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The COVID19 pandemic has brought the medical field to the forefront of our minds. As a result, more and more awareness is displayed through digital media and at times acknowledging the importance of medical professionals and their work. This rise in popularity has also translated into more content being generated related to the medical field. With that said, finding medical illustrations for designers that are useful and of top-quality can be challenging.

Designers who manage medical websites need quick access to medical and health-related assets. However, not all aspects of the field are tangible, and hence it becomes hard at times to find the right visual representation. Illustrations of doctors, nurses, medical staff, and other elements of this field are high in demand for creating content related to education and awareness. To help designers with these designs, we have collated some very useful medical illustrations for designers to download and use right away. 

1. 3D Illustration of Lungs

3D Illustration of Lungs

Finding good illustrations of body parts is hard, and hence you should bank this 3D illustration of the lungs. The art is very detailed as we can see body elements starting from the jaws to bones, spinal cord, and lungs which are the center of attraction. You can use this illustration in multiple ways. The first can showcase lung illness or issues – something common in the prevalent COVID19. Other use can be for educational purposes. Finally, if you are working for a doctor related to lungs, you can use this image for the website, brochure, or other digital marketing creatives.

2. Abstract Medical Doctor Illustration

Abstract Medical Officer Illustration

Medical officers play an important role in our fight against the pandemic. Hence we will see many appreciation posts or awareness posts using the illustrations of medical professionals like the one shown here. The torso of a doctor is created using nodes and network lines which gives an abstract feel to the design. The designer has taken due care to detail the stethoscope and other elements. There is ample dead space on the right side of the image. You can further extend this and set up your content in the form of typography, logo, or other design elements. 

3. Medical Activity Illustration Set

Medical Activity Illustration Set

Storytelling for the medical sector can be complicated, given the details you will need for the characters. This medical activity illustration set contains 16 highly detailed and creative illustrations of medical personnel involved in some activity. For example, there are nurses going about the routine checkup, and doctors are consulting or researching. You can use each illustration individually or even combine them if needed. As you get the editable files for all the illustrations, you can easily change the colors, add or delete elements and customize them as per need.

4. Part 1 Medical Illustration

Part 1 Medical Illustration

In illustrations, the background scene is as important as the character. Therefore, you need to support the character by adding detailed and relevant elements in the background. This set of medical illustrations does that very well. It provides very detailed and diverse illustrations of medical people and gives options for creative backgrounds. This includes medical equipment, research, charts, and a lot more. You will also get 12 doctor’s portraits along with this medical illustration set. If you are a designer that does a lot of work in the medical field, then this illustration set is a must-have for you.

5. Consulting Doctors Flat Illustrations

Consulting Doctors Flat Illustrations

The primary focus in medical illustrations is always on the doctors. They are the ones who guide the healing and hence are the visual center of attraction. This set of flat illustrations consists of six different scenes, each of them depicting a doctor consulting. The variety includes consulting on the table, parents, an injured person, discussing with fellow doctors, and even education. This diversity makes this set very useful. You can easily use this illustration in designs that require you to show doctors in action.   

6. Medical Clinic Processes

Medical Clinic Processes

This illustration tries to paint a good picture of the various medical processes. The designer has nicely detailed out five scenes, including medical diagnosis, professional assistance, medical prescriptions, treatment, patient care, and surgery. Each scene contains multiple people and the resulting background elements like medical equipment, medicines, bed, wheelchair, and more. You can use all the scenes if you want to showcase or highly the processes of your brand’s hospital. Or you can use the scenes individually as per need.

7. Medical Examination Vector illustration

Medical Examination Vector illustration

Not all medical vectors need to be boring. This illustration is a fine blend of creativity and medical science, as a lot of creativity is infused in creating the illustrations. The body shapes are abstract but very well designed. Even the colors used are vibrant, and the gradients add life to the illustrations. Various elements in the illustration stand out, like the person wearing a fitness band, the crosssection view of the body, the cardiogram, and more. The illustration is very wholesome, and you can use it without making any changes.   

8. Modern Medical Examination HUD

Modern Medical Examination HUD

This is another good illustration showcasing the applications of technology in medical science. An entire Heads Up Display (HUD) is showcased using this illustration. This display contains various sections, primarily focusing on the human body. Then there are also various charts and graphs representing the body vitals. There is also a DNA analysis fingerprint scanner part. Overall the illustration is very detailed. It is like a scene right out of a Hollywood movie. You can use this illustration wherever you want to show a futuristic approach to medical science. 

9. Mental Health Related Illustrations

Mental Health Related Illustrations at Shutterstock

Mental health is an important aspect of medical science that is on the rise. A few decades ago, this concept was not prominent, but today it is taking center stage for individuals and organizations. Also, a lot of content is being generated to raise awareness regarding mental health. For this, you will need good illustration sets like this. This illustration has six different scenes, each of them related to mental health. Be it feeling lonely or finding solace in pets, the idea is well conveyed.

10. Futuristic Mobile Application

Futuristic Mobile Application

Technology is revolutionizing medical science. Not only are we able to find new cures, but it also changes the way doctors treat patients. The advent of virtual reality is also making a foray into medical science. It will not be long till we see such advanced medical applications helping the doctors. This illustration showcases the technology of tomorrow, where doctors will get such visualization on their mobile devices, which shows the charts, test reports, and the patient’s entire medical history. Using these insights, doctors can make better decisions. You can use this illustration to showcase the future of medical science.

11. Different Layers of Mask

Different Layers of Mask Image

Wearing masks is very important in the fight against COVID19. Initially, the concept was very new for people, but now everyone has gotten used to it. However, we cannot afford to drop the guard with the virus variants still around. Hence, communication-related to the importance of masks needs to be constantly be provided to people. This is where this illustration can be useful as it shows the different layers of mask and their purpose. You can add text to the graphic to make it more relevant. Brands related to maks production can also use this image to showcase their products.

12. People Wearing Medical Masks

People Wearing Medical Masks

Taking forward the importance of masks, we have this illustration set that showcases many diverse people wearing masks. These illustrations can be very useful to convey the importance of a mask and show visually how everyone is wearing it. The good part is that the set covers doctors, nurses, medical staff, and even common people in various actions. Furthermore, because you can get the editable file for this illustration, you can always change the colors or shapes as per your design requirement. 

13. Medical App Illustrations

Medical App Illustrations At Creativemarket.com

We have witnessed a rapid growth in mobile applications in the last five years. Some apps help you stay healthy and fit, apps that can connect you to the right doctors, and apps that boost your mental health and overall wellness. These apps need a lot of branding, and for that, you will need the right set of illustrations. This is where this set of medical applications illustrations will come to the rescue. There is a lot of variety in the set in terms of people illustrations, backdrops, and other props. The open file provided with the download package can be edited in Adobe Illustrator, wherein you can change the color and style.

14. Line Drawing of Doctors & Nurse

Line Drawing of Doctors & Nurse

Not all medical illustrations need to be very detailed and precise; some can be simple line arts like this one. This illustration captures a doctor and a medical officer on duty. The line drawing gives an abstract and creative feel to the entire illustration. The designers have provided the right amount of details so the viewers can make sense of the shape. At the same time, designers have not gone overboard and kept the line drawing simple. As a result, this illustration can be widely used for digital marketing assets such as social media posts, websites, and even for print media like brochures, files, or awareness posters.

15. Vintage Anatomy Vector Collection

Vintage Anatomy Vector Collection

We have included this special collection for vintage art collectors. This collection consists of hundred anatomical illustrations of skull, bones, and other parts of the human body. All the illustrations are vectors and can be edited to change colors or tweak the design. The entire collection is not for faint-hearted people as each illustration is quite detailed. However, people who love to understand the human body will like this set. This collection becomes very useful when designing a book or a brochure or any educational material related to human anatomy

16. Medical & Dental Doodle Vector Illustrations

Medical & Dental Doodle Vector Illustrations

Whether dentists are real doctors or not is a matter of eternal debate, but one cannot argue the important role dentists play in helping us with oral hygene. This set consists of two dental illustrations as well as oral surgery type of illustrations capturing different scenes such as removing teeth, checking and consulting, and conducting a surgery. The design of the illustrations is kept simple in two colors, white and teal, and line sketches which make them look visually appealing. Illustrations of such high quality are a valuable asset and you should consider adding this set to your file.

17. Abstract Mesh Line Spinal Cord Illustration

Abstract Mesh Line Spinal Cord Illustration

Earlier, we had included a detailed 3D Illustration of the lungs, and now we are giving a good design for the spinal cord. This illustration, though, is more creative and less realistic. Nevertheless, it does capture the basic structure of our back and the different cords. This illustration can be used for educational purposes to teach more about the spinal cord. It can also be used to denote diagnosis. The clean background allows you to extend it and add your content or branding. You can also use the editable file to change the design to alter colors or remove elements. 

18. 104 Different Medical Avatars

104 Different Medical Avatars

Avatars have become our parallel identity in the virtual world. However, if you are a medical professional, you would be lamenting the lack of variety in avatars. Not all doctors or nurses are the same. This resourceful set of 104 medical avatars will fill this void. It covers almost every type of medical professional and almost all diversity, be it gender, region, or skin color. No matter what you are doing or how you look, you will find an avatar related to you from this set. This set can be useful while designing medical applications or hospital backend platforms. 


Good quality medical illustrations are very hard to get, but their need is continuously increasing as designers need them for creating educational and even branding-related designs used on digital assets such as websites as well as print assets like brochures. Hence you should bookmark this blog so that you have access to the variety of medical illustrations collated above. We have tried to capture 18 of the best medical illustrations needed to create visually stunning designs related to the medical field.  

List of The Medical Illustration Providers Above:

  1. Adobe Stock
  2. Shutterstock
  3. Envato Elements
  4. CreativeMarket
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