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Halloween is one of the widely anticipated and celebrated holidays of the year. This holiday is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm all around the U.S. People from all professions, including designers, wait for this holiday for the entire year. During Halloween, kids go trick or treating and knock the neighborhood’s doors to get Halloween candy. Today, with Halloween’s essence in mind, we are offering you access to some of the Halloween illustrations that you can use this Halloween season on your own or your client’s websites.

1. Cobwebs:


Cobwebs is a Halloween illustration from the website called Freepik that shows many webs made by the spider in the middle of the night. The night is depicted by showing a moon in the illustration. It is a fascinating illustration and can be used to signify horror or a spooky environment correctly. Whenever we watch a horror flick, we see many cobwebs around the house that seem to be haunted. Hence, there is an impression that haunted houses are occupied with a lot of spiders who keep on creating a lot of cobwebs around the rooms of the houses.

Cobwebs is one such illustration that talks about haunted houses and Halloween since Halloween is associated with monsters and spooky atmosphere. You can download this illustration for free from the given link. If you are well versed with Adobe Illustrator, you can choose to modify the illustration as per your requirement. Moreover, you can add more items to the illustration to make it scarier. The dimensions of the image are 3000 x 2000 px, and the size of the file is 368 KB. If you don’t have the software to modify the illustration, you can edit the illustration on the editor provided by the website.

2. Halloween Wishes:

Halloween Wishes

It is always a good idea to send greeting cards to wish your near and dear ones during the festival season. One such festival, Halloween, is one of the festivals where you can send your family and friends Halloween greeting cards. Hence, you can use Halloween wishes to create a greeting card out of it. Halloween Wishes is another Halloween based illustration that you can use to wish Happy Halloween. This illustration can be used as a website header, background, or illustration to be used in professional and personal design projects.

You can download Halloween Wishes from the link given above, without any charges. The illustration shows three pumpkin silhouettes, where the two on the flanks of the pumpkin in the middle look happy and straightforward. But the pumpkin in the middle looks devilish. Moreover, there is also a text on the image that reads Happy Halloween. Since the files are in AI and EPS file format, you can modify the graphics in Adobe Illustrator. The size of the file is 111 KB, and the dimensions of the file are 600 x 425 px.

3. Flying Broom:

Flying Broom

When we saw the Harry Potter movies, we understood that flying a broom is synonymous with magic and spook. And generally, when Halloween is around, we always see a witch with a hat on her head and a long nose flying on the broom. She is usually spotted flying at night because this is always depicted using the silhouette of her flying on her broom. A moon is seen in the background when she is flying, which makes it clear that she flies in the night when the moon is shining bright.

One such illustration, called Flying Broom, is available on the website called Vecteezy. It is a vector file, and you can modify the illustration on the website if you don’t have the relevant application for it. If you don’t want to use the website’s editor, you can use Adobe Illustrator to modify the illustration. The size of the file is 214 KB, and the dimensions of the file are 891 x 623 px. This illustration can be downloaded from the link given above, for free. You don’t even need to have a user profile on the website to access the illustration.

4. Halloween Night:

Halloween Night

Halloween’s night is generally thought of as haunted when the ghosts step out of the haunted house. These ghosts are thought to create mayhem around the city or the town under consideration. The bats and crows also symbolize fear, death, and spirits. Generally, crows and bats are hideous creatures that people generally don’t prefer. Hence, Halloween is signified by bats and crows apart from the pumpkins that have cut-outs in the form of faces.

Halloween night is one such illustration that shows a full moon, along with dried branches of the trees. On those branches, the crow has perched upon and is seen to scream. Additionally, if you look closely, you may observe that it is raining as well. You can use this illustration to design a greeting card, a poster for Halloween parties, and do so much more with it. Pixabay is the website from where you can download this illustration for free. The dimensions of the image are 1280 x 926 px, and the size of the file is 163 KB. This website allows you to download the illustration without any user profile generation on the platform. You can modify the illustration using Adobe Illustrator, as per your requirements.

5. Halloween Haunted House:

Halloween Haunted House

A haunted house is generally shown at a location where it is away from other residential properties. It is a house that is perched on the hilltop. Moreover, besides the house, are a large moon and a dried away tree. This generally depicts a spooky night that speaks volumes about a haunted house.

Halloween Haunted House is one such illustration of a typical Halloween night that shows a house dimly lit from inside. It offers a night scene where the moon is shining brightly, and it is easy to spot the silhouette of the dried-up tree. Such a night is enough to scare someone away. You can download this illustration for free from the link given above. The dimensions of the image are 900 x 900 px, and the size of the file is 92.9 KB. This illustration can be downloaded from the website without any requirement of creating a user profile. Since it is in the vector file format, you can modify the file in the applications like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

6. Black Cat:

Black Cat

Like bats and crows, black cats also symbolize fear, negativity, and ominous situations. Whenever people see a black cat, they think of scary scenarios. Hence, the black cat is not considered to be a very good sign and is generally associated with ghosts, negative energies, and ominous signs. Halloween is also depicted through black cats along with crows, bats, and pumpkins. Cats are known to display certain gestures that often humans are scared of. This illustration is similar to this concept.

Black Cat is one such illustration that is available on the link given above. In the illustration, you can spot a black cat with its hunched back. On either side of the cat, you can see two hands of zombies rising from the cemetery. In the background, flying bats and a giant moon can also be noticed. The eyes of the cat are scary enough to scare the daylights out of someone. And the hands coming out of the ground cannot be underrated as less scary. You can download this illustration from the website without any charges. The illustration is absolutely free to download. With the dimensions of the image being 1667 x 1667 px, the image is a high-resolution image. The size of the image is 894 KB. If you want to modify the illustration, it can be done using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

7. Halloween Candy Pattern:

Halloween Candy Pattern

Halloween is known for its candy treats. Chocolatiers develop special candies that are based on the Halloween theme. They start making and producing Halloween themed sweets well in advance before Halloween season sets in. The kids opt to get out with friends to ask for a trick or treat in their neighborhood. This is where the idea of developing special Halloween candies came into reality in the chocolate business.

Halloween candy pattern is an illustration of Halloween candies strewn across the entire image. You can use this illustration as wallpapers for your websites and other commercial or personal graphic design projects. The illustration is set in the orange background with candies in the front. Apart from the sweets, the illustration also has carved out pumpkins, skulls, cats, bats, and spiders. The dimensions of the illustration are 2272 x 1872 px, and the size of the file is 426 KB. This illustration can be downloaded from the link given above without any charges. The website lets you access this illustration without the requirement of any user authentication. You can edit the illustration using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

8. Witch:


Witch signifies a lady who indulges in black magic and makes magical potions to accomplish various goals. She is generally said to be a woman who is very cruel and cunning in her demeanor. Everyone is scared of witches, and the witches are typically seen at night according to the old tales. Moreover, they are also said to step out of the house after a night on their brooms. Hence, the witches are depicted to be flying on their brooms at night when everyone sleeps.

This illustration is also about a beautiful, smiling witch that holds a grumpy cat in her hand and is seen walking in the garden. It can be used for Halloween themed projects as it is a beautiful illustration that can be used for various purposes. This illustration is also useful whenever there are projects related to kids. The dimensions of the illustration are 1280 x 875 px, and the size of the illustration is 387 KB. This illustration can be modified using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and any other application that supports the PNG file format. You can download this illustration from the link given above. Moreover, the website doesn’t ask for any kind of user authentication or user profile to access this.

9. Cemetery:


Since Halloween is associated with ghosts, monsters, ghouls, cemeteries, and graveyards are also symbolic of Halloween and haunted places. A cemetery is generally a scary place since dead people lie there. And there are myths that one should not visit a cemetery or graveyard at night. This is because the souls of dead people inhabit the cemetery according to the old tales. When Halloween is around, posters of cemetery starts making rounds to depict the onset of the festival.

The cemetery is another Halloween illustration from the website called 123FreeVectors, and it is accessible for free from the said website. The illustration depicts a typical Halloween night at a cemetery with various tombs. You can also spot bats, pumpkins, and tombstones with lit candles that give a spooky effect. Set in pink, purple, and orange background tones, it is the best illustration for creating a Halloween greeting card or a Halloween party invitation. The dimensions of the illustration are 800 x 600 px, and the size is 81 KB. This illustration can be modified using applications like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Moreover, this website does not require any user identity creation or user authentication to access this resource.


These Halloween illustrations can be accessed without any extra cost from the links given in the list. You can use these illustrations for the website backgrounds, headers of the webpage, and other websites that deal with Halloween merchandise. You can use this blog to access the free Halloween illustrations that can be used for multiple purposes. These are the sources from various websites, and you can browse those websites for multiple resources.

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