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Illustrations are always welcome when designers are working on their projects. They can either recreate the illustrations or derive inspiration from them. Everyone loves illustrations that come royalty-free. Illustrations are a way to express the designer’s creativity. Specific illustrations send a social message and convey a deeper meaning to the onlooker. These days, artists and designers use illustrations to depict many social issues and problems. For instance, certain illustrators create illustrations that show the significance of mental health and how important it is to talk about it. Mental health issues may still be taboo for some, and illustrations are the best way to bring them up.

In this blog, we are going to list 9 royalty-free illustrations. Graphic designers can use these illustrations in their personal or commercial projects. You can download the illustrations as and when required. Let us explore each of them.

1. Working Woman:

This is an illustration of a modern lady that epitomizes the idea of women who are financially independent and working to pay their bills. It shows the woman keenly working on her desk with her computer on. The clean strokes and the simplicity of the illustration are eye-catching. Moreover, it depicts the message of a woman working accurately. This illustration represents women all over the world who choose work and professional life before anything else.

You can download the illustration from the link aforementioned without any charges. The website doesn’t ask for user authentication or any profile creation to gain access to this illustration. The illustration dimensions are 4780 x 4043 px, and the file size is 578 KB, which makes it a high-quality illustration. When you download the package, you receive all the files in the package. These files can be modified using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop to make relevant changes.

2. Unity in Diversity:

Unity in Diversity

The world is deriving a lot of awareness as to racial discrimination against various races. People around the world have started running campaigns and protests against racism. Years back, in the USA, black people were considered inferior and were denied the necessary privileges. In that era, people of color did not know how to protest or fight for their fundamental rights. But gradually, they started raising their voice against inequality and discrimination. This led to a revolution where the general masses began considering all the people as equal.

This illustration depicts unity in diversity. You can consider any country and the population comprises of people from various communities and races. If you think about the USA’s people, it consists of Indians, Africans, Brazilians, Mexican, Caucasian, and more. But for years, they have started living in harmony with each other. The illustration depicts all the races with the color of their skins through their hands. They declare a harmonious understanding within them. You can download this illustration from the link offered above, for free. The files within the package are in the form of SVG, which can be modified using Adobe Illustrator. With the resolution of 1600 x 1200 px, and the file size being 96.4 KB, the illustration is of high quality.

3. No Hand Shake:

No hand shake

Since the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic, people all over the world have been urged to maintain a minimum distance of six feet from each other. This concept is called social distancing. It requires people to keep a certain amount of space to avoid catching the Coronavirus. The doctors have found that the virus spreads through close contact with someone who is already infected. This virus can give symptomatic or asymptomatic effects on the human body. Hence, there is a possibility that a healthy-looking human can be a carrier of this virus. And since he has a healthy immune system, he may not show the symptoms of the virus.

This illustration emphasizes the prohibition of shaking hands with anyone. Moreover, the gesture that Indians follow, the joining of hands while meeting elders, has been adopted by people all over the world. And No Hand Shake is the illustration that clearly explains this fact of joining the hands instead of shaking. You can download this illustration from the link provided above. Since the files are in SVG format, you can use Adobe illustrator to modify it. You can use it as is, modify it and recreate it to use it in your projects. The illustration dimensions are 1000 x 1000 px, and the size is 35.8 KB. You can download this illustration for free from the given website link.

4. Social media addiction:

Social Media Addiction

With the advent of social media, people have been creating multiple accounts to stay in touch with their friends, colleagues, and family members. Gradually, the social media platforms started including various facilities like stories that disappear. Also, they added a messenger to have a private chatting facility. Other than that, social media also has a comments section where people post their comments. But with time, people started being glued to it. They are seen continuously scrolling their news feed of different social media platforms.

Social media addiction talks about people who use social media in various ways always. Whenever someone has some free time on their hand, they scroll through different social media platforms to keep tabs on certain things and people. This has led to social media addiction in the majority of human beings around the world. You can download this illustration to depict this significant issue with our young generation, from the link aforementioned. The dimensions of the image are 3000 x 2000 px, and the file size is 364 KB.

5. Café culture:

Cafe culture

These days, coffee has been a primary drink with most of the people around the world. And they need a caffeine fix every little while, sometimes, three times a day. This has led to cafes mushrooming into every little nook and corner of the city. Moreover, initially, the cafes used to be bland and dull. But now, café owners pay a lot many attention to the visual appeal of the café after its menu. They include a lot many food options that you can have along with the coffee. Also, there are various kinds of coffees that they have started serving. Hence, cities have come up with a café culture where people unwind with a cup of coffee and a good conversation.

This illustration talks about café culture across various cities. It shows a girl with her headphones on, holding a cup of coffee. In the background, you can spot the interior of the café with its menu, coffee making machines, and the patisserie. The artist has used strokes of various sizes to make the illustration look beautiful. You can download the illustration for free using the link offered above. The illustration dimensions are 3840 x 2160 px, and the file size is 7.20 MB.

6. Pizza Illustration:

Pizza Illustration

Pizza has been the favorite food among the masses in this era. Initially, only the young generation preferred pizza. Now almost everyone from all the age groups likes pizza over other Italian dishes. With people favoring this food, restaurants have come up with various pizza recipes that you can try. Some of them also offer typical deep dish pizza that is explicitly made in Chicago.

Pizza illustration is an illustration that offers a detailed view of the food item. If you look closely, the artist has made sure to include all the details of the pizza. It shows tomatoes and olives that are generally found in the pizza toppings. The way the illustration combines various colors, it is easy for you to drool over the image. The dimensions of the image are 800 x 533 px, and the file size is 95.9 KB. You can download this illustration from the link aforementioned, without any charges. Moreover, the website doesn’t require any user authentication for you to access this illustration. This illustration can be used to design a pizzeria menu or the restaurants that offer pizza as one of the menu’s food items.

7. COVID-19 Illustrations:

COVID-19 Illustrations

We all know the ongoing pandemic has taken every industry by a blow. When people find it difficult to sustain life and maintain careers, we who belong to the digital professions still have a steady source of work and income. It is great to see designers illustrate a pack that depicts the new normal during such testing times.  This is yet another creative illustration that addresses the global pandemic beautifully.

It educates people about how to interact with each other, maintain social distance, and even promotes work from home and other such alternatives that can help us defeat this pandemic with self-compliance and safety measures such as wearing masks, using sanitizers and more.

8. Exhausted Man:

Exhausted man

This is a beautiful illustration of an exhausted man in front of the computer. It is a very relatable illustration that depicts the truth about working long hours and daily work life stress. We all love reading motivational quotes, and always show our hustle to the outside world. However, this is how most often our work gets to us and it can get very stressful.

This is a good reminder that it is okay to feel this way and take a break from work every now and then. The illustration is also very aesthetic to look at, where the curves of the laptop and desktop screens create a curve on the desk. This breaks the mundane rectangular office space look and adds more character and depth to the illustration. The background also is dark and the areas that have light seem to have the light emitting from the various screens present in the illustration. This shows how swamped in work this man is.

9. New Year Celebration:

New Year Eve Celebrations

This is a beautiful new year celebration illustration. It is both luxurious and peaceful to look at. Imagine spending a new year on a private boat with your loved ones away from clubs and pubs. The cityscape at the back looks mesmerizing and the bar set up also looks promising. It has an effortless vibe and a different take on celebrating new years instead of showing thousands of people gathered for screaming happy new year.

The color palette is all shades of blue and white with a hint of black to show depth. It is effortlessly managed with limited colors and it still doesn’t look mundane. This illustration can be used as wallpapers or even any blog that talks about different ideas or ways you can make this new year more special. You can download the illustration in high quality – 4000 by 4000 pixels. The site also provides you with a mobile or desktop cropped size version of the same image, all for free.


Illustrations, as we always have established, are a designer’s best friends. An apt illustration goes a long way to convey the required message. A designer can choose to use the illustration in commercial or private projects. Moreover, he can also decide to modify the illustration in one way or the other to suit his requirements. For modifications, applications like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are the right choices. Hence, a designer needs to be well versed with the applications, as mentioned above, to be able to modify the illustration according to his requirements.

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