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22 Best Fonts for Logo Design

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Everything that you choose for your logo is an integral part of your logo. Every element has equal importance because, in the end, they all share the same responsibility for your impactful logo. So when it comes to selecting fonts, you better not neglect the value and effect they may create.

23 Ikat Pattern Backgrounds to Use in Designs

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The word Ikat means ‘to bind,’ and ikat fabric means the fabric in which the yarns have been tied dyed before weaving. Ikat pattern is an intricate geometric pattern with a beautiful appearance and attractive color combinations. It is mainly for fabric designs, but nowadays, you can see ikat designs on various other things such as paintings, wallpapers, stationery, crockery, posters, and different kind of cover pages. Designers consider it as a contemporary pattern style that can go for any smart and unique design. You can use it as a background or element because it is available in small to large shapes and simple to complicated styles.

10 Stunning Free Cosmic Backgrounds

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Space is full of mysteries and scientists haven’t been able to decode the its secrets in their entirety. And there is nothing as beautiful as space. People have always been fascinated by pictures from the space and of the universe. But they haven’t been able to capture its beauty as a whole. So many people love such pictures and set them as a background on a laptop, desktop, mobile devices, and tablets. And we can find a lot of pictures of the cosmos and space around the Internet.

9 Free Creative Holiday Backgrounds for Designers

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Everyone likes the holidays. Holidays always make you feel nostalgic about childhood and the festivities. And the images that depict the holidays are always welcome. Designers work hard to create beautiful backgrounds that resonate with specific holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, and other holidays. But sometimes, designers need holiday backgrounds so that they can use them in individual projects.

10 Free Fluid Gradient Backgrounds to Download

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Backgrounds are the most useful thing when it comes to setting them in your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and more. There are so many kinds of backgrounds available for use in various places. Designers create various kinds of backgrounds as resources to use. These backgrounds can be used to design websites, flyers, posters, menus, and more. Backgrounds also fall in various categories and the designers generally explore all the categories to find right resources for their projects.

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