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Fonts are an integral part of any project, whether it is content for mobile applications, web applications, or any other project involving text. Generally, a project creates a good reputation when its fonts are impressive, legible, and elegant. These little concerns can make or break your project. There are so many types of fonts available on the Internet, and so many of them are free to use. These fonts can help create a great impression when you are making your digital portfolio. Moreover, when you use the latest fonts on your website, the clients see that you are following the latest trends. But, when you need the fonts that have a premium license or are expensive, it can burn a massive hole in your pocket.

Hence, in this blog, we have curated a list of websites that offer access to fonts available for free. You can always come back to this list to save your time when in need of font that can be downloaded free of charge. Let us take a look at those websites.

1. FontSpace:


FontSpace is a website that houses around 71000+ fonts that are free for use. They have a straightforward website that is user friendly and easy to explore. FontSpace has categorized all the fonts accordingly, and you can go ahead and explore the font types you require. There is no hassle while you look for the kind of fonts you need. Moreover, the search box on the website functions correctly and finds all the fonts related to your search query. It is effortless to find the most elegant and attractive fonts. You can explore the fonts under the “popular” category to see which fonts are trending and making waves in the industry. But, the website seems to have a great collection of script-style fonts; hence, if you are looking for those, FontSpace is an excellent place to start searching.

2. FontFreak:


FontFreak website has a minimalistic user interface where it is easy to access its search box. On top of the home page, they have featured the best selling fonts. The website has a collection of over 9000 fonts, which you can download without any costs. But FontFreak also has a collection of around 125000+ premium fonts that are chargeable. About 400 designers have contributed their creativity in creating fonts for this website. The website offers a search according to the alphabetical order. This helps you find the font that you are looking for. FontFreak houses calligraphic fonts, cursive fonts, and fonts that suit with graffiti. Fonts that you can download here can be put across with a logo, and your brand is ready to roll towards success.

3. Behance:


You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Behance. Behance is a website that offers a lot of resources, both premium and free. The website provides a lot of resources in graphic design, Illustrator, Photoshop, fonts, and more. It also lets you download the respective software from the link that they have provided. If you are a designer, you can download as well as contribute your projects under the relevant category. But, with Behance, you have to hunt down whatever you are looking for, whether it is fonts or an image for your next project. It is easy to get pondering when you start looking at the pictures and illustrations from designers all over the world.

4. Fontasy:


Fontasy is a website that offers you access to around 1101 fonts that you can use without any charges to be paid to the website. The design of the website is effortless, but it is easy to sift through the categories. On the home page of the website, they have provided three basic search categories for fonts. You can look for fonts through their style, their alphabetical order, and through the font designer. The fonts from their website support MAC and PC; hence you can use their fonts. You can use their fonts to design posters, logos, graphic design projects, calligraphy projects, website design, and more. If you are looking to getting your hands on free fonts, Fontasy is an excellent website, to begin with.

5. Font Squirrel:

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is among the few websites that feature in the search engine results page when you are looking for free fonts. The website, Font Squirrel, has a very user-friendly and easy to understand interface. With categories like hot, recent, top font deals, swag, generator, font identifier, font talk, and blog, it is easy to search. Moreover, it also provides filters like recently added, most popular, hot today, hot web fonts, almost free, languages, and foundries. Apart from that, you can also find fonts through Find Fonts classification. Other filters can help you find the right font style and category to suit your project. You can also search the font if you know the exact font name, using the search box on their website. With so many filters and categories, it becomes relatively easy to find the right fonts.

6. DaFonts:

If you have been to Font Squirrel, you should also have visited DaFonts undoubtedly. DaFonts store a massive library of around 40000 fonts for you to download. It houses all the font styles ranging from calligraphic fonts, serif, sans-serif, modern, vintage, and more. You name it, and they probably have those fonts. They have a straightforward website design, but they have made sure that you can easily find the fonts you are looking for. You can also find the most recent fonts on the home page and the instructions to use the fonts on different OS. If you are a designer and have a font, you can choose to submit your font on the website.

7. FontStruct:


FontStruct is one of the unique font websites where it not only lets you download the font; it also enables you to create a font of your choice. You can use the FontStructor editor that they have provided to create fonts of your style. The website lets you keep your fonts either private or lets you share it with the world. Moreover, the purpose of the website is also to provide fonts free of cost, which you can download and use in your various projects. To download the font, you only have to register on their website. But if you have an account with the website, you can download the required fonts effortlessly.

8. 1001FreeFonts:


1001FreeFonts has a collection of around 10000 fonts that you can download for free. With a simple user interface of the website, it is relatively easy to look for the fonts you require with your personal or commercial project. They have formed various categories for you to sift through the required fonts. The home page of the website also features the recently added fonts. It also lets you use the slider and the text box. You can write a specified text in the text box to see how it appears with the selected font. Also, you can change the size and the color before you decide to download the font. Hence, it lets you play and experiment with the font to see if it suits your requirement, and you can use them in your project.

9. TypeDepot:


TypeDepot is a website that offers a small collection of fonts that are original. It lets you access fonts for different languages. On the home page of the website, you can spot the recently featured and added fonts. With the fonts’ name, you can also check their style with the image of the text under the font name. The website has a user friendly and straightforward user interface that lets you explore the fonts. Since it has a minimal collection, it is easy for you to sift through the various fonts. You can easily select the font style that suits your projects. With fonts for multiple languages, you can target multilingual websites. You don’t need to look for fonts for different languages from other sources.

10. Abstract Fonts:

Abstract Fonts

The website Abstract Fonts has a simple interface when it comes to searching fonts. They have a simple header as far as the home page is concerned, and the website gets straight to the business of displaying fonts. It houses around 13000 fonts, which can let you find the fonts that you require. On the home page, you can check their most popular fonts. All the fonts are available in web fonts as well as their downloadable version. You can also see the font’s custom preview once you write some text in their text box. With a user-friendly yet straightforward user interface, it makes it easy for you to go through the fonts you require. You can look at various fonts to see which ones suit your projects the best with their collection.

11. Deviant Art:

Deviant Art

Deviant Art is a website that not only stores fonts, but it is deemed to be one of the most creative spaces on the Internet for artists. If you are looking for some ready-made but creative projects, you can explore them here. The website includes paid as well as free projects. On this website, the font designers design fonts that are difficult to find from other sources. Apart from fonts, you can use this website to find additional resources like a brush for use in Photoshop to templates for websites.

Moreover, if you are an artist or a designer, you can also contribute and upload your creations. This website can make your projects reach people from different geographical locations. The website features artists and creative heads from almost all the domains in the industry.

12. NeoGrey:


NeoGrey is a website from a font designer who uses the website as his or her portfolio. Since it is not a commercial website, the fonts’ collection on the website is very limited. Moreover, a lot of the fonts are available from the website without any cost. The website has a clean interface where you can easily browse and access the fonts available. All the fonts have a stunning design, irrelevant of whether they are paid fonts or the free fonts. The fonts on this website are available in vector format; hence they are suitable for any size.

13. Smashing  Magazine:

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is the right place for graphic designers to look for some very useful resources apart from fonts. You can access everything about webinars, job posts, news about development, and more. The website also features blogs and articles about the exciting topics which you can read. You can also browse a lot of fonts that they have to offer. And a lot of titles of the articles and blogs on the website are about the fonts they have to offer.

14. Google  Fonts:

Google Fonts

Since it is Google, you should be assured that the fonts will be of excellent quality. All the fonts on the Google Fonts website are royalty-free, hence you can use any font without bothering about the cost since there is none. Google Fonts should be used by web designers who are looking for some quality fonts. For web designers, you have to copy-paste the code to use the fonts on your website. Hence, you don’t need to physically add the fonts to your website, saving you a lot of time and keeping your website away from errors and bugs. You can always rely on this website since all the fonts available are reliable and free.


Fonts are the first thing that an onlooker notices when looking at a logo design with a text, a graphic design projet, or website content. The types of fonts you select decide what kind of impression it gives out. Additionally, the fonts talk a lot about the psychology of the person who picked the fonts. Hence, there is always some kind of sentiment and emotion attached when it comes to font selection. So it is imperative to decide the aim of the project and the fonts associated with it. When you have access to free fonts, you get many fonts to select from for your project.

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