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If you think that flyers are outdated, you are wrong! One of the oldest, yet the most acclaimed model of communication, a flyer is branding collateral that is not only inexpensive but also effective. Flyers designs are easy, but the process’s challenge is coming up with a design that portrays your brand as the best.

When designing a flyer, four essential things need to be kept in mind – no matter what your concept is. The flyer must be eye-catching so that people pause and look at it twice. It should target a specific audience. You cannot expect anyone and everyone to want to read about the product/service. The flyer must give the right amount of information that isn’t too overboard, not very less. Lastly, the flyer must be convincing. You should be able to sell your idea most quickly and comfortably. Moreover, it should also excite people along with convincing them.

We have collected some beautiful flyer design templates that you can use to promote your product, business, or service. From a variety of models, you can easily pick, download, and use the one template that makes perfect sense to you. If not that, you can always use these templates as inspiration and decide your layout and design.

1. Yellow Now Hiring Flyer:

Yellow Now Hiring Template

When it comes to flyers that talk about hiring, employers often look for designs that are more interactive and eye-catching. This template is a simple, practical design that can reach out to a lot of people at once. A customizable template allows you to change everything right from the images to the texts to some basic layouts. You can also customize the icons, fonts, colors, and text boxes according to your company’s mandate. This way, the Yellow Now Hiring Flyer has a versatile ability to fit any and every hiring profile that there is.

2. Black Friday Design Template:

Black Friday Flyer

A great work of graphics and typography, this particular flyer template is perfect for any sale that you are looking to promote. The file download is free and includes Adobe Illustrator files, which helps you design a flyer according to your convenience. Every entity is customizable and adjustable. You can change the colors and sizes, and also make a high flyer out of the various available layers.

3. Simple Flyer Design Template:

Simple Flyer Design Template

The essential qualities of this versatile and straightforward flyer design template are that its professional, modern, sophisticated, and at the same time, creatively intriguing. The most striking feature of the model is its vivid color block. Color blocking is a design theory that using heavy contrasting colors to create a visual balance. You can customize the fonts, texts as well as the background images according to your convenience. You must make sure to incorporate a logo of your company to make it more evidently branded.

4. White and Blue Illustrative Template:

White and Blue Illustratve Template

Canva hosts a massive deal of useful flyer design templates that can help you create beautiful layouts for your brand, product, or services’ promotion. This one, for instance, is a high flyer design supporting a minimal illustrative aesthetic. For the color story and the font type, you can play along with the various options that Canva can provide you with. You can customize the template and make it look however you like. The balancing white space is one of the critical elements of the model, and it would be best if you chose to leave it untouched to provide a classy minimal touch.

5. Bar Restaurant Flyer:

Bar Restaurant Flyer

This particular flyer design template from Venngage is an absolute miracle. If you are a restaurant business looking for promotion of some exciting deals and offers, then this is the one for you. All you need is a classy logo, a striking color palette, and some exciting offers, and you are good to go! As far as this template design goes, avoid any kind of crowding within the flyer to make it look easier on the eye, and more active on the brain. With some smart touches, you can also turn this flyer design into a menu card, if need be!

6. Abstract Business Flyer Template:

Abstract Business Flyer

A very sophisticated flyer design template, this one focuses more on a strong visual statement. A beautiful color block element neutralizes the image to text ratio and makes a convincing and eye-catching statement. With the Adobe Illustrator files that come along in the download package, you can customize and edit all the elements, images, and text options to make it more YOU. What’s more? You can easily make it all in a different color story altogether and change the look and feel with just one click!

7. Simple Coffee Shop Flyer:

Simple Coffee Shop Flyer

Another gorgeous flyer design from Canva, yet again, this flyer design template is very much based on the concept of minimalism. The team at Canva believes that cafes are beautiful places t give birth to your artistic and intellectual instincts, and every aspect of the branding must find so too. Hence, this template is not only customizable in every manner but is also full in itself – right from the color theme to font selection. However, if you wish to make any specific changes, you get the complete liberty to do so and experiment with your creativity.

8. Modern Cleaning Service Flyer:

Modern Cleaning Service Flyer

The contemporary cleaning service flyer design template is a high starting point for those who are new in the business. Before you can post real-time images, it is always helpful to start with infographics and illustrations. This template comes in with a gorgeous little graphical illustration on the sides that can be customized in terms of colors using the Venngage editor. You can play along with the arrangement of text boxes and other elements of the flyer. Decide on a design that makes the most sense to you.

9. Hiking Flyer Design Template:

Hiking Flyer

For all those adventure sports businesses, this is a high flyer design template that you can use. It is simple, effective, and eye-catching. It uses a satisfying melange of graphics and an image, along with some tiny illustrated details that add up to the final feel of the entire flyer. You can change it into a camping flyer or a river rafting one by changing your inset image and text! The free download package comes with an Adobe Photoshop file that can be altered straightaway.

10. Yard Sale Flyer:

Yard Sale Flyer

A modern template that mainly uses illustrations of appliances as the subject, this flyer design template is undoubtedly captivating. Built-in a strong color story and a subtle yet striking font – the League Spartan – this flyer design is minimal, sophisticated, and to-the-point. It has a specific design value in terms of image, illustration, and layout choice and looks like you have put in a lot of effort in making it stand out. While you can conveniently alter the colors and fonts in the Canva editor, you can also choose to go with the existing design only because it looks fresh and eye-catching.

11. Dental Medical Pamphlet:

Dental Medical Pamphlet

A somewhat more elaborative and daunting version of a flyer is the pamphlet. Simple because it encaptures more textual detail than more natural imagery, it is way more informative and text-heavy. Precisely the reason why it is suitable for a dental service. This design is reusable by changing the illustration and colors over time for promotional and reinforcement motives. Every detail is laid out in the most straightforward form, and the layout is straightforward, yet strategically so.

12. Summer Collection Flyer:

Summer Collection Flyer

For all those new fashion start-ups looking for the promotion of their new fashion line, this template is gorgeous! With a light millennial touch to its design layout, it is classy, chic, and superior to all others in terms of illustrations and placement. With minimal space for information, it is wholly dependent on the imagery and color story – you can alter both according to the seasons, independent themes, and even your fashion line’s inspiration. The free download package comes with an Adobe Photoshop file that helps you customize every aspect of the flyer according to your needs and wants.

13. Black and White Illustration Restaurant Flyer:

Black and White Illustration Restaurant Flyer

This flyer design template is one of the most beautiful examples there could ever be. Even though it is monochrome, it is still captivating, eye-catching, convincing, and informative – all at once! It comes with three in-built font suggestions- Glacial Indifference, Trocchi, and Libre Baskerville. However, every font, body text, color, and placement is changeable within the Canva editor. It comes with an idea of a coupon system at the top right corner, which is a unique element and adds an extra personal touch to the minimal beauty that this flyer is.

14. Pool Party Flyer:

Pool Party Flyer

This pool party flyer design template is everything that a party flyer should be – it is warm, exciting, minimal, and yet chic. This isn’t one of the teenage party flyers that get circulated through lockers, but one that suits the sort of party your colleague would be hosting on Sunday afternoon. Though the flyer’s content and imagery are minimal and straightforward, the font choices make it more versatile for use. Given the liberty to change everything in the layout, you can edit and make changes according to your wants on the Venngage editor.

15. Art and Pet Flyer:

Art and Pet

Not only is the target audience for this flyer niche, but it is also the one that’ll do anything for their pets. This is a unique flyer design template that can attract a huge audience just by the headline that it sports. The download package is free and comes with an Adobe Photoshop file that is 100% customizable. You can change the images, fonts, texts, colors, illustrations, and layouts – all according to your ideas or activities’ needs. If you wish to change the subject from art and pets to something different, you can still use this template and make the most out of it as something else! Just make sure to select the right colors and fonts that tell the same story as your brand.

16. Jazz Night Concert Flyer:

Jazz Night Concert

Jazz Nights are famous for their sophisticated environment, mature audience,, and the whole vintage retro vibe attached to the style of music. This flyer design template incorporates all of these essential elements, with a subtle yellow and black color story that speaks volumes without even an added accent hue. The highly detailed saxophone is the main focus of the design alongside the right choice of Raleway and Norwester font types. If you are a jazz music business or a regular joint promoting a famous jazz concert, then this is – hands down – the perfect flyer design template for you!

17. Walsh Band Concert Night Flyer:

Walsh Band Concert Night Flyer

Using this ultimate rock band concert flyer design template from Canva, you can do absolutely anything! You can customize the background image and enhance it with the in-built photo editor, or you can change the entire look of it and turn it into a jazz poster. The Canva editor gives you the liberty and freedom to make any change required to make it look like your personal design. However, make sure that all your selections – fonts, colors, and images – follow a synergy similar to your brand’s identity.

18. Yoga Class Flyer:

Yoga Class

For all those who love Yoga, this is a beautiful flyer design template that is simple and to-the-point. It is precise in terms of design and imagery but also gives adequate space to textual information towards the bottom of the flyer. You can change and edit every little detail using the Venngage editor and create a flyer with your own story, color choices, and images!

These were the Flyer Design Templates that you could use for free and make stunning layouts and designs for your business, product, and services just with a few clicks!

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