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In order to spruce up any website, stock photos can be a quick and easy way to do so. Think about how it can make any article, introduction, or description more engaging, colorful, and cohesive in terms of creating a finished product. Instead of killing yourself by using hundreds of your own illustrations, or going through the trouble of taking your own photos, using beautifully photographed, high resolution images that allow you to use on your own platform for FREE, can be easier to find than you think.

Everyone loves free stuff! Freebies can be of great quality, as long as you have the right resources. When using photos that can possibly be removed due to copyright, it’s always a risk that you’re sometimes better off not taking. Stock photos are usually pretty open to interpretation, and you can use one of these photos for pretty much any purpose or article on your website.

So, do you need some quick, easy to find and download, free stock photos to improve your website, articles, or social media? Then look no further.

Today, we will dive into the internet, and discover 20 free stock photos you can use in any web design.


Need to incorporate a few images with the topic of technology in your web design? Then these high-res photos are just for you. Whether you are writing about a technology-based article, or creating a web design for a technology-based company, these freebie images can help solve your problem quickly with just one click.



Your background must fit into the theme of your design, and these images offer a fun, bright, and colorful design created with fruit and pastel colored backgrounds, that can be beneficial to incorporate into your web design to add a pop of color, ultimately creating an eye-catching finished product.


Sophisticated and Business Oriented 

Icons8 offers free, high-resolution photos that come in many different categories. If you happen to be writing an article about business, or how to manage, anything that has to do with the business world and possibly targeted towards a demographic that is primarily women (they also have a similar photo with a man if your demographic is primarily men), then this website can help you find exactly what you need, for free.

Rustic Lights

If you need to create an ambiance with a rustic feel for an article or web page, this photo can serve for that. This can also be a highlight for a restaurant review that is centered around this rustic interior design and atmosphere.


Artificial Intelligence

Possibly a bit on the comical side, this image is still a great example of a high-res option for any website that has a background in artificial intelligence, which is something that is on the rise these days. More and more websites are turning up with exceptional technology that can allow for AI conversations and language, and this image can be used for these websites, or for articles about them.

Cryptocurrency Images

As we all know, the topic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has become a viral sensation, along with one of the fastest growing stocks in the last couple of years. Although now at the present it has recently been in the news for dropping in terms of how much the stock is worth, this image can still be used in any web design or article that surrounds this cryptocurrency topic.


Web Design Backgrounds

In order to create a web design that catches people’s attention, you need bright, interesting, and fun images that pop and allow for people to be more engaged while on your website. This image can be great for that, considering it is a lively purple color, and can be used in many different contexts. Plus, it’s free!


Plant Life

Depending on what brand you are creating a web design for, this image can be used to create a relaxed, yet deep colored background. If the brand you are creating for has a green color palette, or has anything to do with plant life, there is a huge selection of images such as these on unsplash.



Need a high-res photo that is all about fitness? This photo can be used for a web design that has a lot to do with fitness, whether it is a fitness blog, or a website about fitness in general.


Marine Life

If you have to create a web design based on fishing, marine life, or something else relating to these topics, this photo can be a great addition to your design or header.


Serene Backgrounds

If you desperately need a stock photo that illustrates a calm, minimalistic design and relaxed mood, then this image from unsplash can make your job a lot easier. By downloading this high-res photo and incorporating it into your almost-finished-but-not-quite web design, this can tie everything together nicely, creating a finished design piece.


Dark and Red

If your web design is based on a dark palette, this image can be used to create a cohesive product when incorporated into your design.



If you find that you need a great way to introduce the different platforms that your website is featured on, you can find hundreds of mock-up stock photos that will allow you to do just that.

Food and Recipes

Perhaps one of the websites you are designing for has to do with cooking, recipes, and the like. This stock photo can take even the most simple recipe and make it look appealing, which in turn will give your design a pop of color and a modern look to match.



If you need images of travel destinations, you can find a plethora of those in stock images. This popular stock photo category is brimming with images such as this, giving you unlimited, free access to implement them in your web designs.

Miscellaneous Images

These are images that don’t necessarily have a place, because their meaning can be broad. If you need an image that correlates to business, organizing, writing, or anything like that, this image can be used in order to add a pop of color, and make it more interesting.

Modern Pastels

A miscellaneous choice for integrating color into your web design background.



If you are creating any website that is centered around photography, this image may be of use for you.

Light-Hearted and Colorful

This image is a colorful example of an image that can be used in many different contexts, and a helpful tool for any web designer.



There is also a great amount of automobile images on websites like this, where you can pick and choose from the ones that center around your color palette and style for designs.



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