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16 Free Geometric Backgrounds Sets to Add to Your Collection. Any design art generally has two dimensions aspects to it. The texture of the design and the pattern over it. The smooth or grainy surface that repeats itself at every regular interval is called a Pattern. Graphic design involves the use of lines, curves, shapes, and much abstract art that is consistent and pleasing to the human eyes. Modern design art is defined by using seamless textures wisely.

Seamless textures are the textures where the designs are matched strategically to give an appearance of designing without the boundaries being apparent. They can be made using different kinds of software like Photoshop, where the seams or the boundaries are painted away. Software called Genetica helps a seamless texture artist create seamless textures, and the process is pretty much automated.

Previously, the designers were dependent upon the photographers to provide them with design backgrounds that can be used in a variety of graphic design projects. But now, with the latest technological tools like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, designers create their patterns. Clearly, it is a huge task of creating your custom designs and patterns and comes with much technical knowledge of the software, and hence many designers still use free or paid images.

Geometric patterns are the kind of designs that base hugely upon the shapes, lines, and curves. They have gained popularity recently, and there is a big range of geometric patterns and textures, available for free download on the internet that graphic designers can easily use in their projects. If you are a designer and don’t have the knowledge of the software mentioned above, then some websites offer free downloads of sets of geometric patterns.

These patterns and textures can be used for various purposes such as online banner creation, website home page designing, logo designing, illustrations, and so much more. Let’s check out the website that offers free downloading of such geometric background sets.

1. Free Polygonal Backgrounds (V2):

Free Polygonal Backgrounds (V2)

This website offers 12 different background sets available for download. They offer 150 dpi resolutions in RGB formats. Each set includes 12 different polygonal background designs in a high-definition JPG file format. Designers can choose from various options they have to offer, for web designing or graphic designing projects.

2. 30 Polygonal Background Textures:

30 Polygonal Background Textures

30 Polygonal Background Textures offer a free download of low poly background textures for graphic designers.  They all have a 3000×2000 px resolution. Low poly textures are the kind of textures that have less number of polygons in the entire frame.Low poly textures are used by graphic designers to create realistic computer gaming visuals. They also use other software to manipulate 3D objects in real-time, thereby giving a realistic appearance to the objects.

3. 5 Free Polygonal backgrounds:

5 Free Polygonal backgrounds

Free Polygonal Backgrounds offer a set of 5 polygonal background sets for graphic designers that are high-resolution. They are geometric backgrounds available for free download. You can also use it for mobile applications as well as desktop applications. They offer JPEG file format that can be used in any background setting such as a parallax background in the website designing aspect.

Parallax mapping is used to give a 3D appearance in the games that gives an illusion of a 3d graphics with depth.

4. Vecteezy.com:


Vecteezy has a large collection of vector geometric backgrounds that are available for free download. They offer high-definition pictures that are easy to download. The website also has an online graphic designer and editor to modify an image according to their requirements. Apart from geometric designs, it offers a humongous range of other designs like abstract art, festival-based backgrounds, and color-based backgrounds apart from these.

They are a place where graphic designers can get a wide range of selection of geometric backgrounds according to their needs and can tweak them online for better results. These backgrounds can be used for a variety of purposes, like designing greeting cards, website designs, brochure designs, logo designing, and much more.

5. Pixabay:


Pixabay has a wide range of vector graphic backgrounds that come with a large selection to choose from. They are available for royalty-free downloads. It is a collection of downloadable geometric backgrounds in PNG and AI file formats.

They offer 4 types of resolutions:

  • 640×640
  • 1280×1280
  • 1920×1920
  • Vector Graphics

6. Crystallized 2 Vector graphics:

Crystallized 2 Vector graphics

Vector graphics are 2D graphics that are used to form linear images that are two-dimensional. They are formed by the dimensions of the X-axis and Y-axis. With these two dimensions, curves and lines are created to form a variety of graphical images. Vector graphics are ideal for printing on paper as they exist only in two dimension form. Hence, vector graphics can be used in products such as flyers, brochures, wedding card designs, invitation card designs, website background designs, logo designs and more.

The website Dryicon offers a large range of vector geometric backgrounds suitable for designing the aforementioned products in various resolutions and designs that are free for download.

7. 20 Flat Geometric Backgrounds:

20 flat geometric backgrounds

TitanUI offers a set of 20 flat geometric backgrounds for free. You can download from their 20 geometric designs and use them for designing various projects. It offers images in various format files like AI, PSD, Sketch, and XD.

8. 34 Hexagon Backgrounds:

34 Hexagon Backgrounds

Wallpaper Access is a website that offers a set of 34 backgrounds with hexagonal geometry. They are available for individual download as well as download of a complete collection of 34 backgrounds. The images are available in various resolutions such as 1920×1360 71 Hex, 1920×1080 32 Hex, and more. They can be used for website designing and graphic designing projects. It is a dream website for graphic designers as they can acquire an entire collection from here.

9. 14 High Resolution Geometric Patterns:

14 High Resolution Geometric Patterns

Brusheezy is the website that allows you to download a set of 14 high-resolution geometric pattern backgrounds that a graphic designer can use for various purposes like website design, logo creation, brochures, and more.

It has seamless patterns that feature triangles, circles, hexagons, squares, abstract patterns, and other shapes and geometric patterns. This set of 14 geometric patterns offer backgrounds in various resolutions and is scalable according to the requirements of a graphic designer. It has options to look for seamless designs that look realistic and give an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the web pages, invitation designs, as well as wedding cards. This JPEG image, a geometric polygonal background that has a resolution of 3000×4063 px, is available on the website for free download.

10. Monochrome Geometric Patterns:

Monochrome Geometric Patterns

Deviant Art offers a set of 100 monochromatic geometric tessellations in black and white that can be used for creating optical illusions, backgrounds, and illustrations. Tessellation is the method of arranging the congruent figures adjacent to each other in a way to create a pattern that does not have gaps or spaces in the pattern. The shapes are closely packed adjacent to each other. A good, real-life example of tessellation is a Honeycomb.

Such vector images are also useful to create symbols and designing logos.

11. 5 Free Geometric Backgrounds:

5 Free Geometric Backgrounds

The website SuperDevResources offers a package of 5 geometric backgrounds in five different vibrant color combinations. All the five backgrounds are inspired by low poly polygon background appearance and have the following feature sets:

  • High resolution backgrounds: 3000x2000px.
  • Bright, lively colors.
  • They are available in jpeg file format.
  • Free for personal and commercial use.

As low poly backgrounds are lesser in size, they take lesser download time and the time to create low poly models is considerably less. And this website provides ready low-poly backgrounds which reduces your graphic designing time. You can layer multiple backgrounds and tweak the graphics to a customized form of your requirement.

12. Geometric High Definition Backgrounds Set:

Geometric High Definition Backgrounds Set

The website called Onextrapixel provides a set of ten high-definition backgrounds. All the backgrounds are available in AI and JPEG file formats. AI background files can be used by graphic designers to change the image in the Adobe Illustrator according to their requirements. A graphic designer can completely edit and modify the geometric aspects of the image; for example, you can change each of the triangles, resize them, and can change the colors according to his requirements. The JPEG background files are available in high-definition resolutions like 300dpi at the size of 2500×2500 px.

13. 12 Free Polygon Backgrounds:

12 Free Polygon Backgrounds

This website offers a set of 12 different backgrounds, each in two different sizes (2560×1600) and (4000×2500). These images are polygon backgrounds that can be used for artistic website background filling, logo designing and custom page designing along with 300 dpi RGB format.

The entire set includes:

  • 6 JPG high resolution (300 dpi) 4000×2500
  • 6 JPG high resolution (300 dpi) 2560×1600.

14. 50 Free Geometric and Blurred Background Packs:

50 Free Geometric and Blurred Background Packs

The popular trend nowadays in graphic design is to use geometric polygon, soft-blurred and tessellated backgrounds. Print collaterals like business cards, flyers, signage, packaging use a wide range of low-poly graphical patterns. They can also be used in digital presentations, kiosks, app startup screens… the possibilities are endless.

These soft-blurred, tessellated background patterns became a fashion since Apple started using it in their MacBooks and iPhones. The website dribble offers a pack of 50 geometric backgrounds with soft blur for free.

The download includes:

  • AI files with 50 unique tessellation designs
  • PSD Files with smart filters like color, gradient, and blur.
  • PNG files, ready to use that offer 2560×1440 px resolution.

15. 530 Low Poly Geometric Backgrounds Designs Megapack:

530 Low Poly Geometric Backgrounds Designs Megapack

The website DesignShock offers a free download of a huge number of low poly polygonal backgrounds with 530 different background designs that are all focused on geometrical designs. All the images are available in JPG formats with a resolution of 630×400 px. You can use them on tablets, laptops and mobile screens. They are readily available for graphic designers. A background for ebsite home page, application startup, landing webpage, a background to create an interesting portfolio, and the list keeps on increasing. These images include designs from almost all genres like animals, abstract art, modern art, as well as photography, the depiction of a human being, Eiffel tower. It also features logos and symbols, thereby providing us with a huge collection to choose from. You can also create optical illusions for greeting cards, wedding invites, flyers, brochures to attract the attention of human eyes.

16. Abstract Geometric Design, Memphis Background:

memphis background

This is a unique geometric background that features a Memphis inspired design. It is colorful and minimal. You can use this background for social media, website design, and business cards as well. It is available to be downloaded in PNG, JPG, as well as customizable AI and EPS formats. They allow you to change the size and color of the vector elements as well. It is ideal for all your graphic designing requirements as it provides a clean yet subtle look that captivates the eye of the audience.

These backgrounds can be downloaded for free and can be modified by graphic designers through Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, both of them being the most potent tools in the field of Graphic Designing. The geometric design is a trend doing rounds these days. We are surrounded by so much geometry. It emphasizes the beauty of amalgamation of various geometric shapes, lines, and curves together to form a geometric pattern. These patterns can be used in so many places for so many purposes; the possibilities are endless. The field of graphic design has been using shapes since its advent of it.

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