cannon in the middle. Their logo is a fine example of mixing tradition and heritage with modern applications.

11. Chicago Blackhawks:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Chicago Blackhawks

One of the original six NHL teams, the Chicago Blackhawks, has a logo deeply rooted in the history of the team’s location. Based out of Illinois – one of the prime spots of disputes between foreigners and native Americans, the team has chosen to pay tribute to the native Americans through its visual identity. Hence the use of the face of a native Indian. The logo was initially in black with a white face outline. But now, it has evolved into a classic smiling indigenous person with war paint on his face and multi-colored feathers.

12. Boston Red Sox:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Boston Red Sox

A famous team based out of Boston, USA, the Boston Red Sox, has audacious used socks in their visual identity. What might have started as a joke in the design studio has culminated into one of the strongest visual brandings in sports history? The red sock was first introduced in 1908. Over time this was mixed with baseball and typos. The present logo has two red socks with bright red color. The minimalistic logo is easy to be used in varied applications and provides a strong connection with the brand.

13. Los Angeles Lakers:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Los Angeles Lakers

Founded in 1946, the Los Angeles Lakers are a highly successful basketball team. Its first logo had the map of Los Angeles on a basketball. It has now moved on to a really smart logo of the team name on a basketball from that ugly logo. The ball is of standard orange color, but the team name is in purple, lending it a touch of elegance, royalty, and strength. Apart from the logo, the team also uses a brand element of just L with the basketball behind it.

14. Boston Celtics:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Boston Celtics

Another basketball team founded in 1946, the Boston Celtics, is based out of Boston. Its name traces its origins to Boston being full of Irish/Celtic people. This is also used in its visual identity. It has an Irish guy in the typical black pants, waistcoat, and a cane playing with a basketball. This logo is a very good example of using the brand’s culture and history to create a logo with a mascot in it. The mascot has helped make this logo famous and widely used.

15. Real Madrid FC:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Real Madrid

One of the most famous football clubs across the world, Real Madrid, was founded in 1902. Surprisingly, it used a letter-based logo back then, which is far ahead of its time. The famous crown made its appearance in the 1920 version. The present logo is a fine depiction of royalty and class. The letters M, F & C are used in it, denoting Madrid Football Club. The crown is more visually detailed. Overall the logo is unique and gives a feeling of royalty with its golden and blue colors.

16. Philadelphia Eagles:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Philadelphia Eagles

The famous American Football team from Philadelphia, Philadelphia Eagles, has a strong visual identity. Right from the start, they have chosen the Philadelphia Eagle as imagery to represent the team. The earlier versions showed the Eagle with the football, but the latest version is a more modern logo that only has the face of the Eagle. The white Eagles head represents the aggression and passion with which the team plays. The minimal detailing of the logo allows its application across various mediums.

17. Liverpool FC:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Liverpool

Established in 1892, Liverpool is one of the oldest thriving football clubs in the UK. Since its inception, it has been using the visual image of a Liverbird in its logo. The present logo is highly detailed, consisting of many elements like the bird itself at the center. In addition, the torches and scarves with establishment dates written on them depict the club’s rich history. On top, the logo also includes the club anthem: “You Will Never Walk Alone.”

18. Under Armour:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Under Armour

A recent sports brand company, Under Armour, has been making many inroads through its special branding. The present logo is a smart monogram consisting of two intersecting semicircles. The top one denotes the letter U and the bottom one denotes the letter A. In addition, a special font has been designed for the brand name. Overall the strong fonts and the black theme gives a very masculine feel to the brand.

19. Lotto:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Lotto

Another sports brand with a global presence, Lotto, has experimented with its logos over time. But of all the logos, the present one with simple typography suits the best. The logo is a simple wordmark logo with an emblem beside it. The emblem is believed to be made of two sports fields (football and basketball) on top of each other, giving a visually appealing geometric design. In addition, the color scheme of black, white, and red gives it a look of energy, class, and enthusiasm.

20. Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022:

Amazing Sports Logos for Inspiration: Fifa World Cup Qatar

A special mention in this list of logos is the Fifa World Cup Qatar Logo for 2022. This time the designers have gone a long way away from the traditional trophy design. Instead, the trophy is made through an abstract figure representing the desert dunes and has Arab cultural depictions. The figure also resembles the number 8, representing the eight stadiums hosting the world cup.

Designing sports logos that stand the test of time requires a lot of skill, creativity, and passion for the brand and the sport. One thing that we saw common amongst the above logos was the way they integrated the history or the culture with the logo. When this is done, the logo becomes much more than just a visual representation; it becomes an icon for what the team and its management stand for. Hence always do a deep research of the brand history, values, and vision and use the right shapes, colors, and fonts to make highly creative and impactful logos.

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