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Designers are always in need of creative and useful design assets so that they can be prepared for any of their following projects and save some time in research. So it is actually a very effective and smart habit to keep a design asset folder in the system. So if you are one of those designers who like to collect assets or any creative professional looking for some significant design assets related to cities and landmarks, then this post is just perfect for you.

We are here showcasing 18 brilliant landmark and city design assets that all designers must have. You may require these design assets for traveling, history, educational, informative, promotional, or architectural projects. However, these design assets are highly versatile and of great quality, for you to use them in any innovative and brilliant idea you like. So let’s check out this cool collection and see the details.

1. Creative City Logo Icon:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: Logo

With this city icon, you can make fantastic logo designs related to architecture, urban modeling and development, and planning. It is a good quality vector icon design that has a solid and straightforward illustration of the city and buildings. If you are working on any urban development, township, or promotional project of some area or city, then this can help you a lot. It is a multipurpose vector file and versatile to help you in numerous designs.

2. Grey and Blue Vector Background:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: Vector Skyline

This is an excellent vector background that you can download for free. It has a subtle and attractive color pallet that gives gorgeous blue and grey shades. This image has a great representation of the city, buildings, and cars to help you in various modern projects. It can be a fantastic choice for professional designs showcasing a city, infrastructure, development, vision, and any other sincere message. So try this vector background for free and create some exciting designs.

3. World’s Famous Landmarks Collection:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: World's Famous Landmark Collection

This complete package of landmark designs can be a tremendous asset to save. It has more than 110 landmark designs along with all the necessary files. You get all the famous landmarks of different countries to make an extensive project on tourism, world history or architecture. This bunch has systematic black and white illustrations that give beautiful images of world-famous landmarks. With JPG, PNG, Ai, and SVG files, this collection can support you in the end number of designs; therefore, it is one of the must-have design assets.

4. Urban Design Elements Collection:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: Urban Design Collection

These flat design urban elements are a beautiful creation that consists of more than 70 small designs related to the city and urban areas. It has individual illustrations, which can be helpful in multiple designs. Be it product, service, planning, presentation, video, or book; this collection can come in handy whenever you need premade design elements to showcase urban areas, city life, modern people, and other objects. It is a unique, excellent quality, and professionally designed collection that is very practical and adaptive in nature—so overall a great deal to catch and collect it for various creative projects.

5. PSD Mock-up of Cities and Buildings:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: Mockups

This is an exciting mockup design for various fun and creative projects. You get a 3D-looking building model with a flag and realistic setup from this download. Moreover, you can try this unique mockup design for free and add it to your presentation, video, or slideshows to portray a specific type of building, residency, or city look. It is actually a very helpful and innovative design asset that can gain the viewer’s attention and present your idea meticulously. So get this realistic clay model mockup file and name it as per your project to showcase the idea of your actual design.

6. All Landmark Inclusive Background:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: Landmarks

This is an excellent background design. It is a subtle, adaptive, robust, and extensive background that gives multiple famous landmarks of the world in a single image. Moreover, it has a beautiful gradient color effect of black and white, making it a versatile image to use in any design. If you want a single image to have many landmarks and a perfect spacing for you to arrange your design copy, then this is the perfect one. So get this high-quality inclusive background design of various beautiful landmarks of multiple countries and build something exciting and memorable with your creativity.

7. Travel The World Landing Page Template:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: Landing Page

If you are in search of a fantastic landing page for your ad, event, website, or video, then this beautiful landing page template is worth trying. It is a professionally designed PSD file that gives you complete access to customize every element as you like with properly organized layers. It has a graphical image of landmarks, roads, bus and trees that gives a lovely travel look. You can use it for any of your purposes, be it traveling, educational, entertainment, or immigration. It has valuable text layers as well so that you can include your important messages and links. Overall, a great landing page template to collect.

8. Minimal City Posters:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: Minimal City Posters

It is a beautiful collection of poster designs related to famous cities and their landmarks. The minimal theme gives the linear designs of famous cities crafted in an attractive color scheme. It has multiple exciting colors and a professional layout that can work for your creative project. You get thirty famous cities from this poster collection, and the entire collection is editable and resizable. So overall this asset has everything you need, be it a superb design, city names, landmark designs, and creative freedom.

9. Creative City Lights Background:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: Creative city Lights

A real good background can also play a significant role in creative designs. Here, this illuminating background has both a realistic and fantasy look which makes it interesting and creative to use. It has a night city landscape picture with a multicolored theme. You can download this for free and make solid designs for your presentations, banners, ads, cover pages, and more. The attractive lights and stunning city look give this background an intense and smart touch. So get this high-quality landscape image as Various professional, entertaining, educational, and personal designs can utilize this background.

10. Japanese Gate Logo Design Inspiration Vector Image:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: Japanese Gate

Asian designs are a bit different than any other western designs. Therefore we have included this beautiful Japanese gate icon which can help you in numerous logo designs and business card designs. It has a minimal black gate design with the sun in the background. Moreover, it is a vector-based file, so that you can change it however you like. This Japanese gate logo icon can be used for any Asian brand that needs a little bit hint of history and subtle art in their logo—so overall an outstanding art piece to have for Asian projects and concepts.

11. City Elements – line design style icons set:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: Icon Set

If you want an icon set that can give different and helpful information about a particular city or area, then this one is the best. With this collection, you get a beautiful line design icon set that holds some crucial and helpful vital elements of any city. So if you are designing an extensive project, then it’s a better and effective way to use these functional icons than putting labels or any other object.

12. Welcome To Italy Landing Page Free Vector:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: Italy Landing Page

This gorgeous landing page template has an attractive color pallet and modern design that can be very helpful in your various objectives. It has stylish blue gradient color and a well-designed structure that give you an excellent one-page landing page that you can use in your ads, videos, presentations, and company profiles. Welcome to Italy landing page is a vector-based file, and you can customize it however you like to make it work for some other location as well.

13. Brazil Symbols Collection:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: Brazil Symbols

This excellent collection of eccentric illustrations is one of the most recommended design assets on this list. You get many other location packs as well from this designer if you want to try. Nevertheless, this Brazil symbols collection has more than 100 illustrations of a number of objects that are the highlights of Brazil. It is a colorful, contemporary, and creative design collection divided into carnivals, birds, animals, and other objects. So get this delightful collection of predesigned symbols and complete your whimsical projects.

14. Supernatural Egypt Vector Background:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: Supernatural Egypt

The history, art, and culture of Egypt are very different and exciting to look at. With this supernatural background, you give a modern touch to those aspects of Egypt and convey a unique message. So you can use this background if your idea is innovative and intentional for a specific audience. This vector background has a beautiful illustration of pyramids and UFO making it a thoughtful and eye-catchy design.

15. Business Infographic:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: Business Infographic

This unique infographic is for professional and explanatory designs where you need a map and indicators. It has a subtle and clean design in a vector format, giving you enough space for creative customization. For example, you get indicators and labels to insert your information about specific cities and countries. Overall it’s a beneficial and flexible design element, especially for business presentations and proposals.

16. 150+ World Capitals Illustration:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: World's Capitals

Now, if you are looking for something related to capitals, then this collection is the right choice. It offers more than 150 capital illustrations of all major countries to help you with your specific needs. Moreover, this brilliant collection has four design styles, individual files, and a fully editable format to save your time and creativity for other elements. Overall it is a beautiful extensive package that gives unique support by providing good designs of capitals for any creative professional working with traveling, history, education, networking, or any specific global project.

17. Travel Landing Page Template:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: Website Landing Page

It is a fundamental and flexible landing page template designed explicitly for tours and travel-related projects. This free editable landing page is a vector-based file, and you can easily use it as per your preferences. There are basic colors and objects in the design that gives a straightforward message and look. You can simply change it according to your message and location. So overall, it’s a very good quality landing page template to divert your traffic towards the creative page of all the information.

18. Landmark and Travelling Illustration Set:

18 Creative Landmark & City Design Assets All Designers Must Have: Illustrations

This simple but attractive vector design has multiple travel and landmark illustrations which are not following any particular order or theme. You get a fun and useful set that holds several landmarks and other city and travel-related icons. It is a nice and casual design set that can support you in travel and adventure concepts. It is a beautiful, exciting, and worth saving collection for your well-thought-out designs and inspirations. So try this set and save your time in designing such small but important symbols so that you can focus more on some other creative aspects.

With the above-listed and described design assets, you can create many beautiful and valuable designs for any of your vital projects. We have included various helpful elements that can serve you in multiple needs. You get attractive and modern icons, illustrations, images, and editable files from this collection to make your work easier and better. Moreover, we have mentioned all the valuable information as well so that you can pick the right asset for your project or inspiration.

Any professional or amateur designer can create excellent compositions and original art with the help of this carefully curated list. Modern and engaging websites, ads, videos, banners, invitations, logos, postcards, and various other designs can utilize given design assets. So make your city or landmark design impactful and unique by selecting suitable elements from this list and portray your message and idea in a most exquisite way.

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