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The recent Olympics has made it one of the most trending topics in the sports world. Considered the greatest sports championship, it witnesses the participation of thousands of athletes representing hundreds of countries. Though the pandemic left its impact on this Olympics, it was still organized very well, and the world got to see an amazing sports spectacle.

With the success of this sports festival, there is a rising demand for creative designs related to it. Even though the Olympics is over, content creators worldwide are searching for design assets that can help them create quality content related to Olympics. However, it is difficult to find good designs, especially when you are looking for them for free. To help designers in this quest, we have collated some amazing Olympic-related design assets that they can download and use for free.   

1. Olympic Medals Vector

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Olympic Medals Vector

The most common design that is needed for the Olympics is the medals. This vector template from Freepik is a useful resource for that. You can download the editable file for free. Thereby you can make the requisite changes in the design to customize it for your need. The image, by default, had the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal in it along with a thematic background. If need be, you can replace the background with something new or else take one of the medals and use it separately.  

2. Olympics Logo Installation

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Olympics Logo Installation

Whenever we hear the word Olympics, we immediately visualize the stunning five-ring logo. The branding of this sport event has been done so consistently for decades that the logo has now become very common. This high-resolution image showcases the Olympic logo installed in front of one building. The installation is larger than life and can be a good photo point. The five rings, each representing a participating continent, stand tall, looking strong.  

3. Women in Sports

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Women in Sports

Did you know that in the first Olympics, no women were allowed to participate? It took years of reform and advocacy of women’s empowerment to ensure that sport rises in women. Finally, in the last Olympics, the tide had turned as more women athletes were participating. This image can help you celebrate that visually as it captures women playing various sports. Starting from Tennis, we can see women silhouettes playing almost all the sports, including athletics. You can download the editable file for free and use it as per need.

4. Olympic Torch Vector

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Olympic Torch Vector

Another asset that is synonymous with the word Olympics is the Olympic torch. Ritual has it that this torch travels through almost the entire world to reach the host nation, where it keeps burning throughout the event. This is why the torch is so important. This editable vector file captures the Olympic torch in its full glory against a nice blue background. The image represents the old torch which was used to be made of gold and decorated with leaves. This burning torch is a must-have for all designers.   

5. High Jump Abstract

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: High Jump Abstract

When sports meets creativity, the results are spell bounding. That is the case with this image as well. It seems the designer has taken a good image of a high jump athlete and converted it into a piece of art by transforming it through large strokes. The strokes are so heavy that the original image loses its proportion, but the subject and the action are still totally visible. But the overall feel is of high-level creativity. The good part is that the image has a transparent background and hence can be used over any design or image. 

6. Numbered Track Photograph

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Numbered Track Photograph

This image is a classic photograph that is available in high resolution for free. The image captures the starting point of a track field. Numbers one to eight are written on the respective tracks. The angle of the photo is slightly weird, but that provides a very different perspective of this frame. The dark red track is captured nicely, which dominates the overall colors of the image. This stock image can be widely used in digital media in the form of social media posts or even in websites and other digital formats.   

7. Olympic Infographic

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Olympic Infographics

The use of infographics is on the rise, given its ability to convey a lot of information in a creative and lucid manner. There will be times when designers will come across projects where they will have to develop infographics related to Olympics. This infographic template can prove very useful at that time. The editable file is free to download and use, which makes the life of the designer easy. The image already contains several Olympic-related elements, the world map with different continents highlighted. All you have to do is download the editable file and start making content changes as per need.

8. Athletes Illustration

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Athletes Illustration

One of the major requirements in terms of design assets while creating content for the Olympics is athletes playing various sports. While real-life photographs may be more detailed, but they may not be needed all the time. Rather than for smaller applications, you will need icons or illustrations of the athletes. This free vector proves its worth in such requirements. It consists of an athlete playing various sports, from shotput throw to football, fencing, to swimming. It covers all the major sports of the Olympics and hence can be helpful when creating content. 

9. Fencing Photograph

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Fencing Photograph

An amazing click! The free high-resolution image has captured two athletes in the middle of a fencing match. The photo is edited to be in black and white, and this makes it look more special. The best part about the photo is that it focuses just on the two athletes who stand out thanks to their white overalls. The only other thing visible is the match scorecard, which shows the athletes’ names and the present score. With a lot of dead space, this photo can be used in multiple ways. 

10. Archery Target Points Explained

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Archery Target Points Explained

Apart from the routine promotional content, designers also get certain projects related to creating educational or informative content for the Olympics. One design asset that can be useful in this scenario is this image explaining the archery targets. It contains the color-coded concentric circles with related points mentioned against each. As this image comes with a transparent background, you can easily use it over any design as per need. You can also customize the text or target points in case anyone needs to be highlighted. 

11. Olympic Country Flags

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Olympic Country Flags

Olympics is the battle of nations for the ultimate sports glory. Hence having design assets related to country flags can be very resourceful. This vector file contains the flags of 18 major nations. They are displayed in the form of a shield with the country name written on top. Given that the editable file is free to download, you can easily pick up the country of your interest. In addition, designers can create stunning visuals related to competition scores or medal tally using this vector file.

12. Olympic Social Media Post Templates

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Olympic Social Media Post Templates

An interesting feature of the last edition of the Olympics was the amount of content created and consumed on social media. While official handles were very active on all platforms, even the sports organization of respective nations kept posting content. This editable file provides an easy-to-use and creative social media post template. You can download it for free and customize it to meet your branding style and flow the needed content. Good designers will always figure out to make this design even better by adding more design elements.

13. Paralympics Archery Training

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Paralympics Archer Training

The Olympics is all about grit and glory, and this is highlighted even more in the Paralympics – the Olympics for disabled people. We witness inspiring tales of handicapped athletes going beyond expectations and performing spectacularly. This sentiment is nicely captured in this high-resolution image of a paralympic archer in the training room. We see him smiling, happy, and determined with the bow in his hand, sitting in his wheelchair. This image has good potential to be used as a stock image for digital media or as a fine hero image in websites related to sports or also for motivational quotes.

14. Athletics Training Stadium

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Athletics Training Stadium

Another classic stock image in our collection is this high-resolution image of an athletics training ground. The photographer has done a good job in capturing the huge complex in a wide shot. We can see the tracks in an oval shape with a greenfield football pitch in its middle. There is a two-tier seating arrangement with an overhead rood. Designers can use this image in multiple forms. For example, it can be used as a background image, putting athletics scores or competition details in the front. Or it can be used as a routine stock image on websites.

15. Curling Stadium Background

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Curling Stadium Background

Moving away from real-life photographic backgrounds, we have this vector image of a curling stadium. Curling is one of the latest sport to be introduced in the Olympics; curling is all about guiding a granite rock into a targeted house through ice brushing. Because the sport is new, not many design assets are available. Hence this editable vector file can be a good resource to have. It is free to download, and you can customize the file to meet your design needs. You can use this image as the background image for showcasing scores or team statistics.  

16. Sports Banner Template

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Sports Banner Template

Apart from social media templates, sports banner templates are also high in demand. This sports template is free to download and use. Because it is an editable file, designers can make the most of it by adding their branding style, text, and other design elements. The original image itself is visually appealing and may not need much tweaking. It showcases a hand with a medal in his hand. The medal can be edited to make it Gold, Silver, or Bronze as per need. This banner can be used for declaring results of sports or even for printable large-size banners. 

17. Geometric Design of Athletes

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Geometric Design of Athletes

There is always a lot of space for creativity when it comes to designing sports content. This image has displayed one such creative possibility. The image showcases three athletes in a running position. The athletes are made up of triangle shapes with circular heads. This makes the overall design very interesting. Though it is not an editable file, it does come with transparent background, and you can customize it by running a quick trace function. For example, you can change the color of the athletes to make them represent a particular nation. 

18. Women on Athletics Track

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Women on Athletics Track

A fine stock image that captures a live athletics event, this high-resolution image is available for free download. The image is a wide shot of women athletes on a track field. One glance at the image and comprehend that the athletics event is of a 4 by 4 women’s relay. Furthermore, we can see that the team in the second track is far ahead of the rest as the athlete of that team is seen running ahead, while the rest of the athletes are still waiting for their team members to pass the baton to them. This image can be used as a background image by adding a simple overlay layer on top of it. 

19. Players Playing All Sports

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Players Playing All Sports

One of the most useful resources on the list, this vector file covers athletes playing different sports. The reason why it is resourceful is that it covers all the existing Olympic sports. Silhouettes of athletes are used to playing the sport. While most players are in single mode, there are silhouettes of teams and even sports equipment. Because it encompasses almost all sports, it is a must-have for all designers. You can keep using the athlete figure for respective sports designs.   

20. Isometric Sports Banners

Free Olympic Design Assets For Your Collection: Isometric Sports Banners

Some of the Olympic sports can be highly confusing as they are not played often or not covered by mainstream sports media. Hence there will be a need to explain such sports to the generic audience. This editable banner file can be very helpful in this cause. It presently explains the different types of ball games, athletics, and Olympic games. The editable version of this file is available for free download. Hence you can use it and alter the design as per need to add content. You can also add more such sports and create informative content.

The need for high-quality sports design is on the rise. This Olympic year, we witnessed the huge volume of content created and consumed for the sports festival. We can now only imagine what will happen in the next edition. Hence designers should download these resources and add them to their collection to use them anytime they need to design content related to the Olympics. 

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