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When it comes to the field of medicine, it is difficult to explain because of the profoundly complex nature of the subject, and words cannot define it accurately. This is the reason why there is always a pictorial representation of everything related to medicine. Even if you want to explain how you chew the food, it takes a lot of effort to put it into words. But with diagrammatic representation and animation, you can explain even the most complicated process. Medical Illustrations help readers and students of medicine understand each aspect easily. But to design medical illustrations, it takes a lot of hard work from designers. If they don’t pay the right amount of attention while creating illustrations in the medical field, the readers can easily be misguided.

Hence, our blog today discusses various medical illustrations that the designers can take inspiration from. Let us take a look.

1. Gynecology: Doctor Protecting Uterus Image

1. Gynecology: Doctor Protecting Uterus Image

When we hear the term Gynecology, our mind automatically sees a baby, ovaries, sonogram of a baby, and much more. This medical illustration represents the world of gynecology and gynecologists. The illustration shows a medical professional protecting a digital image of a uterus suspended in the air around a pair of hands. The image colors are light tones of blue with white background.

You can download this illustration from Adobe Stock for free with a trial subscription. The file is in JPEG format and the size is 6720 x 4480px. You can alter the image size as needed and there are additional similar images available on the site page.

2. Super Hero Medical Pro Fighting A Virus

2. Super Hero Medical Pro Fighting A Virus

This illustrates a person who holds a shield against the virus that seems to be attacking the doctor. Doctors are the people who save us from all kinds of illnesses that occur from bacteria, viruses, and other things. They are the ones who bring our body to its original health when we fall down with a sickness. The illustration holds in this era of a pandemic where doctors are fighting daily. It talks about the daily struggle of doctors to save more patients suffering during the epidemic. Here, the doctor is seen holding a shield.

Similarly, today’s doctors are doing their best to save us by instructing us to stay at home. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors know how important it is to stay at home. You can download this illustration from the website called Vecteezy for free. The dimensions of the image are 1600 x 1200 px. And the size of the file is 349 KB. You don’t need any user registration on the website to download these medical illustrations.

3. Mental Health With Hope Displayed Image

Mental health is always discussed in hush-hush tones experts regularly stress that it is essential to discuss a mental disorder to help the affected individual. Yet, our society thinks of mental health issues as synonymous with a human being’s craziness or insanity.

Hence, significantly less has been talked about mental health issues. One of the mental health issues we have always had is post-traumatic stress disorder. This disorder has been so prevalent; individuals don’t even know they are suffering from one. It comes into existence when a person experiences a terrifying event and fails to recover from the event usually. He keeps on feeling the paranoia constantly. The illustration here is from the ever-popular site called Adobe Stock and it portrays and hopeful individual that is being nurtured and taken care of by their loved ones. This image is completely free to use with a trial subscription which includes 10 free images.

4. Alzheimer:


Alzheimer’s is another mental disease that essentially destroys a person’s ability to remember and perform other daily tasks. The disease begins affecting the individual with mild symptoms but worsens as the individual ages further. As he crosses further years of his life, he starts forgetting about people and things around him. Doctors conclude that memory loss and confusion are the two basic symptoms of the disease. The patient is in a pitiful condition as he may get aggressive sometimes because of his inability to remember basic things.

In some cases, the patient is also known to forget his or her spouse. This illustration defines Alzheimer’s accurately. It shows the pieces of a puzzle where some pieces are missing from the picture. This depicts the loss of memory in Alzheimer’s patients in the form of lost pieces of the puzzle. You can download this illustration from Pixabay for free. It lets you download the image in various dimensions like 640 x 205 px, 1280 x 410 px, 1920 x 615 px, and 5990 x 1921 px.

5. Human Heart:

Medical Illustrations - human heart

The human heart is one of the most complex muscles in the entire human body. And the role of the human heart is generally underrated in the human body. The heart is the muscle that decides how long a human can survive. The health of the heart is essential to look at. When it comes to the structure of the heart, it has a very complicated design.

And a graphic designer needs a lot of effort to design the form of a human heart. This illustration shows one side of the human heart, which shows veins, arteries, and the heart’s muscular structure. With this basic structure, it is easy to understand the human heart for beginners in medicine. This illustration also has shown the graph of the heartbeat that is generally seen in the cardiograph. A cardiograph shows the function and performance of the human heart. You can download this illustration from the website called All Free Download. The dimensions of the image are 2880 x 1748 px.

6. Obesity Cartoon Illustration:

Obesity cartoon

Obesity is another factor for people being sick with a lot of fatal health issues. And obesity gives a domino effect on the human body; one thing leads to another. Generally, obesity is represented by an excessive amount of fat and can cause chronic heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and many other things. A person becomes obese when his calorie intake is more than the number of calories he burns.

This medical illustration accurately defines how obesity affects an individual’s health. When the person is obese, it can lead to the heart working more to circulate the blood, causing diabetes, and you have a risk of getting a fracture due to being overweight. It can also cause brain stroke and disfiguration of the body because of excessive fat. You can download this medical illustration from the website CleanPng for free. The dimensions of the image are 1700 x 1700 px. And the size of the file is 199.6 KB.

7. Cancer:

Medical Illustrations- Cancer

Cancer, when the name strikes, is enough to terrify even the bravest of humans. It is a disease that destroys the organs and the systems that are affected by it. If your lungs are attacked by cancer cells, your lungs are poorly affected and lose their function over time. Moreover, it loses its efficiency. The cancer is generally known to start with the inception of a tumor. This tumor then circulates throughout the human body. When the tumor settles down at one location in the body, then the tumor starts to grow.

And cancer advances in its stage. It is very necessary to spread awareness about cancer. Cancer is also called a silent killer, and hence it is difficult to detect cancer. Unless and until a certain amount of damage is done, it isn’t easy to see its presence in the body. This medical illustration is the representation of the cancer cells along with the healthy cells. It seems like the cancer cell is attacking two normal, healthy cells of the human body. The image dimensions are 6442 x 4831 px, and the size of the file is 9.45 MB.

8. Asthma in Kids:

Asthma in Kids

Asthma is a respiratory disease that has no permanent cure. It is a condition where the airways of the human body get inflamed and narrowed. This makes it difficult for the person to breathe. Asthma is also seen in kids where the kids cough continuously. Although it is not contagious, the condition is pretty severe. If the symptoms flare up, it can cause chest pain, difficulty breathing, and wheezing. Generally, allergy and asthma occur together; hence the asthma patient is allergic.

But the person with an allergy doesn’t need to have asthma. Pollens, dust, and pollutants can cause a human to have an asthma attack. Kids with asthma are advised to stay indoors as far as possible to avoid these allergens from attacking the body. This illustration represents the kid coughing relentlessly due to asthma. The image’s size is 577 KB, and the dimensions of the image are 2000 x 2000 px.

9. Smoking:

Medical Illustrations - Smoking

Smoking is a prevalent vice that is prevalent among all the age groups of society. It is such an addiction that people are unable to recover from smoking once they begin smoking. The cigarette contains an addictive substance called nicotine, and that causes people to be habituated to it. A smoker cannot control the impulse to smoke when the body asks for its nicotine fix. Smoking affects the lungs negatively, and smokers tend to have pneumonia, emphysema, and lung cancer.

When the human starts smoking and advances in it, the cigarette’s smoke weakens the lungs significantly. This also causes the individual to have lowered immunity and weak lung efficiency. And it may cause lung cancer and eventually death in specific individuals. You can download this illustration from the website called Freepik for free. The image dimensions are 4583 x 4583 px, and the size of the image is 1.57 MB.

10. Concept of Therapy:

Concept of Therapy

Therapy is generally offered to those who are in need of sorting their thoughts and mental health. But, in general, what the therapist does is listen to a person’s ideas without judging them. Experts say that when therapists actively listen to a distressed person, their intensity decreases significantly. The power of the emotion diminishes, and the patient feels understood.

And this can help a person in a whole new way when the intensity of the emotion decreases, an individual’s ability to reason shows up, which is shadowed by emotions. Moreover, the person feels heard, and the therapist can be neutral and calm to help the person.

This is accurately represented by this medical illustration here. The illustration is simple enough but has written “Active listening” over it in big fonts. This helps you understand that even if you are not a therapist, giving someone, a listening ear can help someone to a great extent. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of being a good listener. A good listener listens to a person without being interruptive or judgemental about the person’s issues. Everyone should practice being a good listener.

We don’t need a therapist if everyone has access to one friend who listens to them without interrupting or judging them. You can download this illustration from the website called Pixabay for free, without any cost. The illustration can be downloaded in various dimensions. There are four different dimensions like 640 x 301 px, 1280 x 603 px, 1920 x 904 px, and 6000 x 2827 px. You can download the illustration in any size.


All these medical representations are great for understanding certain things about the human body. Moreover, these medical illustrations can be used for educational purposes for students from medicine streams. Designers can draw inspiration from the medical illustrations to see how detailed they are in their representations for designers. If you’re a designer wanting to specialize in designing for the medical field, we hope these will inspire you. All these medical illustrations are free of cost, and you can download them straightaway from the given link. Some do require that you start a free trial subscription, but the images are completely free to use.

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